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To The Men Who Who Break The Cycle Of Patriarchy, Happy International Men’s Day

Recently, International Men's Day came around. But have you ever wondered why we are celebrating men?

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Dear Woman! Are you Becoming Somebody Else? Stop!

A woman is caring. A woman is sensitive. A woman is emotional. A woman nurtures. A woman always thinks of making things better. When this goes on for a long time, she naturally begins to become the person that those around her want her to be.

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5 Things I Hate To Hear, Being A Married Woman

I never thought getting married will put me in so much limelight. Whatever I wear, eat, and do, gives people a chance to judge me!

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When I Was A Child My Grandmother Told Me A Horror Story, And That Has Changed My Life

I realized how she usually liked to present the wrongs of others to him which bothered me earlier, but now even though it troubled me I knew why she did it.

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I Decided I’d Had Enough, And Became The ‘Rebel Bahu’!

I was allergic to vermillion. But I was forbidden to wash my hair for eight days after the wedding. Sari was mandatory. Else, what would be the difference between an unmarried girl and a newly-married girl?

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Is A Wife Responsible For Her Husband’s Death?

"You were married to him for ten years. It was your duty to help him overcome his addiction. You failed him as a wife!" This was Maya's sister in law.

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