Read our prestigious winners at the 10th Laadli Media Awards, on India’s Low Divorce Rate and The Sexual Violence of Flashing.
idea of freedom
Is Our Idea Of Freedom Still Limited By Male Approval; Pandering To The Male Gaze?

True freedom will be achieved when we will be in actual control of our lives with no pressure to conform to the wants of the world.

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My Response To ‘Feminists Should Focus On Real Issues’ About Problems Faced By Women
problems faced by women

Only calling out everyday sexism can tackle 'real' problems faced by women, so those who want feminists to stop 'nitpicking', please listen.

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Legalising Abortion Will Empower Women And Give Them The Bodily Autonomy They Deserve!

Whether a woman wants to carry a foetus or not, is her choice. Making abortion illegal only takes away that right from her!

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It Was As If Marriage Changed Me From Dad’s Princess To The In-Laws’ Personal Maid

Tiny things like having a son/ daughter/ wife of option in offical forms is moulding mindsets to consider a man the most important.

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It’s Not ‘Culture’ Telling Women To Stop Wearing Shorts, It’s Patriarchy!

Were you also asked not to wear shorts at home because there were men around? Did you wonder why you had to do so? I may have answers!

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Farah Khan Pens Down A Heart Warming Letter To All Mothers, On Having Kids At 43

In an open letter to all mothers, Farah Khan spoke of her decision to have kids at 43 and what she thinks of Sony's Story 9 Months Ki.

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