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Founder & Chief Editor of Women's Web, Aparna believes in the power of ideas and conversations to create change. She has been writing since she was ten. In another life, she used to be a Marketing professional.

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invest in women
What Does The IWD2024 Theme ‘Invest In Women’ Really Mean?

Investing in women means many things beyond the obvious meaning of this IWD2024 theme, as the many orgs doing stellar work can show us.

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Invest In Women - IWD 2024
How To ‘Invest In Women’ The Right Way?

This International Women's Day, we all need to consider if we are truly open to invest in women, or just making the right noises.

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This Women’s Day, Ask: Where Are The Women Missing On The Internet?

Many women have no access to the internet. On IWD 2023, let’s address why this is so, and look for ways to breach this gap, crucial for their empowerment today..

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5 Tips On Learning Program For Entrepreneurs & Using Them Effectively
5 Tips On Using A Learning Program For Entrepreneurs Effectively

Should you, a busy entrepreneur with her hands full of home-work-family-finances-operations-clients-kids, take time out for a learning program? The short answer is a yes, but of course, like all things, there are caveats.

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Nothing Serious Tells Us Women Who Love Sex Are Not Deviant In Any Way

Goofy, sexy, enjoyable… Watch Korean movie Nothing Serious simply for its female lead who owns her sexuality, and her life.

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Indra Nooyi
Indra Nooyi: “We, As A Society, Haven’t Built Robust, Contemporary Systems” To Truly Support A Good Work-Life Balance

Indra Nooyi's autobiography My Life In Full: Work, Family, And Our Future is worth reading as the journey of a woman who made it to the very top – especially when female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are so rare.

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Deepika Arun Brings Tamil Listeners Their Favourite Stories Every Week, Podcast Style!

Meet Deepika Arun of Kadhai Osai, who is bringing Tamil listeners their favourite classic stories with her super popular fiction podcast.

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Why We Readily Applaud The Sacrificing, Good Bahu In Pagglait

The self-sacrificing, exceptionally generous, and dutiful DIL in Pagglait shows us that women are allowed to rebel only 'within sanskaari limits'.

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“There’s So Much We Don’t Share With Each Other As Indian Muslims”: Sabika & Mariyam

Sabika Muzaffar and Mariyam Haider, the engaging hosts of the Main Bhi Muslim podcast, share what it really takes to tell their deeply personal stories.

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“Even If One Person Has A Better Life Thanks To This Podcast, Our Job Is Done.”

Fat.So?, a truth-telling podcast by Ameya and Pallavi shares the experiences of fat women in India like nothing before. We meet the creators.

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Listeners Are Tuning In To Podcasts & Tuning Out Noise: Shares PodQueen Padmapriya

Is it really possible to grow a podcast as a business? How do you find listeners and earn revenues? Padma Priya, Co-Founder of Suno India shares her learnings.

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“Sex Is A Natural Urge In Men” – The Rubbish Argument To Explain Rape

The argument that men rape because they are 'denied' sex, comes up repeatedly, even when it has been proved to be false.

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“In Reality, Homes Are Not Safe For Women”: Sharmila Seyyid

In this interview, Sharmila Seyyid, the Sri Lankan Tamil Muslim writer reflects on her novel Ummath that presents women’s yearning for freedom and dignity in a patriarchal society.

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10 Thoughtful Writers Who Empowered Women At Work, In A Decade Of Women’s Web

Being paid for your work can make a huge difference to women's long-term financial well-being. That's just one of the reasons women's work matters.

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These 10 Women Believed In The Power Of Women’s Web To Unleash Women’s Voices

In a decade, Women's Web has seen 10000+ women share their voices. Here are some of the earliest women who powered the vision.

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We Want The Maid’s Labour But Not Her ‘Infected Hands’, Says A New Ad

Our prejudices about domestic workers, often deeply rooted in caste hierarchy, only take on new avatars in the wake of the pandemic.

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How Not To Treat Your Domestic Worker When She Returns From Pandemic Leave

Domestic workers have been hit hard by the lockdown. Now, as things ease up, do your bit and try not to be petty?

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5 Experts Share Useful Business Advice For Bloggers & Influencers During This Pandemic

Blogger earnings and influencer income too will be affected, like every other sector, during this ongoing pandemic. What can you do about it?

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An Open Letter To Men During This Unprecedented Lockdown

During this 21-day lockdown, we will indeed need every person doing their bit. It should start from home - with men doing their share of housework.

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Over 36% Of Women In Media Report Encountering Sexual Harassment, Says New Study

Women at work deserve a safe place to work in - at a minimum. What has the media as an employer, done in this regard?

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How Women Are Enabling More Women To Be Bold & Successful Change-Makers

When we see women speaking for social change, and learn how they do it successfully, it helps us make an impact too!

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Will 2020-2029 Be The Magic Decade For Women At Work In India? Senior Industry Leaders Respond

While the last decade saw a rise in employers working to hire and retain more women at work, we need 2020-2029 to actually show us the results.

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I Fixed The Hyderabad Police 14 Point Advisory For Women To Address Those It Actually Needs To

After the horrific rape of a veterinarian in Hyderabad recently, the police there saw fit to issue a 14-point advisory for women. Yes, you heard me right.

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25 Writers Whose Work Women’s Web Readers Enjoyed The Most In 2018

With 2018 coming to a close in just a few days, it's time to look at the 25 most popular pieces by writers from the Women's Web community this year. 

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Telangana ‘Honour Killings’ Show How Caste Matters, Though We All Want To Hide This Ugliness

After the murder of a young Dalit man, Pranay in Miryalaguda, there emerges another horrific attempted murder by a father in Hyderabad trying to kill his own daughter for marrying outside their caste. 

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Who Was Qandeel Baloch, And Why Does Society Hate Women Like Her?

Author Sanam Maher's new book on Pakistani social media sensation, Qandeel Baloch is a perceptive look at women who 'cross the line' in deeply conservative societies. 

