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Assault Is Legally Wrong, But Why Is It Not Wrong When A Parent Hits A Child?

Why is violence inside the home, be it by parents, spouse, in-laws, siblings or an insider in our society so acceptable?

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Dear Daughter I Could Say You’re The Most Beautiful Girl In World, But Then I Would Be Lying!
dear daughter

Dear daughter, as I write this letter, I don’t want to call you beautiful or pretty. You did not choose the way you look today nor did you work towards it!

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GULU- Talk To Indian Boys About Puberty Changes & Sex In An Age Appropriate & Culturally Sensitive Way

Menstrupedia has recently come up with the first Indian comic on boy’s puberty- GULU- the essential guide to growing up with boys, after their widely known Menstrupedia comic for girls.

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Dastaango Dadi – An Ode To My Storyteller Grandmother And Her Fascinating Tales

My Dadi had led such an interesting life, and had the knack of turning it into vivid stories that still remain in our family, though she is long gone.

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Your Son-In-Law Helping At Home Is Progressive, But Your Son Helping His Wife Is Henpecked?

Normalise your son doing chores at home as a step towards a gender equal generation instead of making him an entitled Raja Beta! 

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Parenting Makes A Difference; I Have A Feminist Father Only Coz My Grandma Raised Him As One

My father felt that tackling gender issues must begin at home. That we should have the same rules for our sons as we have for our daughters, the same code of conduct, and the same expectations.

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