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Mohini Dave

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How Can Our Daughter Have Such An Ambition? What Would People Say?

There was something soothing in the way the water and soap would clean the spoons, pans and pots. The clean, shiny vessels would give her a sense of achievement. It was very difficult to explain this to her parents.

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Where Is MY Home, Where I Can Live According To My Rules?

“Don’t stop me now. I have finally found my home. And it is near your house. You can come and meet me any time you like and I can visit you anytime you want."

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Cooking Chaos In The Kitchen As Our Daughters Decide To Be Atmanirbhar And Feed Us

We've been having some cooking chaos during this COVID-19 crisis, as our daughters take over the kitchen with a certain - ahem - attitude!

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How I Finally Managed To Cry At My Daughter’s Wedding

The bride will get 5 minutes to cry. A makeup assistant will be ready to repair the makeup after which the bridal couple will sit in the designated car and leave.

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Blood Donation

In today's times there is dear and misconception regarding blood donation which should be removed. Donating blood is a noble deed which can help the needy.

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35 Questions Every Strong Independent Woman Needs To Have Answers For!

Here, she was, feeling all superior to all the others when she didn't even know the simplest of things. She felt like she was pushed down a cliff and was lost!

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How I Persuaded My Daughter To Marry… But Have I?

I was preparing for anything. She just looked at me and asked "Why? Tell me, why do all mothers feel that their daughters should marry?"

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