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Let’s Choose Comfort And Wear The Bra Only If WE Want!

The bra carries the perfect irony- there are tons of rules about it, so many fights about it and yet we’ve got to hide it. 

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Sacrificing For Children Is The Best Route To Becoming A Possessive MIL!

Women, let's refuse the crumbs of power that patriarchy throws at us to keep us chained, and find our identity and power within.

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Stop Glorifying ‘Innocent’ Mothers; They Deserve Lives of Their Own Too!

Mothers that sacrifice their all for their family's well-being are "innocent". Where as, mothers that have lives, and interests of their own are.. what, exactly? 

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5 Essential Traits To Look For In Your Ideal Gynaecologist!
ideal gynaecologist

The search for an ideal gynaecologist is to create and have a safe space for women where they can freely articulate thoughts and concerns about their bodies.

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Let’s Empower Our Homemakers, One Spouse Salary At A Time
spouse salary

A percentage of the employee's salary given as spouse salary can be an important initiative that acknowledges and honours homemakers, and empowers them.

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8 Indian Ideas Of The ‘Perfect Bride’ And Wife That Absolutely Must Be Banned
perfect bride

The idea we have of the 'perfect bride' needs to change. Why should women, and their families, kow-tow to unrealistic ideas of subservience any more?

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