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“India World’s Most Dangerous Country For Women” – Here’s Why This New Study Is Problematic

A new Thomson Reuters Foundation study places India as 'the world's most dangerous country for women' and predictably, we have erupted in outrage. Here's a closer look at all such surveys that rank countries.

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Lust Stories: Go Watch These 4 Interesting New Films About Women And Sex!

Lust Stories, a new Netflix original, brings four noted Indian directors together to tell their stories of women and sex. The results are well worth spending your two hours on.

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A Girl’s Handy Guide To Gropers On Public Transport

Using public transport as a woman in India is rarely a 'simple' matter - from the 'just looking' type to the man who 'can't help falling' on you - sexual harassment is a reality women live with everyday.

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The Focus On Death Penalty For Rapists Ignores The Monsters In Our Homes

The new Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 has stronger provisions for punishing those who rape minors. But are we doing enough to support victims?

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16 Women Draw The Elephant In The Room: The Result Is Utterly Absorbing!

An extraordinary book by 16 artists from India and Germany, The Elephant In The Room will revive your own story of what it is to be a woman; but also, it will simply enchant you.

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In India, A Woman Doesn’t Have The Right To Change Her Mind About A Boyfriend

Recently, Alagesan, a young man in Chennai murdered a woman Ashwini, because she was 'too proud' to accept his love. Do women in India have the right to make any choices at all?

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Austenistan: 7 ‘Desi’ Stories, Inspired By The Jane Austen We Love

A collection of Jane Austen inspired stories from Pakistan, Austenistan is an enjoyable read, especially for the Austen lover.

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consent to sex
Consent To Sex Isn’t Just About A “Yes” Or A “No”

Consent is also about the 'how' of sex. It's not (only) about the yes and no. The Aziz Ansari case got us thinking about consent to sex..

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Austen novels
In Want Of A Husband: The ‘Other Women’ Of The Jane Austen Novels

Jane Austen’s novels are far less romantic than one imagines, as this analysis of the 'other women' in the Austen novels proves.

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Sagarika Ghose Receives Death Threats; A Chilling Reminder Of The ‘Freedom’ Of Our Press

With senior journalist Sagarika Ghose receiving a death threat, we have to ask: what does freedom of the press really mean in India?

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Indian authors
5 Amazing, Lesser Known Indian Authors You Should Try Reading

Indian writing is often looked down upon, but if you dig a bit deeper, you'll find many gems. Here are 5 lesser known Indian authors you musn't miss!

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Poet Salma: “I Refused To Fit Into The Only Dreams Society Allotted To Me.”

Tamil poet Salma shares with candour, why women writing poetry is an act of rebellion in conservative societies.

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Why The Anganwadi Workers’ Strike In Bengaluru Is A Feminist Issue

For most of us in comfortable white collar jobs, the plight of striking anganwadi workers hardly strikes a chord.

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5 Things I’d Like To Hear From TVF In Response To Sexual Harassment Accusations (Not, ‘We’re Going After You’)

After Susan Fowler's experiences of harassment at Uber, comes along a post by an 'Indian Fowler' - alleging that she was sexually harassed by Arunabh Kumar, Founder of viral video makers, TVF.

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Why I Love People Who Say No. Are You One Of Them?

We need to say No more often, in order to be able to say Yes when it matters. Here's why I love people who are able to say No clearly and respectfully.

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Passengers: This Creepy Stalker/Space Movie Is So Disappointing

Passengers, for all its plot twists disappoints with its poor exploration of women and their autonomy. I went to see the new space movie in town, Passengers, last night, anticipating a decent space-thriller-drama-fest on the lines of The Martian, even if not quite achieving the high of Gravity. What I did not expect? To find […]

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#DalitWomenFight At Big Rallies In Gujarat That Many Of Us Know So Little Of

Dalit women are often victims of a double whammy – where caste and gender prejudice come together in vicious sexual violence. Caste based violence is both rampant and under-reported in India. Yet, most media coverage on caste based violence tends to be spotty, focusing on individual cases of the worst kind, but rarely having any sustained coverage. Most […]

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Why Do Some Rapes Make Us Angry, While Others Like Soni Sori’s Don’t?

Some rapes matter more than others. Even as the awareness around rape in India rises, we are selective about what we will outrage for.

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New Baby, New Business: A New Dad, Manu Srikumar, Tells Us All [#Father’sDaySpecial]

Manu Srikumar, the Founder of Denture Capital, talks candidly about balancing new fatherhood with a new venture, in this Father’s Day Special. I first met Manu Srikumar years ago, when he was on the marketing team of a tech company that I was consulting with. Since then, we have connected over the years as both […]

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Women Aren’t Serious About Business & Other Myths Demystified With Sandy Carter

In this interview with noted Social Evangelist Sandy Carter, we talk about why women entrepreneurs matter so much, and what they need to succeed.

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Starting Up? Here’s Your Chance To Be Part Of A Unique Accelerator Program For Women

A new accelerator program for women entrepreneurs in India, is here to help us get great products out and scale up faster! 

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A Public Letter Of Apology For A Tech Error At Women’s Web That Has Distressed Our Authors

Dear All, Very recently, we had a post go up on the topic of Julia Roberts going barefoot at Cannes, which was published under the name of ‘Aakanksha Bhatia’, one of our regular authors. However, it soon emerged that this post has been published elsewhere by another regular author, Jhilmil Breckenridge, who also said that she […]

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The Editor’s Picks From Women’s Web In March 2016

A collection of some of the best writing that appeared on Women’s Web in March 2016. Pick your favourites or suggest others! This month on, here at Women’s Web, we’re going back to an old practice that had been abandoned for a little while simply due to lack of time! I’m talking about ‘Editor’s Picks’ where […]

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10 Success Mantras From Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India [E-BOOK]

The 10 Success Mantras Of Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India e-book from Women's Web is exactly the quick burst of inspiration you need today.

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Do Work From Home Options For Women With A Long Career Gap Exist?

Work from home options available for women with a long career gap are growing - but you need to make sure your skills are relevant today.

