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engineer's day
15th Sept, Engineer’s Day. Parents, Your Kid Has To Be Or Not To Be An Engineer?

15th September is Engineer's Day, so a look at this - many Indian parents try to get their kid to go for Engineering, when the kid would like to do something else. 

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6 Reasons Why Your Child Might Be Suicidal, And How To Deal With It

Suicide. The mere mention of the word just stops your heart for a second, doesn't it? Here are a few reasons why your teen might be suicidal and how to help them out of it. 

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“You Shall Not Express Excessive Appreciation” And 9 Other Commandments Of Parenthood

Parenting isn't easy, needs to be customised to every parent-child, and yet there are some guidelines (shared in a tongue-in-cheek manner) that make it easier to navigate.

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4 Interesting Ways The Netflix Series Sacred Games Is Similar To Parenting

Don't believe what I say in the title above, and feel I'm talking nonsense? Read on.

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5 Tips To Help Your Daughter Grow Up Into A Confident Woman

While fighting patriarchy, we also need to teach girls to be independent. Here are five tips that will help you raise a strong, confident, independent girl.

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Tell me what? Women Reveal One Piece Of Advice They Wouldn’t Give Their Daughters
mother reveal one thing

Did your parents impose several rules upon you? Or did they let you grow up on your own terms? Here’s some mothers revealing what they wouldn’t tell their daughters.

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