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Social Issues
Custodial Deaths In India Are Not About Some ‘Bad Cops’ But A Rotten System

Custodial deaths in India are not an aberration, but the outcome of a system that believes it's okay to use violence as a tool for 'results'.

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Why Are Most Indians And Indian Laws Still So Confused About Marital Rapes?

Once married, men think they don't need to ask consent from their wives to have sex. Why are we still so confused about women's rights over their bodies?

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Is Lockdown The Real Culprit Or Is Violence Against A Wife Or Kids Just So ‘Normal’?
domestic violence during lockdown

Violence cases in families have risen since the lockdown came into effect, with the survivors stuck with their abusers in homes. Why?

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Why An Indian Son-In-Law Gets A Feast Fit For The Gods

You must beg, borrow or crawl, but remember to treat your son-in-law well. So goes the rule in most Indian families.

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Why Are Marriages A Necessity For Indian Women, Instead Of A Choice?

A woman may be at the pinnacle of success. But if she is unmarried, she is still 'not settled' according to the society. Why can't marriages be an option?

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Why Do We Ask Daughters To Be Tolerant And Let Our Sons Do As They Please?
expectations from daughters

Enough of taking women for granted especially in a marriage where men feel they can get away with any kind of behaviour. Time for this to change.

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