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Being Grateful Strengthens Relationships  And Promotes Emotional and Physical Well-being
How Gratitude Can Be A Game Changer For Your Overall Well Being And Relationships

Keeping a gratitude journal may well be the best thing you do for yourself. Even if you do not write it all down, do ponder everyday on it.

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4th Feb World Cancer Day: How Can We Help Families Like Mine Cope With The Loss And Grief?
World Cancer Day

I lost my mother to colon cancer when I was just 13, and the grief of it affects me even now in many ways. What could have been done differently?

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Poonam Pandey’s Insensitive PR Stunt About Cervical Cancer Can Affect How HPV Vaccine Is Perceived

Social media is a good medium to educate people and change mindsets. But with irresponsible use of its power, there can be a negative impact.

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This New Year, Would You Try Switching From FOMO To JOMO?
This New Year, Would You Try Switching From FOMO TO JOMO?

The brain needs rest. Stress is a problem so often heard of these days. It is because people push themselves more than their bodies can take.

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Why You Should Screen For Thalassemia During Pregnancy
Why You Should Screen For Thalassemia During Pregnancy?

Explore the importance of early detection of Thalassemia, and informed decision-making, to optimize the best care for the child's future.

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Despite Debilitating Muscular Dystrophy, I Climbed A Hill…One Step At A Time!

I huffed, puffed and panted up the hill, taking many rest breaks along the way. My calf muscles pained, my heart protested, and my breathing became heavy at one stage.

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