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5 Bird Watching Destinations In India You Can And Should Visit

Birdwatching in India is such a rewarding hobby – with ecosystems ranging from desert to ocean to mountain. Here is a  very personal list of birdwatching destinations in India. Before I got into birdwatching as a hobby, I would have been incredulous if you had told me I would be willing to spend entire vacations […]

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Dealing With The Client From Hell, And What I Learnt From It

Dealing with bad clients is part and parcel of the freelancer job. Share your tips on how you’ve dealt with terrible clients.

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13 Beautiful New Year Resolutions That Parents Have For 2016; Share Yours

New Year Resolutions for parents can be fun and empowering! Read these sweet, funny new year resolutions and share your own too.

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10 Stellar Reader-Picked Women’s Web Posts In 2015 That You Should Read

These 10 Women's Web posts are opinionated in the best way possible, and touched readers' hearts and minds. Make sure you don't miss them!

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Why Shweta Tiwary Quit A Comfortable Job To Start Chungi

Why do entrepreneurs quit comfortable jobs, and take the risk of doing something new, something that may even seem like a gamble? Entrepreneur Shweta Tiwary of Chungi shares her inspiration.

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How Jainee Gandhi Is Moving Fashion From Her Passion To Her Business [VIDEO]

Whether art or writing or fashion or anything else, moving from having a passion to creating a successful business is a long journey. Jainee Gandhi shares her experience as a fashion entrepreneur.

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Do You Know Your Indian Literary Foremothers? Start Your 2016 Reading List

Indian women writing over the centuries, have many fascinating stories for us to hear. Start building your 2016 reading list with this selection.

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#MondayMentoring: When I Have Never Worked Before, How Do I Start My Career?

Getting back into the technology field can be daunting after a long gap. How do I start my career when I never joined work after college?

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[VIDEO] Aparna Raman Is Building A Business That Meets A Social Need

As an aspiring entrepreneur, ask yourself: Does my business truly fulfil a social need? Aparna Raman, the Founder of Timbuktoo Publishing, shares her entrepreneurial journey.

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[PHOTO SERIES] 10 Beautiful #QuirkyLove Photos Of Indian Couples Who Rock!

Have fun viewing these photos of Indian couples at their wackiest best - having fun, off on adventures, sharing a laugh - and best of all, being friends.

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Small Budgets, Big Goals: Marketing When You Don’t Have The Money

If you are an entrepreneur at an early stage, how do you do marketing on a small budget or even a zero budget? An innovative marketing plan becomes essential!

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[VIDEO] Do Women Entrepreneurs Face Investor Bias?

Do women entrepreneurs face investor bias when it comes to raising funds to grow the business? Neha Behani, the co-Founder of Moojic shares her experiences.

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10 Things That Women Are Not : A Quick Guide To Who Women Are

In this witty piece the writer talks about 10 things that women are not. It's a quick guide to who women are. Not an angel or a mystery, women are people

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No, We Can’t Avoid Stress. Here Are 5 Tactics To Help Us Manage It Though

Women’s lives face a special brand of stress due to our constant multi-tasking of multiple roles. Here is how to manage stress better.

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This Simple Video Explains What ‘Consent’ Means (And It Is Simple, Really!)

Does the concept of Consent when it comes to sex sound complicated? It really isn't - as this simple video about tea demonstrates.

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5 Years, 50 Top Posts And Some Reflections On The Women’s Web Journey

As we celebrate 5 Years of Women's Web, take a look at what lies ahead - as well as some of our reader favourite posts in these 5 years.

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The Lesson: A Dystopian Novel By Sowmya Rajendran [Book Review]

Deceptively simple, The Lesson by Sowmya Rajendran is an easy read, but also a dystopian feminist novel that leaves you thinking long after you’ve put it down.

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Simple & Practical Ways In Which We Can Stand Up Against The Harassment Of Girls

Many of us stay quiet when we see street harassment because we don't know how to help. Here are some practical ways to fight harassment that you see.

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Negotiating For A Better Salary: Women @ Work #StepAbove Chat

Negotiating for a better salary is something research shows women do less of. We learn from the experiences of other women at work in this #StepAbove tweetathon.

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Finding Your Soulmate: It’s Tough But We’re Ready To Explore New Ways!

From meeting for the first time at the wedding, Indian women and men are now finding their own mates. Here’s a look at what creating your own relationship means.

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3 Truths About Entrepreneurship That #BreakingBarriers Reinforced For Me

What do you know about life as an entrepreneur? Here are some truths about entrepreneurship that every aspiring entrepreneur should know!

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#BreakingBarriers: What Do Entrepreneurs Need To Grow?

Women entrepreneurs are as ambitious and hard-working as their male counterparts. With some support, we can and will break all barriers!

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Making It Happen In A Competitive Business: Inspiration From Tina Garg

Tina Garg, CEO of Pink Lemonade has created an environment that welcomes more and more women into her team.

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20 Beautiful Photos Present The Lives Of Indian Women Outdoors

The lives of women outside the home are rich and interesting too. This collection of photos is from our Beyond The Doors photo contest.

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CEO, Author, Mom: Inspiration From Apurva Purohit

Apurva Purohit, CEO of Radiocity and Author of Lady, You’re Not A Man is passionate on the topic of enabling more women to work and achieve at work.

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What Writers Love About The Women’s Web Community

As we end the year, some authors at Women's Web weigh in on what draws them to being a part of this growing community of women!

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Reader’s Choice: The 12 Most Popular Women’s Web Reads In 2014

Bringing you here a round-up of the post popular Women's Web posts of 2014, the blockbusters that readers around the world loved, shared and debated about.

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Dr.Masum Momaya
Masum Momaya: Curating The Many Stories Of Indians In America

Meet Dr. Masum Momaya who has a job many of us would envy – a museum Curator, she brings together her interests in feminism, research and art.

