Women Are Still Shamed For Several Things: Is The Male Gaze To Blame?

Being a woman in India is still not the easiest task. We need to think before deciding what to wear, do or say. Do we ourselves think from the male perspective?

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Dusky And Beautiful: Own Your Skin, Be Proud Of It And Love It!

Fair and lovely had always been the norm in our country. However, here is one dusky woman owning her skin colour and loving it!

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Freedom To Be Ourselves Or What The Society Expects Us To Be?

We may be a free, independent country, however, do our girls and women have the freedom? Here's what one writer has to say about it. 

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Priyanka’s Response To Ayesha Malik Makes You Question Her Role As UN Goodwill Ambassador
priyanka ayesha

Priyanka Chopra’s response to Ayesha Malik at the BeautyCon raises several questions about the actor's and celebrities' take on political responsibility. 

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10 Ways In Which My Period Brings Me Closer To My Real Self

Ever wonder what are the personality changes you go through during your period? Here's ten of these things that all of us have endured at some point!

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No Mr. Khattar! Kashmiri Girls’ Consent Is Not A Joke!

Manohar Khattar's comment on being able to bring back Kashmiri girls, revealed the regressive mentality of several men in India. Does consent even matter?

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