On International Women’s Day. it’s time to ask if we’ve really taken enough steps ahead. Read some thought-provoking pieces here!
Our books section includes reviews of books by women writers in India, and/or with notable female characters. We also interview upcoming and well-known women writers in India on their work, and on life when writing in India.
Headscarves and Hymens
Every Sentence In Mona Eltahawy’s Headscarves And Hymens Feels So Familiar To Us…

A sisterhood can be built as we listen to various women's voices from across the globe, especially those oppressed. Mona Eltahawy’s book Headscarves and Hymens is one such. 

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To Lead A Sustainable Lifestyle, Remember The Song ‘Bare Necessities!’

With 'Bare Necessities - How To Live A Zero Waste Life,' Sahar Mansoor targets the Indian audience on how to be more eco-friendly!

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A Billion Surefire Tips On How To Raise A Feminist Son Who’s Better Than Our Men

Sonora Jha's book How to Raise a Feminist Son is a love letter to parents everywhere, with questions that hit home, such as, “If sexism is a male invention, why is fixing it women’s work?”

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If Kunti Could Release Draupadi From Being Chained To 5 Husbands

‘Stop right there!’ Draupadi gave him a death glare as she stepped up to him and poked him in the chest with enough force for him to stumble backwards. ‘Let’s get one thing clear, Yudhishtra. I,’ poke, ‘am not,’ poke, ‘your wife,’ poke, ‘anymore. Understood?’

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Real Equality Possible Only With More Feminist Women At The Top In Decision Making
Her Right to Equality

Very few Indian men will give up their privileges, or stand by women demanding their rights. Her Right to Equality edited by Nisha Agrawal from the Rethinking India Series addresses these issues.

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A Lovely Book Relatable Even Today, I Love Anne Of Green Gables!
Anne Of Green Gables

With its beautiful characters, Anne of Green Gables is a book I can still re-read. Bonus? It has some surprising parenting lessons too! 

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