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Young woman at work
The Best Advice You’ll Receive As Young Women Starting Your Careers

If you could pass on one learning to young women starting their careers, what would it be? Here I share some excellent advice from successful women in different fields of work. Almost 15 years ago, when I began work as a Management Trainee, fresh out of B-School, my first boss (who is, incidentally, quoted later on […]

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Entrepreneurs embrace technology
Entrepreneur! Do You Embrace Technology, Or Fear It?

If your business uses technology, but you are not trained in it, do you fear, or embrace technology?

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8 Things Each Of Us Can Do For Another Woman

You're not alone in feeling alone and cornered. As women, each of us must help support each other. Here are 8 things you can do to support another woman and create your own Sisterhood.

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Food dislikes in childhood
Why We Should Relook The Food Dislikes Of Our Childhoods

Revisiting foods that you disliked in your childhood can lead to more enjoyable as well as healthier eating! Here’s why.

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Doctors, Consent And Sexual Harassment By People We Trust

Sexual harassment by people we trust or respect, can be even harder to talk about. A post spurred by a new survey on sexual harassment by doctors.

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Does Love Look Different In South Asia? With Naheed Hassan, of Indireads [Interview]

Indireads, a one year old publishing house, aims to bring alive the vibrancy and intensity of modern South Asian life through their books in digital formats.

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I Need Feminism Until Men Stop Cat-Calling On The Road

A new 'I Need Feminism' campaign asks people to think of why they need feminism. Read the many interesting reasons people came up with, and add your own slogan!

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Lok Sabha Elections 2014: The State Of Women’s Representation [Infographic]

The Lok Sabha elections 2014 will ending shortly, making it a good time to review the state of women's representation in Indian politics, with this infographic.

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No justice for women in India
Shakti Mills And Suryanelli: Why Justice For Women Is A long Way Away

The recent Shakti Mills and Suryanelli case verdicts may leave us with a sense that rape victims in India are getting justice. But, we have a long way to go.

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Diary of a reluctant feminist
The Diary Of A Reluctant Feminist [Book Review + Giveaway]

The Diary Of A Reluctant Feminist is a darkly humorous book about the Great Indian Family's fight to save a daughter's marriage.

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Why You Should Blog Your Business [Infographic]

Still doubtful of the benefits blogging can bring your business? Check out this infographic on why you should blog your business.

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10 Things I Would Like To Tell My 18-Year Old Self

If you could go back and tell your 18-year old self one thing, what would it be? I share my learnings from being a feminist

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Women's Day 2014 blogathon
International Women’s Day Special: Pay It Forward Blogathon

On 8th March 2014, International Women's Day, we look at ways to pay it forward for other women we know, as well as all women. Plus, a Pay It Forward blogathon.

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For Women Who Do: Inspiring Change Together

The Women's Web community is about Women Who Do - women like us who are inspiring change together; Help us build an even stronger, supportive community

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Malyada Goverdhan Hands Of India
Keeping Alive The Hands Of India

Sisters Ramya Rangacharya and Malyada Goverdhan’s Hands Of India is all about keeping alive the handmade weaving and embroidery traditions of India.

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5 Nelson Mandela Quotes On Women, From Long Walk To Freedom

Nelson Mandela quotes on women that are relevant even after so many years, and give a peek into the inspiring person and statesman he was.

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Breaking Up Getting Divorced book review
Breaking Up: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Divorced

Breaking Up: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Divorced is a much-needed book in India, with all the information on getting divorced at one place.

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How to avoid overpacking
How To Avoid Overpacking For A Trip

Find it hard to avoid overpacking for a trip? As a frequent traveller, here are my tips to avoid overpacking and still stay comfortable!

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On Those Days

One those days, girls must not enter the kitchen, or the puja. In some houses, on those days, girls must have their meals separately from the rest of the family. On those days, girls must stay apart, yet not proclaim their isolation, because talking about the thing that sets them apart is shameful. On those […]

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Sandhya PV Aarti Home
Aarti Home: Breaking The Cycle Of Discrimination

From sheltering one abandoned girl, to providing education and livelihood training for over 10000 women in Kadapa, the story of Aarti Home is inspiring.

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Worth of a girl
The Worth Of A Girl

The worth of a girl is non-existent in India - we need to understand why, if we are to solve the problem.

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What’s Your Excuse, AP Singh?

AP Singh's crass defense and victim blaming reveals the deep misogyny in our culture and wilful ignorance of where rapes happen

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Interview: Saundarya Rajesh Founder of AVTAR
Saundarya Rajesh: Champion Of Women’s Careers

Saundarya Rajesh, President of AVTAR Career Creators, talks to us about how the Indian ecosystem has evolved to accept second-career women and flexi-working.

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Book review: Eve Ensler's In The Body Of The World
In The Body Of The World

Eve Ensler’s In The Body Of The World is an intensely personal memoir of the author’s battle with cancer, which inspires compassion and hope.

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The Worthy Divorcee: Why We Don’t Support Divorce In India

Support for divorce in India is still very superficial. We need divorced women to meet certain criteria before we give them our support.

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When Indian Women Network
When Women Network: Beyond The Pink Ghetto

When women network with each other, we can benefit from other successful Indian women who want to open doors for us.

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8 Things Every Newly Married Indian Woman Should Do

Not your usual tips for newly married Indian women - nope! Instead, you'll find here my views on not becoming a doormat after your wedding.

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Surrogacy in India
Surrogacy May Be Legal, But Is It Moral?

The recent case of Shahrukh Khan and Gauri adding to their family raises the question: Does commercial surrogacy exploit Indian women's bodies?

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Book review of Legacy

In Legacy, some prominent personalities in India share their experiences, insights and learnings through inspiring letters to their respective daughters.

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Titanic in India
If Titanic Had Been Made In India

If the Titanic had been made in India, would Rose have been the good Indian girl? Let's see!

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Katie Bhujwala with her family at Shergarh
The Call Of The Wild: Katie Bhujwala Of Shergarh

Katie Bhujwala, who runs the Shergarh wildlife camp in Kanha, is among the small but growing number of women from Western countries who call India home.

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Freelance writer pitch
How To Make A Freelance Writer Pitch For A Career From Home

Freelance projects for working women in India are popular as a balanced work life option. Here is how to make a freelance writer pitch.

