‘De De Pyaar De’ Proves That A Young Woman Falling For An Older Married Man Is No Longer Taboo

Why are women the only ones shamed for being financially independent and falling in love with an older man? De De Pyaar De gives a refreshing take on this.

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No, Daughters Are Not The ‘Cure’ For Misogynist Fathers; This Expectation Is A Part of The Problem

Dear Richa Chadha, daughters cannot be, and should not be a 'cure' for misogynist fathers. Expecting this is an unreasonable and unfair burden on them.

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Why Does Vairamuthu Who Is Accused Of Sexual Harassment Get To Pontificate On It?

Tamil film lyricist Vairamuthu has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women - yet, TV channels continue to give him a platform.

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MD Of BMTC, C Shikha’s Taking The Bus Wheel Says Women Can Drive Heavy Vehicles Too

BMTC MD C Shikha drove a bus to check the buses for procurement. While she drew flak for the same, she is also an inspiration to women to get their licenses for heavyweight vehicles.

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They See Her But Don’t Hear The Screaming Inside

A girl becomes a woman by learning to navigate public spaces to ensure that she is safe from the hands that are always there, or else be caged "for her own good".

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When ‘Feminist’, ‘Woke’ Kanhaiya Kumar & Tharoor Disappoint Us By Making Sexist Remarks!

Two feminist icons, Kanhaiya Kumar and Shashi Tharoor, revealed themselves to be 'woke' only in our imaginations, by making sexist, transphobic remarks. How do we hope for better men?

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