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indian tv serials
Where Are The Women Who Work And Have Normal Appetites In Indian TV Serials?

I am a STEM student and want both a career and family. But I worry as Indian TV serials glorifying the "ideal bahu/beti" impacts society.

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The Misogyny Of Men Who THINK They’re Woke Is Hurting The Cause Of Gender Equality

What is it with cis-het men and their giant-sized egos? I’m curious and I really want to know. If you have an answer other than ‘#NotAllMen’, do share.

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‘I Was Just Kidding’…Are Sexist Jokes Harmless Humour Or Disguised Disrespect?
sexist jokes

Does calling it a joke make sexism okay? Despite changing attitudes towards women, sexist jokes seem to be surprisingly normalized.

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‘Feminism Isn’t Men Bashing’ Sonora Jha & Raga Olga D’Silva Chat About Feminist Parenting

It is not enough to teach a child about feminism, says Sonora Jha, author of How to Raise a Feminist Son, in a chat with Raga Olga D’Silva, but to model behaviour we want to be internalised. Author, entrepreneur, and LGBT influencer Raga Olga D’ Silva has always invited the best of guests to her […]

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As A Professional Mountain Climber, I’m Judged For ‘Travelling Alone, Without My Husband’!

A working woman is now an acceptable concept, but a woman working in the outdoor industry and travelling full time is not even a notion. A professional mountain climber's personal account.

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What Makes An Indian Family More Uncomfortable Than Sex? A Woman Talking About Her Property Rights!
indian womens property rights

The history of women’s property rights in India is a history of keeping quiet and not talking about it.  Why is this topic still taboo?

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