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Social Issues
Why Are Indian Ads Still Stuck To An Outdated Definition Of Family?

When the Indian family is becoming more diverse than ever before, why do ads still stick to the same old stereotypes of who makes a family?

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Oh, Tarnation! Or Why We Need More Gender Neutral Swear Words

When did we progress from using body parts as generic swear words to use them to single out and demean women, specific castes, or anyone who is not 'manly' enough?

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I Need To Rest Without Feeling Guilty About It!
women should rest

We are not "wasting" time if we are relaxing and watching a show, going to the parlour, meeting friends or simply catching up on sleep!

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Whose Fault Is It When A Married Man Has An Affair?

When it comes to a relationship considered illicit by society, in most cases, the blame and shame are thrown at the woman alone. 

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I Long To Walk Around In The Cool Night, But This Is No City For Womxn After Dark…

The night, the roads and the shining moon belonged to someone else. Every space in the night belonged to the Male Gender.

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Why Does A Married Woman HAVE To ‘Look Married’?

A married woman has to wear a sari, sindoor, mangalsutra, bangles, anklets, and so much more. What do these ornaments have to do with my love, respect, and commitment to my husband?

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