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Stories From Moms
Mom, Be My Strength, Not My Weakness!

I was so engrossed in looking after my daughter, being both a mom and dad for her, that I myself no longer existed...

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I Still Crave For My Mother’s Mothering Even Though It Sometimes Annoys Me
A daughter lovingly embracing her mother from behind.

My Maa still knows what's best for me though now I'm a mother! Her empathy, nurturing, care, and discipline sustains me and shows me the way.

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I Was Traumatised And Shamed To Breastfeed, Even When I Couldn’t

Forcing new mothers to breastfeed when they can't, adds to their trauma. I was shamed and forced to breastfeed after a painful C-section.

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I’m Applauding My Daughter Standing Tall Against Bullying Because She Learnt It Early!

I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry if you know me – I love dramas. And the best way for a drama to be executed is when it builds a point.

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What A Mother Really Wants, More Than The Mother’s Day Gifts And Wishes…!

Take the effort to really understand your mother, like they take the effort for you. Buy or do for mothers things that they crave or need, without them having to actually ask, sometimes, at least!

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How We Devalue A Woman Who ‘Put Her Career On Hold Over A Husband And Children’

If homemaking is not career enough, then the question that needs asking is why do we only value those things that can be monetarily quantified, and which women were deliberately kept out of for centuries?

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