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3 Mindful Ways To Use When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

Acknowledge the problem, Understand how you feel, Identify your triggers. Here is help for when things seem to going all wrong for you.

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“I Am 52 And Am Only Now Rethinking How To Live In The Time I Still Have…”

Have you ever wished to radically rearrange your life? What is stopping you? This post will make you think. 

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20 Online Counselling Resources For Women Feeling Stuck At Home And Needing Help
online counselling help

A handy list of online counselling help, therapy, legal/ medical / OBGYN advice, student counselling, mostly free, for those who need it during lockdown.

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Dr Saniya Khan: My Story Of A 14-Day Quarantine On Coming Back From A Gulf Country
Dr Saniya Khan

Dr Saniya Khan returned from the Gulf on 8th March, and on reaching her hospital in Bijapur, was asked to self-quarantine, according to the protocol declared on 11th March by the govt. Here's what she found.

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This ‘Mental Hospital’ Game Going Viral On Facebook Is Not Funny – Please Stop!
mental hospital game

There's a 'mental hospital' game going around on Facebook that is super insensitive to those actually battling mental illness. Yes, we are stressed, but we have no right to stress them further.

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How Are You Feeling? The Question No One Is Asking In The Time Of Corona

Anxiety during Covid-19 is entirely natural; staying home and isolated is not as easy as it seems. Take heart, we are all in this together.

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