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As A ‘Perfectionist’ Mom It Was Hard, But I Finally Learnt To Let It Go…

Motherhood does not come easy. Often our insecurities make us take up this role a tad more seriously than required. But, it is best at times to just let go. 

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Teach Boys How To Treat Their Wives By Having Our Men Share Domestic Responsibilities!

Being the mom is equated with being an epitome of sacrifice in Indian society. But is that the right thing to do? Are we not doing ourselves and our family a disservice?

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Dear Daughter, You Don’t Have To Lower Your Standards To ‘Fit Into’ A Patriarchal Society

Even in educated, more aware circles, there is a lack of gender equality, which could make kids raised by feminist, 'woke' parents a misfit in society. But does it need to be so?

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Entries From The Diary Of A Mother Who Lost Her Baby At 8 Weeks’ Pregnancy

A young woman writes down her feelings since she comes to know she is pregnant - the hopes and dreams that are lost when she loses the baby at 8 weeks' pregnancy.

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My Child’s Imperfections Are Not My Fault; I Plead “Not Guilty!”

Parenting is a shared responsibility then why blame the mother all the time for eveything that the child cannot do? Is it fair?

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6 Indian Mom YouTubers You Must Follow For Parenting Tips And So Much More!
Indian mom YouTubers

These 6 Indian Mom Youtubers are your answer to all parenting questions along with much else - do go check their channels.

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