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Don’t Be Judgmental! When Women Support Women, Amazing Things Can Happen

Everyone makes different choices in life, and that is perfectly fine. What isn't acceptable is judging others for what they choose to be.

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Why Am I An Ideal Sanskaari DIL Only If I Sacrifice Myself Completely?

Why are daughters-in-law constantly expected to be sanskaari & make sacrifices for their family while forgetting their own likes & dislikes?

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Shanta’s Story From The Ramayana Shows That A Woman Is Valued Only For Her ‘Sacrifices’
sister of Rama Shanta's story

In the Ramayana, the story of the sister of Rama Shanta plays a silent, but pivotal role. Like many women today, however, she was valued only for her ‘usefulness'.

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Teach Your Girls To Stand Up For Themselves And To Raise Their Voices Only Then, Will They Be Free!

Marriage changes everything, she thought. Changes you... changes them, And there’s no support. Parents are for life - is what she'd thought.

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Victim Blaming By Asking A Woman ‘What Did You Do To Provoke Him?’ Makes You Part Of The Problem
victim blaming

Women have been told since forever, that any violence they face is somehow their fault. Let's trash this belief, trash the victim blaming. 

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Dear Grandma, I Need A New Set Of Fairytales As I Don’t Want My Girls Growing Up To Be Damsels In Distress!

Today, Cinderella will not deck up to impress a prince and neither will Rapunzel wait for one. It's time we changed our fairytales, isn't it?

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