Our books section includes reviews of books by women writers in India, and/or with notable female characters. We also interview upcoming and well-known women writers in India on their work, and on life when writing in India.
a piece of him
What Led This Mom To Have Her Husband’s Baby Via IVF After His Death?

Supriya Jain lost her husband in an accident after 15 years of married life. A Piece of Him is her effort to make sense of the grief following this tragic loss. This excerpt is published with permission from the publishers, Notion Press.

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My Response To Yashica’s Call To Come Out As Dalit And To Embrace My Dalitness
Yashica Dutt Coming out as Dalit

Coming Out As Dalit, as the title suggests, is a memoir of a young Dalit woman Yashica Dutt, who documents her experience of being systematically forced to hide her Dalit identity to get somewhere in the world.

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What’s The Difference Between Refugee Girls Malala Talks About And Our Kids, Really?
We are Displaced Malala Yousafzai

Imagine being a child, a teenager, thrown out of the only home you have ever known, persecuted, and left to the mercies of others. Malala Yousafzai's new book We Are Displaced tells us the real stories of such girls.

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Because She HAD To Break The Vicious Circle
Muffled Moans

"They have a warrant. They say that I have sexually abused Radha and they are talking about some POSCO act. That bitch of a girl had the audacity to complain against me."

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Mayilwriter Is Back, All Grown Up & Pushing Boundaries, And It’s Been Fun Growing Up With Her!
Mayil series

Mayil is back and she is all grown up! An older teenager, she pushes boundaries for herself and her family. A look at the series read with my kids, now with the 3rd book, This is Me, Mayil.

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When A Whole Tribe Of Women Engineers Inspire Generations Of Girls In STEM
roots and wings Shantha Mohan

Shantha Mohan's book Roots And Wings assembles a ready reckoner of 35 women Engineers graduating from the same institute between 1943 and 1971, a veritable treasury for inspiration in STEM careers.

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