Sona Mohapatra’s Response to Anu Malik’s Playing The “Victim Card” Is A Masterclass On Dealing With Gas-lighters

Casting himself as a victim, Anu Malik responded to the Me Too allegations with an open letter. However, Sona Mohapatra took him apart in a crisp and hard-hitting reply

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Fantasies Of A 40-year-old Aunty, Who Owns That Title!

The "Aunty" moniker may have ticked off Actor Swara Bhasker recently, but if you imagine that Aunties are a boring lot, you need to do a big rethink.

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Believe In Yourself, You’re Your Own Strength – What A Mental Health Seminar Taught Me

The author attended a mental health seminar that made her introspect about the people in her life. Here are the people who just might be toxic for you!

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Girls Not Welcome At Veterinary College: Our Harrowing Experience

Veterinary college wasn’t a comfortable place for girls. Not because of anything else. It was only because the boys made sure they harassed us.

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For A Country Obsessed With Virginity – A Pill Now To Help You Fake Your Virgin Blood!

Virgin! The relevance of this word is a lot in our society. So much so that now there is a pill to fake blood to prove virginity for that 'first night.'

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The Future Mustn’t Belong To Those Who Bully Women; Our Daughters & Sons Have An Equal Right To Their Dreams!

Every year, close to 20,000 females are killed world-wide in honour killings, 1.5 million in the womb. We are in 2019, shouldn't things be different by now?

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