Actor Mini Mathur Has Some Advice For Men Who Freely Post ‘Expert Comments’ On Women’s Bodies

Men feel entitled to comment on the looks of women, even women they don’t know – like this man did on Mini Mathur - and that is not something that can simply be ignored.

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A Knight In Shining Armour..Really?

Our society reeks of sexism and it is seen in all spheres of life, be it songs or the good old fairy tales. It is time we rewrite them.

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Her Perfect, Hot, Round Rotis Were A Sign Of My Grandmother’s Bowing To Patriarchy

My paternal grandmother was an empowered, no-nonsense woman in every sense, but still still bowed to the patriarchal upper hand of my grandfather by quietly making perfect, hot, round rotis for him.

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Have Pity On The Men Who Need To Cope With Some Empowered Women I Know!

Everyone speaks of women's empowerment - while I agree that a large section of the population needs to be empowered still, maybe these men need some help too?

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I Hope To See An India Where ‘Daughter’s Wedding Expenses’ Aren’t A Worry For Parents!  

Indian weddings can be a fun celebration, but the entitlement shown by the men's side, the outdated, patriarchal customs, and the over-the-top spending really needs to go. 

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The Latest Photo of Miss India Contestants Screams ‘Xerox Copy’. Inclusivity, What’s That?

A recent photo of Femina Miss India 2019 pageant finalists makes us wonder why all contestants must fit a particular template to be called 'beautiful'. 

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