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Kiran Manral Tells Us That Even During A Pandemic, We Can Instil Hope & Wonder In Children

Kiran Manral's Raising Kids with Hope and Wonder in Times of a Pandemic and Climate Change speaks of the disquiet every mom has faced in the past few months

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As A Mom, Will You Encourage Your Child To Be An Aspiring Actor?

With the recent controversies in the Indian film industry, any parent might be scared to allow their child to dream of becoming an actor, but is that right?

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Dad’s Role In Parenting Is More Than Just Bringing Food To The Table!

How exactly does fatherhood entail just one bit – bringing food to the table – while motherhood must cater to satisfying all of the child’s physical and emotional needs?

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When My Daughter Taught Me To Dream My Dreams, Even If They Might Not Come True…
dream your dreams

Does it matter if wishes could come true or not? If feasibility becomes the criteria to consider wishes as valid, the very essence in which they are rooted is lost.

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Board Exam Results Are Out; Here’s Why We Must Spare Ourselves & Our Kids The Stress Over Marks
CBSE results

This year's board exams had an added challenge - the pandemic. Let's celebrate our kids for who they are and not by how many marks they have achieved.

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Dear Well Wisher, My ‘Parenting Style’ Teaches My Son To Deal With Life’s Realities Instead Of Hiding Them
parenting style

Our kids inhabit a different world from the one we knew growing up, so maybe there's value in a parenting style exposing them to 'bad' things in a safe way?

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