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Samhita Arni's The Missing Queen
The Missing Queen

The Missing Queen by Samhita Arni begins with the question of Sita’s absence from Ayodhya, but goes far beyond the Ramayana.

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One Step Above

What is the focus of Women's Web Step Above? Women working together and learning from each other - let's do it!

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More Than My Body a.k.a When Strange Men Bump Into Me

Women in public spaces are fair game for everyone; when will women's bodies be just a part of us, not a precious commodity to guard?

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Travel souvenir ideas when traveling in India
Travel Souvenir Ideas: Not Made In China

As a seasoned traveller, do you find all travel souvenir ideas boring? Here are my favourite things to shop for when travelling in India.

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Sumitha Nayak: Promoting Corporate Health & Safety
Sumitha Nayak: Health & Safety First!

Dr. Sumitha Nayak is among the growing breed of women entrepreneurs in India with a strong social purpose: promoting health and safety at Indian companies.

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Lakshmi Rebecca of Chai With Lakshmi
Lakshmi Rebecca: Talking Over Tea

Meet Lakshmi Rebecca, the producer, director and presenter of the popular online talk show, Chai With Lakshmi.

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women's rights and change
Engaging With The Enemy

Arguing for women's rights in our daily lives can be tiring but is essential for change. How do you deal with sexist ideas among people you know?

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10 Key Points From The Justice Verma Committee Report

Key findings of the Justice Verma Committee report summarised for easy reading

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Women In Advertising
Indian Women In Advertising: A Look At 2012

With 2012 ending, we take stock of Indian women in advertising, and especially, ads that showed working women in India.

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Best Of Women’s Web – Editor’s Pick Nov 2012

From women in leadership roles to women who travel footloose, the best of Women's Web in November 2012

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Deborah Thiagarajan of Dakshina Chitra
Dakshina Chitra: Reclaiming Indian Culture

Meet Deborah Thiagarajan, the force behind Dakshin Chitra, a vibrant centre that refuses to let Indian culture and heritage die quietly.

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pink craze
Best Of Women’s Web – Editor’s Pick For Oct 2012

Does being a woman impact your life? If you think it makes no difference, read some of the best from Women's Web this month - you'll rethink!

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woman in the kitchen
Woman, Know How To Run A Kitchen?

"A woman's place is in the kitchen" - what else does Narendra Modi's remark about Sonia Gandhi say?

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She Writes Book Review
She Writes

She Writes, an anthology of twelve stories by women writers in India, is marred by uneven writing, but has to its credit some unusual storylines.

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The Importance Of Khap Panchayats

The importance of Khap Panchayats in India is rising precisely because of the media publicity they are receiving. Media, stop running to Khap Panchayats!

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An healthy eating plan: Eating vegetables for a healthy diet
Healthy Eating: More Vegetables In Your Diet

Looking for healthy eating tips to incorporate more vegetables into your diet? 5 ways that make eating vegetables fun and easy!

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Best Of Women’s Web – Editor’s Pick For Sept 2012

Food, Travel tips, Feminism 101 - sharing the best of Women's Web during Sept 2012

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4 Myths About Workplace Harassment

As Indian women enter the workforce in large numbers, here are 4 myths about workplace harassment that working women in India need to know about.

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Mayaben Kodnani
But How Could A Woman Be So Heartless?

The judgment on Mayaben Kodnani begs the question: Are crimes committed by women any different from those committed by men?

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Nithya V Raman
Making Indian Cities Work Better

Women’s empowerment and women’s safety in India is closely linked to city planning and design. We learn how.

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Best Of Women’s Web – Editor’s Pick For August 2012

Dealing with a kitchen disaster, Mandana art from Rajasthan, children's books that teach diversity - the Editor's 'Best of Women's Web' series

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Growing Up Sisters

Do you celebrate Sister's Day? Growing up with sisters, for me is the most precious of childhood memories

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Junichi Watanabe’s Beyond The Blossoming Fields
Beyond The Blossoming Fields

Junichi Watanabe’s Beyond The Blossoming Fields illustrates the inspiring story of Ginko Ogino - famously known as Japan’s first female doctor.

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The Dancing Nanis

Who says the elderly can't have fun? Watch the Jumpin Nani Vs Naani video (and support the Save The Children Fund)

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Perfect Woman
How To Be The Perfect Woman

What do you need to be the perfect woman? Find out!

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Feel Like A Virgin? No, Thank You!

A new vaginal tightening cream promises to make you feel like a virgin - but do we need virginity?

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Toilets in India – the bane of bus journeys
The Call Of Nature

What is the one big worry that plagues women travelling in India on bus journeys? Clean public toilets!

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Girls in India
The Modern Indian Girl Is Choosy

The modern Indian girl 'of marriageable age' is accused of being "choosy" showing that girls in India are still seen as community property, not individuals

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boy or girl
Accused Of Being A Man

Pinki Pramanik's case shows our poor understanding of gender, and also how rape cases in India are very poorly investigated

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Urmila Shastri's My Days In Prison
My Days In Prison

Urmila Shastri’s My Days In Prison, written during the Indian freedom struggle, is a valuable addition to the memoirs of inspiring Indians.

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Women & Entrepreneurship In India

What drives women entrepreneurs in India? Please visit the Women's Web Women & Entrepreneurship in India survey to answer that and other questions

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People Like Us Don’t Do Gender Selection

Sex selective abortion in India (or female foeticide as sometimes called) - is it only practiced by the poor and uneducated?

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Hira Mandi, By Claudine Tourneur [Book Review]

French writer Claudine Le Tourneur D'Ison's Hira Mandi is less a novel than an account of women and their quest for survival in Lahore's notorious red light district.

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Great Things About Being A Dimwit

Does morality and self-respect proceed from virginity? A ridiculous article on "great things about being a virgin woman"

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No Drinks, Substance Abuse Or Women

The sphere of Work is seen as owned exclusively by men. Women can only ever be a distraction here.

