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angry woman
The Real Reason I’d Rather Be An Angry Woman Than ‘Cry And Get My Way’ As Men Expect

An angry woman is probably taken more seriously than a woman in tears, though men in a patriarchy would prefer the crying woman who they feel superior to.

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Malaika Arora Told By Troll To ‘Dress Decently As She Is Aged’ Who Decided This For Women?

Malaika Arora was told by a commenter on her sm account that she should 'dress decently as she was aged'. Huh?!

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Revel In Your Rage With These 6 Tips Each Time You’re Angry!

If you've heard 'good girls' never get angry, you probably smiled through a lot of situations. But it's time you owned your anger and this is how you do it!

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What If Instead Of Marrying The Prince, Cinderella Rode Off Into The Sunset On Her Own?

Cinderella dreamt of searching for a good life. She fought moral battles with her stepmother, societal battles with the town finally breaking free.

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Remembering The Phenomenal Woman Maya Angelou On Her Death Anniversary

A feminist writer and poet, Maya Angelou has inspired a number of us with her words. Here are some of my favourite lines by her and why she inspired me. 

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Will Women Ever Stop Saying, ‘I Won’t Be Able To Stay Because There’s No One To Cook At Home’?

'Who will take care of the house when we are away or rest?' Why do women still need to ask this question? Isn't it time men finally took responsibilities?

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