Would You Intervene If You See Another Man Sexually Harassing A Woman?

Women know exactly how vulnerable we are in public, but whenever we speak about it men seem to believe that the solution is to learn the art of self defence. “Teach your daughter karate so she can defend herself when she is sexually harassed”, they say, quite forgetting that that even being among the best […]

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There Is A Prachi In All Of Us! Why, As A Society, Can’t We Look Beyond Appearance?

UP Boards Topper Prachi Nigam was trolled on social media for her facial hair; our obsession with appearance is harsh on young minds.

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Dear Men, How Does My Staying Single By Choice Become Your Problem?
Why my singleness should not be your problem?

Women today don’t want to be in a partnership that complicates their lives further. They need an equal partner with whom they can figure out life as a team, playing by each other’s strengths.

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Can Your Daughter-In-Law Cook?

Instead of fixating on just cooking skills, people should recognize and appreciate the many other qualities a daughter-in-law brings to the table.

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This Is As Much My House As It’s My Husband’s, And I Run The Show Here!

‘Madam, we want to talk to someone who is in charge here. Like your father-in-law/husband/father etc.’ The lady with the curious eyes takes over.

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Is ‘Superwoman’ A Compliment Or A Patriarchal Expectation?!

How come a man working 9 to 5 "comes home tired" but a woman coming back home after work is expected to do the household chores, manage the children and other stuff too?

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