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Viral Dairy Milk Ad Has It’s Heart In The Right Place With Celebrating A Woman’s Triumph

The viral Dairy Milk ad is the way to go to think big and promote women's cricket in India, with gender role reversal in the way the man who so freely celebrates his friend's success.

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It Is A Universal Truth That Every Married Woman MUST Want A Baby…Says Who?

I don’t want to give birth. I don't want to be a mother. Not now, not ever. And nothing will change my mind. No gods in heaven, no family on earth can shake this decision I made years ago.

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After The 9 Months & Labour, I Definitely Wanted To Give My Son My Last Name. But Did We? No!
last name

Why aren't women encouraged to give their last names to children? Perhaps the child can be given a 'unique' last name that doesn't belong to both parents!

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Ek Chutki Sindoor – Badge Of Honour, ‘Protective Shield’, Or A Mark Of Subservience?

The sindoor that marks a married Hindu woman signifies complete control on the woman by her husband and in-laws, yet women fall for its allure.

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I Am A Feminist Indian Housewife, And This Is My Dream ‘Career’!

As an Indian housewife I wonder if career means only earning money? I chose my job as a homemaker and am enjoying it. Am I wrong? Am I lazy?

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‘Have A House Of Your Own’ And 6 Other Life Hacks We Should Teach Our Daughters! 

Young girls are lectured on how to dress and behave. But it's these essential life hacks that'll help them live a happy & independent life!

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