walking for Nirbhaya
Yesterday Night, 30 Women Walked From Anupam Theatre To Munirka Bus Stop For Nirbhaya

30 women came together in response to a call out on Facebook, to walk together on the night streets of Delhi, to commemorate Nirbhaya. 

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Dear Society, Women Over 50 Don’t Have To Stop Thinking Of Themselves!

Why are women over 50 assumed to be over their best years and expected to devote themselves to God or grandchildren?

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Don’t Mind Our Body Shaming Of You Pliss, We’re Indians After All!

Women are body shamed under the guise of 'concern', this needs to be called out for the abuse that it is. While a healthy lifestyle is essential, it is for us to decide.

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When I Ran Back Home For The ‘Powerful’ Sindoor That Would Ensure My Husband’s Wellbeing!

"I still wear sindoor," says Dipanjana Gupta, "But now because I know it makes me look beautiful, and no longer out of fear for my husband's wellbeing!"

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Why The Story Behind The Manabasa Gurubar Festival Could Be India’s First Feminist Text
Manabasa Gurubar

We need to look beyond the obvious in the rituals of our festivals, that can reveal hidden feminist meanings that question traditional beliefs. Like the Manabasa Gurubar festival taught me.

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Leading Holistically: What It Means And Why It’s So Critical For Women

A McKinsey study reveals that while women hold high aspiration of professional growth for themselves, only 58% actually believe they will get there. Contrast this to the 76% men who believe they will make it to the top. There is a wide gap between our self-belief and our desire for excellence and achievement.

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