Women entrepreneurs in India: As entrepreneurship in India takes off, we track the fascinating world of women leading businesses.
A 7 Step Guide for Shepreneurs To Master Work-Life Balance

The quest to achieve perfection sometimes leads us to unhappiness and not being able to put a stop to a task even when it's done. What can busy shepreneurs do to avoid this trap?

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Unable To Take Up A Job? These 5 Practical Work Home Options In India Help You Get Going!

If you are unable to take up a full time job, your career does not have to end! Check out these 5 practical work from home options in India, growing in popularity.

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Count Your Wins! And 9 More Tips To Kill Self Doubts For Women Entrepreneurs

Living the life of an entrepreneur or a freelancer is not all that easy-peasy. While there might be gratification and success at the end of the tunnel, the journey otherwise, is filled with challenges, tight deadlines, difficult clients, tons of stress, and moments of self-doubt!

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Bitten By The Startup Bug? Here’s Where And How To Start

If the Startup bug has bitten you and you are wondering where to start, whom to ask and what to do, we have all the answers for you. Get all your Startup related questions answered by experts in The Prathibha Sastry Show 'Startup 101 Series'.

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Small Businesses Too Are Breaking Barriers, When Are You Starting Yours?

Is small really beautiful? Where do I get my capital from? How do I market my product?... Hundreds of such thoughts keep pestering new business women. Many such questions were answered by experienced women in business at our Breaking Barriers event.

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Successful Women Are Breaking Barriers By Setting Their Priorities. What About You?
Breaking Barriers

"How do you ensure work-life balance?” is question that certainly gets asked to every successful woman out there. Women entrepreneurs at our Breaking Barriers event series had some good answers to that.

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