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Holiday Plans For The Indian Entrepreneur

Holiday plans for the Indian entrepreneur: How to plan a vacation and keep your business going!

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Best Of Women’s Web – Editor’s Pick For April 2012

The Editor's Pick - sharing my favourite articles on Women's Web this month

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Age And Adaptation

Are older people incapable of adapting to change? Or is adaptation a factor of more than just age?

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Aung San Suu Kyi: A Biography

Swedish author Jesper Bengtsson’s Aung San Suu Kyi: A Biography is a very readable account of the Iron Butterfly – and her country, Myanmar.

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Best Of Women’s Web – Editor’s Pick For March 2012

The Editor's Pick - sharing my favourite articles on Women's Web this month

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Binalakshmi Nepram
Interview With Binalakshmi Nepram: Women In The Shadow Of The Gun

Binalakshmi Nepram works with the women of Manipur who face a dual violence – when their men are killed and in the deprivation that follows.

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Skinny: The New Regular

Why must I remould my body to fit the latest women's fashions? An open letter to denim manufacturers

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Speaking Up For Women In Public Spaces

A list of the many blogposts written about the recent Gurgaon rape case and decision by Gurgaon administration to restrict women from working at night

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Preethi Sukumaran of Krya natural detergents
Preethi Sukumaran: Green Cleaning With Krya

In this interview with entrepreneur Preethi Sukumaran, she shares her initiative to make home products more sustainable, through Krya natural detergents.

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On Finding Mr. Right

Marriages in India are essentially a leap of faith, but young women can and should try to learn a bit more before choosing a partner

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Women’s Web: Pick Of The Week

This week's interesting stories on women's rights and women's lives from around the world.

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Indian moms learn to let go
Rama, The Son Of Kausalya

As a woman, does it bother you that your name will not be passed on to your children?

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Best of Women’s Web – Editor’s Pick For Feb 2012

The Editor's Pick - sharing my favourite articles on Women's Web this month

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Women’s Web: Pick Of The Week

Sharing some of the best posts on women and women's empowerment that the Women's Web team has come across this week

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As Always, You Asked For It

As the Kolkata Park Street case shows, rape victims in India are asked to produce character certificates before they will be taken seriously.

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Anita Agnihotri’s Seventeen, a collection of short stories, many from India UnShining, delights with its insights into human nature.

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Alana Lowes, MasterChef Australia 2011
Alana Lowes: On Becoming A MasterChef

An Interview with Alana Lowes, Top 3 finalist at MasterChef Australia 2011, who captured viewers with her spirit and talent in the kitchen.

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A Collector’s Item

Are item numbers art or a collection of anatomical images served up in the guise of a woman?

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3’s A Crowd

Why does infidelity happen? Are Indians today more adulterous and less moral? Vijay Nagaswami’s 3’s A Crowd attempts to answer.

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The Correct Response To Sexual Harassment

Should women feel guilty if they don't fight back against an incident of sexual harassment?

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Charukesi Ramadurai, on a career in travel writing
Charukesi Ramadurai: Getting Started With Travel Writing

Meet Travel Writer Charukesi Ramadurai, who tells us if travelling to exotic places and writing about them is the dream career it looks like!

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My Best Of Women’s Web 2011

Which were the best articles on Women's Web in 2011? Editor's Pick here; share yours!

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Choices And Happiness

Making your own choices does not guarantee happiness, but women still deserve the right to do so.

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Sita’s Ramayana

Penned by Samhita Arni and illustrated by Moyna Chitrakar, Sita’s Ramayana, retells the epic from a subtle yet deep ‘feminine’ perspective.

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The Healthy Entrepreneur

Everyone wants to be healthy and for entrepreneurs, it can make a significant impact on success.

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MORA sarees by Ritika Mittal
MORA Sarees: Weaving Dreams

The one of a kind MORA sarees are the dream of Ritika Mittal, an entrepeneur who tells us about her fascination with the North-east and why she doesn’t want big business!

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Is Empowerment About Choice?

Let's examine the concept of choice, in the context of women's empowerment. Are all choices empowering?

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Mukta Darera: Reinventing Careers

An interview with Mukta Darera, Founder of iReboot, a life orientation company which helps people discover themselves and their true career calling.

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5 Ways To Diss Feminist Writing

If you’re looking for a primer on how to attack feminist writing – this isn’t that. That title was really meant more tongue-in-cheek, but as someone who writes on issues of women’s rights, and has been doing that for almost 5-6 years now, I can’t help noticing how the same arguments get repeated whenever one […]

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Soulmates by Kanchana Ugbabe
Soulmates, By Kanchana Ugbabe

Kanchana Ugbabe's Soulmates delivers the "insider-outsider" perspective it promises, through the stories of different women in Nigeria.

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How We Support Domestic Abuse

This recent piece of news on actress Nikhita Thukral being banned from Kannada films for 3 years, for spoiling the “domestic harmony of a fellow actor” makes me see red on so many different counts. First, there is the question of why the Kannada film producers’ association should play moral police and ban actors for non-professional […]

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What Do We Do About Fewer Women At India Inc?

A recent Gender Diversity Benchmark for Asia 2011 study reveals that among 6 Asian countries, India fares pretty poorly when it comes to the presence of women in the organised workforce. (The complete report can be found here, PDF). Some findings: – We are the worst scorers on presence of women in junior as well […]

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Fighting For Women’s Responsibilities

Even as we Indian women fight for our rights, can we also fight for our responsibilities as daughters? The fight for women’s rights (in the Indian context) probably gained momentum some time around the 1970s and it has been around in various forms since then, with some of the key issues being property rights, freedom […]

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Help Ahambhumika Clothe The Girl Child

Clothes. We decide that a lot of the stuff we have is not in fashion anymore. We buy new ones. Our wardrobes overflow with them. So much so that we need help on how to declutter our lives and give away the ones we don’t need. For many though, even the most basic clothes are […]

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The Delhi Slutwalk & Media Coverage

So, the Delhi Slutwalk/Besharmi Morcha went off peacefully a little more than a week ago – despite opposition from some quarters. 700 people attended, which is not a small number, especially when you consider that this protest was organised by a small group of college students, with little access to mass media or any major […]

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10 Books That Inspire Entrepreneurs

With entrepreneurs in India a growing breed, 10 entrepreneurs share with us books on entrepreneurship that act as inspiration for entrepreneurs.

