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10 Graphic Design Artists On Instagram To Look Up For Inspiration

You will find tons of wonderful graphic designers on Instagram all showcasing their cool design. Here are the 10 WOW graphic designers on Instagram ones of the lot whose Instagram feed would inspire you.

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Although Not A Blockbuster, How ‘Gulaab Gang’ Nailed Some Aspects Of Feminism…

Female representation onscreen about a real-life female empowerment, makes "Gulaab Gang" a must-watch for all. 

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When My Teacher Asked All Jains To Stand Up

A story about one of the most ignorant professors I ever learnt from

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15 Beautiful Happiness Quotes From Ruskin Bond’s ‘A Little Book of Happiness’ To Cure Your Blues!

As I flipped through Ruskin Bond's 'Little Book Of Joy,' I came across some beautiful quotes. Here are 15 of my favourite happiness quotes to make your day!

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Why I Think Colourism Needs To Be Talked About Just As Much As Racism

We are all outraged at the surge in racial bias in the United States. So it is time we Indians self reflect and make some serious changes to OUR preferred mode of skin-tone prejudice: Colorism

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The Damsel in Distress – A Poem About Love And It’s True Essence

She lived in a palace, not alone yet lonely,  he lived on the pavements, all alone but not lonely....

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‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Is A Book About Learning To Live And Demands Its Story To Be Felt

'The Fault In Our Stars' By John Green is a book about the power of love as it survives through the biggest tragedies, including death.

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Society’s Everlasting Obsession With Good Looks, Is There An End To It?

Can you ever leave your house without glancing at least once in the mirror? Why are so obsessed with how we look?

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quotes from romcoms
My List Of 10 Really Deep Quotes From Romcoms That Have Left Their Mark

Romcoms do deal with the deepest of human emotions, so thought-provoking quotes from romcoms are not a rarity. These are my favourites. What about you?

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