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Farida Rizwan

I am Farida Rizwan, 55, Counselor and Psychotherapist working as Senior Curriculum Developer with Chimple Learning. I am ardent blogger and share my life experiences of surviving breast cancer 3rd stage for 25 years, bringing up my children and finding my own identity after giving it up for marriage. I am passionate educationist who believes in inclusive education and inclusive society for all. My special needs daughter who is 26 years of age, refers to regular people as 'you people' and special people as 'we people'. This was a very painful for me and made me realize the way our society makes special needs people feel separated from regular stream. I want everyone to say 'We People'. I am not feminist but I don't believe a gender should give any person a leverage.

Voice of Farida Rizwan

The Story Of A Daughter Killed And A Son Saved…

If you can read through the article, you will find the patriarchal stink oozing out for almost a decade in her life, which finally culminated in an innocent 3 month old baby being killed by the person who should have protected her.

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Let Me Be Myself!

A beautiful poem about change and evolving!

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How To Identify A Toxic Relationship? Here Are Some Signs!

As a counsellor I have seen for the woman in a toxic relationship, the change is in reverse. The butterfly changes into a caterpillar, such that people who meet them after a big gap will not even recognize them anymore!

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Why I Cannot Allow My Daughter In Law And Son To Live Independently

Rules are not made by elders but made by everyone depending on their needs. Some of these rules make living together easy and comfortable.

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These Recent Incidents Of Toxic Teachers Leave Us Shaken: Are Schools Safe Spaces? #AbBas

17 innocent girls who trusted the school authorities were molested by those whom they trusted to give them a better future.

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‘I am Leaving My Husband As I Cannot Bear A Daughter/Son With Him’ Said No Woman Ever!

Men give weird reasons for divorcing their wives & are are supported. For women, no reason is good enough to walk away from a bad marriage!

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Should We Chisel Down Our Children To Fit Into Our Dreams Instead Of Encouraging Theirs?

I am not sure who is right - those who try to push the children to their limits or those who allow the children to loiter around and find the limits on their own?

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When I Was A Child My Grandmother Told Me A Horror Story, And That Has Changed My Life

I realized how she usually liked to present the wrongs of others to him which bothered me earlier, but now even though it troubled me I knew why she did it.

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My New Daughter In Law Is My Family Member, Not A Caretaker Or Cook!

Recently a relative called me. She asked, “where is your daughter in law?” I said, “she is visiting her dad.” Immediately the question cropped up, “then who is cooking and taking care of you?”

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radical mastectomy
My Story Of Radical Mastectomy For Breast Cancer… How I Said Goodbye To My Breast The Night Before

I had breast cancer as a 29 year old breastfeeding mom, and chose to have a radical mastectomy... my kids needed me. But I spent some time bonding with my breasts the night before. Here's my story.

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special needs
‘My Daughter Is A Young Lady With Special Needs. During Our US Trip She Opened Up, But Is Pushed Into Silence In India’

Apologies to patriotic people, but most of us Indians are not sensitive to special needs people & their emotions. Let's make this world a better place for them!

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IFB diswasher ad
A Dishwasher Is ‘Like A Mother Who Cares For Every Little Detail’?! Seriously, IFB?

Shame on the IFB dishwasher ad for stereotyping mothers! I love my children and do take care of them, but that doesn’t mean I have to be 'dutiful' all the time.

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I’m Thankful To My Bad Marriage & Cancer As They Pushed Me Towards My Freedom! 

I was a topper but married a man who was uneducated. I had to follow his strange rules that restricted my freedom, but when cancer happened, I said enough!

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bladder control
I Was Always Proud Of My Bladder Control, But On This Work Trip I Had To Pray For A Toilet!

I was proud that my bladder was always under my control, but on a work trip where I was the only woman, I had to pray and hope for a toilet!  

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