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Child labour
Why Rich People Employ Poor Children

Recently, I read this article in the Wall Street Journal, that talks about the cost of child domestic workers in India. There is no doubt that child labour is a serious problem in India – not only is it a problem on grounds of humanity and morality (exploiting a child who is not yet ready […]

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Indian women working abroad
No Boundaries: Indian Women Working Abroad

How do Indian women working abroad manage the challenges life throws them? Learn from working women in India who've made the move!

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Policing Women and Insulting Men

Many people believe (mistakenly) that feminists hate men. I am a feminist. I don’t hate men. I feel sorry for them. After all, how awful to have to live with one part of your body doing anything it wants, with no regard for any signals that your brain sends out to it! Poor men! All you […]

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The Other Woman

The Other Woman anthology broadens the narrative of adultery to go beyond the usual themes of seduction and guilt.

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The Adult Indian Woman

If one were to go by reports like this one on a magistrate ruling that a 21-year old woman be returned to her parents, there is no such thing as the Adult Indian Woman. While 18 may be the legal age for attaining majority, every now and then, one comes across cases like this where […]

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Freedom From Fashion

Recently, I was talking to a friend who grew up in Saudi Arabia, about the campaign by Saudi women for the freedom to drive. I have to say, Saudi Arabia is not exactly my favourite place in the world, given that it treats grown women as children in need of guardianship and policing. It has […]

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How NOT to apply for a Flex job

Recently, we ran an article on writing your resume after a career break, with some very useful tips gleaned from HR and recruitment consultants. If you haven’t read that yet, you should. We’re also been covering at Women’s Web the rising interest in flexible work opportunities that allow people to build their work in a […]

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Ode to all immodest women

Yesterday, a National Conference Minister in J&K, Ghulam Saloora, was arrested for abusing a woman in an incident that seems to have begun as a spat on the road. One of the sections under which the Minister was charged is Section 354, which deals with “Assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage […]

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5 Tips To Improve Your Resume After A Career Break

Working mothers who take a career break - learn how to write a resume to get back to work

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My fragile 30-plus body

I don’t know whether it is because I crossed 30 a couple of years ago, or because there are more ads than ever out there – but all of a sudden, I am noticing a super-abundance of advertisements trying to scare the hell out of me. Some of them tell me that invisible to my […]

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Sleeping with X, Y and Z

If my last post here was on one Twitter controversy (about under-age driving), the next one too is about an event that took place on Twitter – this time, an incident of abusive name-calling, directed at film-maker Harini Calamur. And of course, if the person being attacked is a woman, can her sexual activity/inclination ever […]

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It’s not legal but it’s safe

A potential storm in a tea cup is brewing over at Twitter, where popular blogger Kiruba tweeted just a little while ago, “During yesterday’s drive from Chennai to Bangalore, my kids drove 140 out of the 360 kms journey. Not legal but we were driving real safe.” Madhu Menon has called him out on it, and […]

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Work From Home Jobs For Women: Right For You?

Work from home jobs for women often seem like a panacea for working mothers. But is it right for you?

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What makes for an abuser?

By now, perhaps many of you have come across the CSA Awareness blog that is trying to raise awareness of child sexual abuse throughout this month. If you haven’t seen it yet – do check it out. Many heart-breaking survivor stories have been posted there and many bloggers have shared their stories/views too. In one such […]

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Women Helping Women At Work

Stereotypes about women include that women helping women at work is rare. How true is this? We ask women at work.

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Shame, dignity & a clean loo

Early today morning, I was unable to sleep any longer and instead of tossing and turning in bed, decided to go down to the beach. On the way, I saw a woman squatting – and going about her morning business. Yes, not a pleasant sight first thing in the morning, and indeed, the first thought […]

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What Love Isn’t

I have to confess – I ve never really celebrated Valentine s Day; never exchanged gifts with a boyfriend, never gone out for an overpriced candle-light dinner. In recent years, the fact that the hubby s birthday falls tomorrow makes it even more irrelevant to us – we d rather wait for the birthday to […]

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Wow! Government-sponsored fairness!

Via Nature blogs, I came to know about this challenge jointly being promoted by the Government Department of Science & Technology and P&G – and what is it, but another goodie for us brown-skinned masses – a “better” skin whitening product. The issue is not about whether companies should manufacture fairness products. Personally, I believe […]

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Mothers On A New Track (Part 2)

While motherhood and career may not always mix, some women at work are negotiating to keep their jobs satisfying and vital.

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In praise of SAHMs

I was reading recently the ‘Resignation Story’ of popular blogger, Rohini which deals with how and why she decided to become a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) and that set me to writing this post on a topic that I have for some time been thinking about – the risk involved in being a SAHM. Contrary to what […]

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Mothers On A New Track (Part 1)

How do working mothers in India negotiate their careers post motherhood? Career planning for women has its own challenges.

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5 Tips To Start Volunteering in India

Volunteering with social organizations is gradually becoming popular in India. Here are some tips to help you start volunteering in 2011.

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In the name of Tradition

We Indians – we are big on Tradition. We like to revere it, uphold it, force others to uphold it, kill them if they don’t – yes, we love Tradition. And we are so fond of it, we will uphold one tradition even when it conflicts with another. Our “adjustable” mindset allows us to do […]

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3 Adjustment Stories

The word “adjustment” and its variations figure very often in the advice handed out to newly married Indian women. Learn to adjust. Every woman has to adjust in her new family. If you adjust for some time, everything will be alright. This is an interesting piece on how women’s willingness to adjust is changing. Here […]

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Entrepreneur couples in India
Entrepreneur Couples In India: What Makes Them Tick?

