Our books section includes reviews of books by women writers in India, and/or with notable female characters. We also interview upcoming and well-known women writers in India on their work, and on life when writing in India.
new books in October 2018
20 Handpicked New Books By Indian Women Authors To Look Forward To In October 2018

A handy roundup of interesting new books in October 2018 by Indian women authors (and a couple by non-Indian authors that we think are a must-read), that can be added to your to-be-read list. 

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Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness Devastates The Reader With Its Brutal Truth
The Ministry of Utmost Happiness review

Arundhati Roy's The Ministry of Utmost Happiness gets under your skin and stuns the reader with its honest portrayal of the brutality of real life events, even if in the form of fiction.

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It All Happened In Front Of Us, And We Stood Like A Block Of Nothing; Watching
The Other by Paro Anand

In this brilliant collection of stories for young adults, award-winning writer Paro Anand refuses to mollycoddle them, and exposes the secrets and sorrows and courage that are part of today’s life.

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Sita’s Curse Is A Journey Of The Sexual Awakening Of A Young Woman. Does It Deliver?
Sita's Curse

Female sexuality is a taboo topic despite the century we live in, and very few books take us through the awakening sexuality of a woman. Sreemoyee Piu Kundu's book Sita's Curse is one such book.

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A Joyous Retelling Of Myths By Strong, Even Audacious Feminist Voices That Are Eerily Modern
The Birth of Kali review

The Birth of Kali celebrates the spirit of pluralism and fluidity in Indian myths, retelling them from the perspective of 9 feminist feminist voices that speak of inner feelings not usually addressed.

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11 African Women Writers For The Literary Explorer, Leaving You Wanting To Find Out More
African woman writers

African women writers have many enriching and fascinating stories to tell. Through their work, we realise that Africa isn’t just what the world feels it is - it's so much more.

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