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Manjummel Boys
Manjummel Boys And The World Of Girls

Women are increasingly participating in adventure sports, even though they are still a minority. I wonder if because our regular life is so fraught with danger that we women are just too tired to go around challenging the fates.

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Murder Mubarak Has Ruined Anuja Chauhan’s Book Club You To Death On Which It Is Based

Why they could not hire Anuja Chauhan to work on a script based on her own novel instead of the mess they have served up.

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Malayalam Film Aattam Deftly Unmasks The Rape Culture Inherent In The Average Modern Man

Aattam has 12 men judging and deciding if a woman assaulted by one of them was 'asking for it' - almost like a jury of 12. Who gave you the right?

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Tamil Film Lover Is The Story Of A Woman Trapped In A Toxic Relationship…

A possessive, controlling man who has multiple insecurities and anger issues can be a recipe for a disastrous and toxic relationship.

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Laapata Ladies Is A Powerful Story Of Lost People Finding Themselves

The pursuit of true happiness and owning your true identity - things that probably are most important for humans. Laapataa Ladies has it all.

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Kiran Rao’s Latest Film Laapataa Ladies Is A Must Watch Gem In Theatres Now
Laapataa Ladies

14 years after her last feature film Dhobi Ghat, storyteller extraordinaire comes up with her new film, Laapataa Ladies, a must watch.

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