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The Way Media Depicts Sexual Assault Survivors Further Perpetuates Rape Culture

Media's depiction of rape survivors as helpless, tormented women perpetuates rape culture by showing predators that women cannot fight back.

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Are You Offended When Someone Calls You Aunty? Here’s Why I Am Not!
A woman staring at another woman.

Most of us dislike being called aunty because of the problematic meanings attached to it. But isn't it time we accept growing old with grace?

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My Father’s Love For Education Empowered Me For Life

Given the power fathers hold in families and societies, their support for girls' education can make a big difference to the lives of many.

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Men, Stop Trying To Be ‘Macho’ Always And Mess Everything Up, Like Will Smith Did!

What Jada Pinkett Smith did or was doing, would have had more impact than what Will did, but Chris Rock and his insensitive joke, which would have died its natural death, was made immortal.

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Indian Society Thrives On The Invisible Trap Of Glorifying Cooking & Homemaking Skills Of The ‘Good’ Woman

Often these sugar coated words turn out to be a façade for enslavement and to generate that invisible female labour force who continue to slog under the burden the patriarchy.

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How My Grandmother Learnt To Read And Write

This was a trigger enough for granny to start her journey towards literacy but she wanted to do it secretly, not sure what the reason was.

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