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Stories From Moms
Here Are 5 Things You Should Not Say Or Ask A New Mother!

New moms often have to tackle ample questions which invades their privacy. Here are some questions that shouldn't be asked!

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Motherhood, I Feel Is An Exam Where The Paper Is Different For Every Individual….

Motherhood has made me realize how difficult it is to raise a child. We try to bring up the child as an extension of our selves, and forget that the child is an individual.

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Things The World Wanted Me To Be And Things I Chose To Become Instead…

Both men and women are all born with a prescription, handed over to us much before we even know if that’s what we want to do... 

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I’m Proud Of My Decision To Have One Child. Yes, You Heard Me Right

Where is it written that a family is complete only when you have two children or rather, only when you have children?

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Should We Chisel Down Our Children To Fit Into Our Dreams Instead Of Encouraging Theirs?

I am not sure who is right - those who try to push the children to their limits or those who allow the children to loiter around and find the limits on their own?

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10 Truths About Periods I Want To Tell You, My Daughter

In this open letter to her daughter, a mother normalises talking around menstruation, and destigmatises the stereotypes about it.

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