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Nazma Aapi Saloni Gaur
If You’re Feeling Low Today, 20 y.o. Saloni Gaur AKA Nazma Aapi Telling Her Story Will Cheer You Up!

Staying home is important during lockdown, but it doesn’t mean you must cut down on entertainment. Not until Saloni Gaur aka Nazma Aapi is around, anyway!

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25 New Hindi Short Films To Binge Watch This Weekend!
Hindi short films

At home under lockdown, bored, but don't have large chunks of free time? Hindi short films to stream is the solution, all from the past one year.

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The Ramayana’s Softer Values Of Love, Bonding, & Selflessness Are Often Conveniently Ignored!
Ramayana series

In the '90s, the Ramayana series brought to the fore our latent Savarna values of honour, and a longing for a Hindu rashtra. I do hope that doesn't happen this time.

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Bhumika Pardeshi In The Netflix Show SHE Is A Brilliant Character Worth Watching

A character I loved recently is Bhumika Pardeshi in the Netflix show SHE. Here's what happened in the first episode - a taste of what might come.

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Badass Bride In Viral Pakistani Song Speaks Up Against ‘Adjusting’ In A Marriage, Says ENOUGH!
viral Pakistani song

Is domestic abuse, both emotional and physical, a default setting in marriages? Viral Pakistani song Dua-e-Reem calls this out in the setting of a Mehndi ceremony, with the bride speaking up for all women.

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8 Strong Women Characters From Bollywood Movies That I Find Inspiring
strong women characters

These 8 strong women characters from Bollywood movies show that women can do anything if they put their minds to it, and don't need to 'take help'.

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