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Will We Go Back To Normal After The Lock Down… Or Ever?

The lockdown may be over soon and our lives may seem to go back to normal. But will they really be normal? Will we ever forget the effects of the pandemic?

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When My Daughter Wished For A Time Machine To Go Back And Reverse The Pandemic!

My country is locked down now. A whole effing one point three billion people. Home. Indoors. Locked and down. What can one mere mother do?

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As A Single Mom Under Lockdown, The Men In My Life Left Me Sorely Disappointed!
single mom in quarantine

And the most satisfying thing I did was to tell the men who dared to remotely instruct me on how to live in this new world of quarantine, to shove their fake concern up where the sun doesn’t shine.

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Why I Think This Lockdown Is A Blessing In Disguise For Me And My Family!

As the entire nation is under a strict lockdown, there are certain good things coming out of it too. Here's a story of positivity during social distancing.

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It’s Ok To Have A Good Cry & 9 Other Tips For Moms To Stay Sane During Social Isolation

There’s nothing normal about isolation, so let’s stop pretending and start embracing that this is a hard phase and it’s ok to be upset. Read through for some sanity

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As My Daughter And I Swung On The Swings, I Learnt The Importance Of Living In The Moment!

That day, watching my daughter I felt a strong urge to relive the moments that I had felt in my childhood. So I sat on the swing next to her. 

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Strength amidst lockdown