14 Positive Quotes From ‘We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope’ That Are Full Of Optimism For The Future Of Our World

As the name suggests, ‘We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope’ consists of voices of women of Afghanistan. By reading the stories, one can learn that with efforts, courage and determination even the toughest of struggles can be fought. It’s inspiring to read about transformation being brought about by Afghanistan’s brave women. The issues mentioned in the book are faced by several many in other parts of the world as well making the book more relevant.

  1. The sacrifices have been many, and so has the generosity.
  2. Despite the challenges that remain, we should not lose sight of how much has been given, how much has been accomplished, and how much has changed for the better.
  3. Decades of research shows that women reinvest 90 percent of their income in three key areas: educating their children, accessing healthcare for their family, and growing their local economy.
  4. We can’t just teach students subjects, we also need to help them learn values and basic humanity.
  5. Things can only change if people will teach their children differently.
  6. We need more activists. We need more awareness.
  7. I have the option to be optimistic or pessimistic and my choice is to be optimistic.
  8. If you have education, you can start over.
  9. For me to see girls in our valley sitting in front of computers is equal to women walking on Mars.
  10. A determined struggle always has the chance of victory.
  11. We have to find new ways to be change makers and to bring change to our society.
  12. And we have to stop the brain drain of our educated people so that we can be stronger and have a better economy.
  13. And I realized how much we need to actually understand our own society, rather than just accepting what everyone else tells us about our society.
  14. Women, due to their nature, are not as easily corrupted in government and can govern with more integrity.

We can all, thereby, learn that one shouldn’t impose unfairly, immorally and without consideration. We can also understand that it’s absolutely wrong for anyone to claim a say in matters that they do not have a right over and spaces that don’t belong to them. At the end of the day, you can use force to get people to attend your social event or gathering but neither love nor true respect can be attained by forceful means. While the book is intriguing, it is also a reminder of how much work is still required and necessary to be done as far as women’s progress for equality is concerned.

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