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Pon Magal Vandhal Jyotika
Jyotika’s Pon Magal Vandhal Asks Hard Questions About How Our Justice System Fails Rape Survivors

Pon Magal Vandhal, a courtroom drama starring Jyotika, takes up the important issue of child sexual abuse and points out that the law needs to evolve to address the needs of survivors. With the threat of COVID looming, theatres are unlikely to open soon. Many movies have thus chosen to release directly on OTT platforms. The […]

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Why The Viral Series Paatal Lok Deserved Better Women Characters, Not Just To ‘Support’ The Men
women of Paatal Lok

Women of Paatal Lok - the noteworthy female characters are more due to the strong performances, rather than because the roles themselves are meaty. In fact, in many places, the show is downright misogynistic.

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Netflix’s Betaal May Be A Little Haywire, But The Women In Betaal Truly Impress

Netflix India's Betaal maybe a horror series, but it deals with a number of social evils - and it is the women who make the best impression!

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Here’s Why Little Women On Prime Is A Must Watch, And The Story Relevant Even 150 Years Later
Little Women on Prime

Greta Gerwig's on-screen Little Women takes themes from the classic book, and adapts them to the lives of modern women so beautifully - a must watch on Prime Video.

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Paatal Lok Attempts To Be Progressive But Disappoints By Falling Back On Toxic Masculinity

Amazon Prime series Pataal Lok, attempts to critique Islamophobia, casteism and other regressive societal aspects but manages to dilute its own stance.

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Why Does TikToker Faizal Siddiqui’s New Video Glorify Acid Attacks As The ‘Punishment Women Deserve’?

Promoting acid attacks and violence against women on TikTok goes on to show our vile thoughts even today. Will this kind of content creation even end?

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