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Dear Daughter, I Have A Dream Of Adopting You Someday

In a letter that she has written to a daughter she would love to adopt some day, Kasturi Patra tells her to be herself, not trying to 'please others' as a girl is expected to. "Don't let anyone tell you what to do," she says.

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I Promised My Daughter Complete Acceptance On The Day She Was Born, Just As She Is

You will always be able to count on me, Maitabi Banerjee promised her newborn daughter, thinking about all the things a girl child in India has to face.

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Dear Future Daughter, Never Let Anyone Push You; The Choice Always Has To Be Yours

You're already loved, says Vijayalakshmi Harish to her future daughter, speaking of all that she wants for her, as a mother, and as a woman.

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I Hit My Son For The 1st Time Yesterday; I’m Unable To Forgive Myself. Has It Happened To You?

Despite being a loving mom, this author hit her son, for the 1st time, as a reaction. She ponders on why she did it, and brings us some valuable points to think about.

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10 Things That We Think Have Made Our Kids Enjoy All Vegetables. What About You?
how to make kids eat vegetables

If you have been wondering about how to make kids eat vegetables, this is for you. This dad thinks that any or all of these things could have worked for their daughters.

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I Gave Up The Baby I Had Carried For 9 Months, As I Had No Alternative!

The author writes about the emotions a surrogate mother goes through, carrying a baby not her own, yet tied to it by the umbilical cord, and having to give it up, even if she gains financially.

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