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yoga during covid
How Yoga Helped Me In COVID Times, Both Physically & Mentally

Out of many things, I learnt to respect my boundaries and my limitations, it taught me to be patient with myself. Yoga encouraged me to be curious about my relationships, not only with others, but with myself- my body, thoughts and food.

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Periods After Delivery Can Be A Real Pain, So Here’s What You Should Know
periods after delivery

Resuming periods after delivery is a challenge, and a new mom needs support for it, along with the bigger challenge of caring for a baby.

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Why Do We Glorify A Woman ‘Tolerating’ Pain, When We Never Expect Men To?

What is there to glorify in pain? Do we need to prepare young girls for the pain of childbirth by making them get used to it in the years leading up to it, whether or not they decide to become pregnant later?

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5 Things To Think Of When Someone You Love Might Succumb To Terminal Illness Soon!

We all travel the road of life that has death on its other side. It is the how and when that makes a difference.

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Why Are Women Worse Hit As Suicide Loss Survivors?
suicide loss survivor

As a survivor myself, let me say as I launch Dr Nandini's book Left Behind that no suicide loss survivor is responsible for what their loved ones decided to do (or not do) with their lives!

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‘Will The COVID Vaccine Cause Any Side Effects?’ And 15 More Of Your Questions Answered

Do you have any questions about the COVID vaccine programme? Then we have quite a few answers for you. Do read.

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