Read our prestigious winners at the 10th Laadli Media Awards, on India’s Low Divorce Rate and The Sexual Violence of Flashing.
Women's Web provides great parenting tips for women and men on this fun journey! While parenting involves a certain amount of discretion, it helps to get valuable parenting tips and learn parenting skills from other parents like you.
When I Saw My Daughter Bullying Her Doll, I Knew I Had To Act!

Watching my daughter bully her doll was something I couldn't get out of my mind. Here's what I learnt while teaching her about bullying. 

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How Fair Is This Statement? “I’m Lucky I Have Only Daughters And No Son!”

Misogynist men don't appear out of nowhere - boys can grow up to be good people who support feminism if the parents take responsibility to raise their son right.

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Amrita Rao Being ‘Nervous’ About Motherhood Begs The Question, Is Parenting Only A Mom’s Responsibility?

Before the birth of her son, actor Amrita Rao spoke about being nervous about motherhood. Why are women always the only ones worried?

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The Current NEP 2020 Debate On Coding Classes In Middle School – Which Side Are You On?
coding classes

With NEP 2020 recommending coding classes in 6th grade with big businesses getting into it, but parents worried, we wonder - is it really a good idea?

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The Virus Taught Me That I Don’t ‘Own’ My Children, They Have Dreams Of Their Own!

Our children are unique individuals with hopes and dreams of their own! Let's give them the space to be themselves. 

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No Matter What The Reason, Hitting Your Child Is Never Ever Okay!

Children being beaten at school may have stopped but what about the same at home? Is it necessary to beat children to correct them?

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