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depression awareness
In Pictures: What Depression Feels Like Inside, Even If I Don’t ‘Appear’ Depressed

Chester Bennington's death by suicide sparked a worldwide campaign on depression awareness. Here's my attempt to show you, through pictures and words, what depression feels like in our minds.

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Are You A Carrier For That Stress Virus? Kill It Before It Kills You!

The 'stress virus' seems to affect all of us in this hyper-connected, dynamic world. Women especially, are big time carriers of this virus - is it time to be kinder on ourselves?

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8 Centres That Offer Palliative Care For Cancer Patients In India To Improve Quality Of Life
palliative care for cancer patients

The very nature of cancer affects quality of life, in terms of pain and debilitation, and also everyday of the person affected and their family. Palliative care for cancer patients focuses on addressing this.

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5 Sure-Fire Strategies That Have Always Worked For Me When I Need Motivation

We all feel low at times, and need some handy self motivation strategies at such times. Here are 5 that have always worked for me.

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4 Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman

Every woman's pregnancy is different, and a unique experience. There is no need for others to give their gyaan and scare her. Let the woman, her partner, and her doctor handle it all.

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When This ‘Paranoid’ Mummy Learnt What True Protection Means

Do you have the urge to protect your child from all uncertainties? If yes, then don’t just think of ‘today’ - think about both short term and long term protection for your family.

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