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9 Reasons Why Early Motherhood Was A Nightmare, Even Though I Love My Baby!

As a new mother, only my mom was my support, no-one else. Even my feelings were invalidated, almost making me invisible as a person. 

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And I Realised How A ‘Working Mom’ Tag Affects School Admission Of Your Kid!

This working mother who is unashamedly ambitious recently came across shaming for it from the teachers of the school she was seeking admission from, for her 5 year old.

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I’ll Always Be Your Mom, My Baby, Though We Lost You In 9th Week Of Pregnancy…

Losing a baby in early pregnancy might be common, but the loss can be devastating to the parents-to-be, as this emotionally harrowing personal account narrates.

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As A Woman Living With Infertility, Life Has Been An Emotional Rollercoaster Everyday
woman living with infertility

The silence on the pain felt by women living with infertility is deafening, in a society so focused on women getting married and having babies. 

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What The #10YearsChallenge Made Me Understand About Myself

The #10YearsChallenge notwithstanding, how is it possible for anyone to have not changed much over 10 years? A decade is a long time, and things certainly change!

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माँ मेरी, मेरा अभिमान है तू – मेरी रुह का आकर है तू

"नाज़-नज़र और रक्षा-कवच, तेरी तरह बस बन जाती माँ" - एक बेटी द्वारा अपनी माँ को समर्पित, जिसकी समता वह ख़ुद माँ बनने के बाद ही समझ पाई।   

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