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Fitness & Wellness
Covering health tips for Indian women, health and nutrition advice and the big challenges to women's health in India.
My Diabetes Story: After The Win Over COVID We’ve Discovered My Diabetes, But Fight Abhi Baki Hai!

Post COVID infection and treatment, the doctor discovered I had diabetes, something I thought I had escaped despite my mom having it. This World Diabetes Day, here's my diabetes story!

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4 Crucial Reasons Why Rural Women In India Are More At Risk Of Dying From Breast Cancer

Due to lack of information about breast cancer, misconceptions, shame and social stigma, women in villages risk their life by not getting screened and treated.

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As A Student, I Always Had A Sore Neck. I Researched & Realized I Was Suffering From ‘Text-Neck’!

As a student I ended the day with a sore neck and shoulder. I realized I was suffering from the 'text-neck' when this vicious cycle of pain led me to research the name of this condition!

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What Is Keratosis Pilaris, The Skin Condition Yami Gautam Spoke Of Having In Her Recent Insta Post?
Keratosis Pilaris

Yami Gautam recently revealed on Insta that she suffers from a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris. What should you know about this?

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Indian Women’s Mental Health Scenario Is Full Of Unseen Battles, Unheard War Cries…And A Ton Of Stigma
mental health disorders in women

Women hold up half the sky. But the horizon of mental health for them is different from that of men! As we observe #WorldMentalHealthDay2021, let's explore the rocky landscape of women's mental health.

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‘I Hate My Mother!’ Was My Most Constant Feeling, Growing Up… But Now I Know Better

I grew up with a mother who suffered from depression and was on medication, and this is what my childhood was like... though now I know better and wish she didn't have to suffer!

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