Money Management for Indian women: Learn how to manage your funds, investment options, how to save money and get advice on financial planning.
Stop Yourself From Spending Too Much By Paying Your Own Self!

The more money you have, the more you spend it. And saving, then, becomes a hassle. Here's a way to save and invest money while spending what you want!

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Pre-Budget, A Look At 5 Ways Gender Disparity Bad For The Economy, Not Just For Women: Oxfam Report

The latest Oxfam report shows that India ranks 64th out of 74 countries when measured for inclusive development and women suffer more due to this.

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5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Be Financially Independent

While taking up paid work may be a personal decision, it is important for women to have some monetary resources of their own to fall back on. Here's why.

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7 Ways Saving As A Young Girl Helped Me As An Adult

Given the writer's fondness for saving money, it is no surprise that she started saving young. Here are 7 ways saving as a teen helped her as an adult

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Smart Millennial Parents Know How To Get The Best Out Of Life, Money And Taxes

A millennial parent's approach to managing life goals, couple goals and kids' goals by taking financially smart decisions.

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Are Women Not Considered Capable Enough Of Taking Financial Decisions?

Isn’t it ironical that the same person who is otherwise considered capable of running a home while even keeping a job falls off the consideration set when it comes to the really big decisions?

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