Can a husband and wife working together make for a good combination? We ask some entrepreneurs in India to share their stories.

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Sex education: Much Needed, But When Will We See It In India?

Recently, I have been coming across news articles that discuss (with much figurative hand-wringing), the casual use of emergency contraceptives and abortion pills by young women. No doubt, serious health effects can arise due to the improper use of such pills for regular contraception – they are to be used very sparingly. Many of the […]

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The Secret World of Children

This week after Children’s Day, we have a contest on Women’s Web that revolves around the secret world of children. When I was a young girl, my sisters and I used to play a game called Igloo-Bigloo. It required no toys and very few props – just an old blanket, really, under which we could hide, and […]

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Deepavali – lights, happiness and new things

Depending on which story you pick, Deepavali celebrates the return of Rama to Ayodhya after his 14 years in exile, or the slaying of the demon Narakasura by Krishna. I am sure there are other stories, often varying from one part of India to another, but irrespective of the story you pick, Deepavali is about […]

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My Favourite Female Contest: The Winners

I’m sure those of you who participated in our My Favourite Female contest and others as well, are waiting for the results; here they are! The best written entry award a.k.a first prize goes to Amodini, who picked Mma Ramotswe of the No. 1 Ladies Detective agency series as her favourite character. Short excerpt from Amodini’s […]

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The Woman As Redeemer Stereotype

In response to our My Favourite Female contest, Unmana of Unmana’s Words very kindly sent me a link to this interesting Female Character Flowchart developed by Overthinking It. It nicely identifies many different kinds of stereotypes/archetypes which most female characters in popular culture usually fall into: damsel in distress, perfect wife, The prude and Crazy career […]

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Saffron Tree: Celebrating Children’s Books

Saffron Tree first began as a blog but has gradually become a popular destination for readers seeking out children’s books.

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Two Cases and Two Verdicts

Coincidentally, two much covered rape cases have both had verdicts handed down today – two different verdicts and two different courts. In the Pratibha Srikantamurthy case, where Pratibha, a young BPO employee was raped and murdered by a cab driver, the accused has been found guilty. In the TISS case, where six men were alleged to […]

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Help Women’s Web Improve!

So, it s been 4 months now since Women s Web was launched; it s been good going, but there is SO MUCH MORE to be done! I m at present working on identifying some of the weak spots and also, to understand what readers like/dislike about the site. And that s where I need […]

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The 3 Common Problems Faced By Startups

Learn from the common problems faced by startups in India - and avoid the mistakes these startups have made!

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Interview With Chumbak: Little Pieces Of India

Chumbak ('magnet'), co-founded by Shubhra Chaddha and Alicia Souza is leading the pack on creative products in India!

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Should Empowerment First Begin At Home?

The recent Michael Arrington post on why women mustn’t blame men for their lower numbers in technology is eliciting reactions, fast and furious. While I don’t think Arrington’s tone helps, I am not going to get into the subject here. Instead, I’d like to refer you to Shefaly Yogendra’s excellent post, “Women in tech: What gives?”, […]

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Considering A Freelance Writing Career?

A freelance writing career seems to be among the hottest jobs for Indian women today. But is it easy? Here's how to get started.

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Flex The Workplace

Our first contest, on Mommy Guilt went off beautifully, and received a great response from readers. Here we are again, with another contest – this time, on a totally different theme, but also of great importance to women. The Flex The Workplace contest is about getting your inputs on how to make employers (of any kind) […]

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Clothing & Control

A young Muslim woman in Kerala has recently petitioned the Courts, asking for protection from fundamentalist elements who are forcing her to adopt purdah. One must applaud this young woman for her courage – this is a society where all kinds of people think they have the authority to dictate what women must or must […]

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Familiarity breeds…Thoughtlessness

Recently, I heard that a distant relative, a young woman, had married a paternal cousin (though not a first cousin). The news surprised me, and not just because of the health risks of consanguineous marriages. In the South Indian community that I hail from, marriages between cousins are not at all uncommon, provided they follow certain […]

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And The Winners Are…

One week ago, we closed entries for the Mommy Guilt contest. Women’s Web is just a little over 2 months old now. Given how new we are, I was amazed at the fantastic response the contest received. So, first – a big THANK YOU to every person who contributed (and to all those bloggers who […]

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Awaiting Results! (Mommy Guilt Contest)

Just a quick note to let all our readers know that the results for the Mommy Guilt contest will be out in another 2-3 days; we’ve had to take a little time to look through all the entries but we’re almost done now. So, if you’ve submitted an entry (or even if you haven’t!), make […]

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Nandini Hirianniah: Mentoring Entrepreneurship In India

Nandini Hirianniah, Co-founder of The Morpheus, a start-up mentoring firm talks about the excitement and challenges of entrepreneurship in India.

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Time Management for the Self-Employed

Time management for working women can be complicated because of family commitments. 5 simple time management tips to boost your productivity!

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Good Girls Don’t Talk to Boys

As young people in India begin making their own decisions, those in authority hasten to reinforce slut shaming notions of "good girls".

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How Many Rathores Get Away?

Former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore got a sentence of just 6 months - what justice here for the family of Ruchika Girhotra?

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A Common Enough Story

The last maid who worked at our house – her husband abandoned her, while she was pregnant with her first child. Then, when she stopped working at our place, we got a young woman with two children under 5; she was friendly but feisty – she bargained hard and laid down a strict list of […]

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Say No to Cheerleading

Until the cut motion in Parliament and the possible fall of the Government upstaged it, it looked as though the saga of Lalit Modi would be ‘breaking news’ on  every TV channels worth its salt. Well, one good thing that’s possibly emerged from the IPL hoopla is that cheerleaders may no longer be used at the […]

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Welcome to Women’s Web

Hello readers – Welcome to Women’s Web! I’m Aparna V. Singh, the Founder-Editor of Women’s Web and I can’t tell you how excited I am at finally getting this website off the ground. It’s been in the offing for months, but then, there’s always so much to do between idea and implementation. Here we are […]

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