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Covering health tips for Indian women, health and nutrition advice and the big challenges to women's health in India.
COVID 19 brain fog
COVID 19 Brain Fog Is Real And For Those Who Experience It, It’s Horrible

A feeling of 'not being all there', 'spaced out', can be post COVID 19 brain fog, seen as one of the complications, especially in long COVID.

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My Grandma Recovered, But Succumbed To Post COVID Complications!
post COVID complications

My grandma battled the virus for more than a month and came home recovered, but succumbed to post COVID complications. Trying to make sense of it.

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6 Energy Boosters To Stop Feeling Tired Right Now

These energy boosters are all easily doable tips that you can adopt in your everyday schedule. Give them a try!

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Let’s Bust These Myths About Vipassana – Here’s What I Learnt In 10 Days
Woman meditating in nature

The common myths about Vipassana are that it's all about an empty stomach, and ten long days filled with nothing. The truth is, there's more to it!

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Is The COVID Vaccine Safe For Pregnant And Breastfeeding Moms?
COVID vaccine in pregnant and breastfeeding moms

COVID vaccine in pregnant and breastfeeding moms - how safe is it? What to expect? What are the things you should know?

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Ovarian Cancer Is Called The ‘Silent Killer’ As It’s Not Easily Diagnosed Early
ovarian cancer

Why is Ovarian Cancer, easy to treat in early stages, hardly ever diagnosed until it is nearly too late? What should we know about this 'silent killer' of women?

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