I Understood The Real Power I Have Over My Life & Choices, When I Shaved My Head

She had wanted to shave her head for a long time, but hadn't because she was a girl, and 'what will people say'. But then, one day, she just did it. This is the author's story of taking her power in her hands.

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We Are All One Girl, One Woman: Let’s Celebrate Her Voice, Not Shut It Up!

"Society loves women if they stay little girls: silent and innocent," says Paromita Bardoloi. And patriarchal society is being called out at this point with #MeToo, something that has been long coming.

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When Women Decide To Break The Shackles There Is No Stopping Them, Proves #MeToo

With #MeToo are women looking for attention? No, they are not! So, better support and stand by them to report. Let justice reign after a fair investigation.

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Kerala’s ‘Good’ Women Protesting The SC Sabarimala Verdict Furthers Divisive Politics & Misogyny

Women from Kerala are protesting the Sabarimala verdict, their presence often validated by male family members, furthering women's exclusion and perpetuating the 'kulasthree' stereotype.

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Women’s Web Writers Win Laadli Awards For Insightful Writing On Gender Bias

Women's Web Authors Shweta Ganesh and Dr. Ujwala Karmarkar Shenoy won a Laadli Media Award and a Jury Appreciation Certificate respectively for their insightful writing on gender bias and the impact on both men and women.

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Indian Men Know Well That Women Are Trained To Sit Quietly And Guard Their ‘Honour’

Men know it well - Indian women won't risk their 'honour' and hence they take advantage. When honour is still so dear to us, how can #MeToo ever be a success?

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