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Depression Needs Help. We Need To Listen To The Silence; Let’s Talk

Many viral articles and talk shows revolve around the topic of depression and grab eyeballs, but do we really know and accept depression as a curable disease?

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5 Ways To Have An Affair With Yourself To Be Truly Happy

While a quick fix like getting a makeover or retail therapy helps to raise our spirits, it cannot be a long term solution. What is, then?

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Here’s To Making The 366 Days Of 2020 Happier And More Productive, In 4 Ways

It's been a week now, into the new year 2020, and time to mull upon our New Year's resolutions and upcoming plans to make the most of all the days.

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Herbal Teas & Hot Soups – 5 Rules For Healthier Food Post The Winter Party Season

Winter has come and with it come a number of parties. It also brings in unhealthy food habits. But fret not, follow these 5 rules for a healthier you!

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Do You Always Break Your New Year Resolutions? These 5 Tips Will Help!

Tired of making new year resolutions and breaking them? These 5 simple strategies will help you ace your new year resolutions!

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There’s No Such Thing As ‘Normal’ Period Pain; Stop Shaming Women For Taking Medication
medication for period pain

Painful periods are very common, and yet it is extraordinary how women are blatantly told to "bear the pain" and often even shamed for taking medication for period pain!

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