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Babita Shivdasani Kapoor Is A Relentless Pathfinder!
Babita Shivdasani Kapoor Is A Relentless Pathfinder!

Babita Shivdasani Kapoor didn't let separation and traditional gender expectations stop her from raising her daughters as independent women!

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Is A Black Woman Playing Queen Cleopatra Such A Big Deal?

There’s no reliable evidence about who Cleopatra’s mother was, or what was her lineage. So there’s a good possibility that her mother was an African woman, which could make Queen Cleopatra black.

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Prime Series Dahaad Is Making Its Roar Heard, And Here’s Why It’s A Must Watch!

There's a scene in the series between Anjali Bhatti and her mother, at their home. Anjali is home for a few hours of rest, tired, after nearly 60 hrs of non-stop work on the case.

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Bridgerton 3 Is Out – Why Is It A Guilty Pleasure For So Many Women?!
Bridgerton 3

Though Bridgerton 3 is very much a 21st century production with the strong-willed, feisty women who speak their mind, there is much that is regressive.

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6 Strong Women Characters Of Ponniyin Selvan You Must Know!
women of Ponniyin Selvan

Ponniyin Selvan is the story of the Chola kings, but nothing can really happen without the very strong women who made a huge difference.

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5 Reasons Why Vikash From Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Is Insufferable

Vikash is a man and thus, he must have all his demands met. That, after all, is an “unwritten law” that Sima aunty seems to follow. 

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