Yes, Laughter Is The Best Medicine, But Sexist Jokes Can Be Bad For Your Health!

It's time we call out sexist jokes that are hurtful or shame other people - being light-hearted and funny does not mean we can say anything!

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An Open Letter To The Obnoxious Waiter Who Thought I Should Shave My Chin Hairs

Women's bodies are objectified to such an extent that anyone, absolutely anyone, feels they can give 'beauty' advice to us!

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Your Cool, Feminist T-Shirt Could Be Steeped In Human Rights Violation Under That Glamour

Mainstream Feminism is a ripe field for exploitation under capitalism, where 'feminist' goods hide the exploitation of those creating this merchandise.expl

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Bella Ramsey Just Gave Us More Reasons To Love And Be Proud Of Lyanna Mormont

We will definitely miss everything about GOT once it's over but the actress Bella Ramsey who plays Lyanna Mormont will miss standing up to grown men, she says! We can’t be any less proud about our ferocious Lady Mormont.

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Actor Sai Pallavi’s Refusal To Endorse A Fairness Cream Is a Huge Deal – Here’s Why

By refusing to promote a fairness cream, Sai Pallavi has set an example for other celebrities. Her unwillingness to use or promote such products makes her a great role-model for the many women shamed for having dark skin.

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Is Motherhood A Woman’s Ultimate Achievement?

Puberty, Education, Job, Marriage, Motherhood - the five levels to unlock before you win the game of Womanhood. Sounds familiar? Read on!

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