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Letting My Kids Watch TV While I Relax Does NOT Make Me A Bad Mom!

Being a mom is one of the hardest tasks that comes with its own share of gifts and tears. But some times, moms need their me-time too! A mom explains why.

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Akshay Kumar’s Birthday Wish To Son Won Parents’ Hearts. Here’s Why!

Akshay Kumar seems to have won parents' heart with his parenting tip on son Aarav's birthday. Are you on your child's speed dial? Or are they afraid of you?

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I Have Expectations From My Son, Am I Wrong To Expect?
detached parenting

Detached parenting is the new age parenting where parents have no expectations from the kids. Is it the right way to parent? Or are some expectations healthy?

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5 Tips To Handle ‘Bad Behaviour’ In Kids. Hint: It Isn’t What You Think!
bad behaviour

Children are bound to behave in a rude manner as they grow up. Dealing with bad behaviour is not the easiest task, so the author has 5 tips to deal with it.

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8 Signs That Your Constant Comparison Is Affecting Your Children

"Sharma jee ke bacche." Something we all are familiar with. Being compared is basically a part of our DNA. But is it really a good idea to compare children?

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Why My Child And I Learnt To Enjoy His Tantrums!

A child growing up involves a number of things including tantrums. While most parents dislike them, here is one mother learning to enjoy them!

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