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74 year old mom
74 y.o. Mom AND The Dad Of Twin Girls In ICU – What About The Babies If Something Happens?

A 74 year old woman recently had twin girls after a successful IVF. How ethical, is it, however, for parents this old to try for a baby? What about the babies' human rights?

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10 Tips On How To Deal With Rude, Obnoxious People.

Tired of dealing with rude people who are constantly yelling or being obnoxious? Here are ten ways to deal with rude people and kill them with kindness!

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Aiming For A Plastic-Free Period: My Tryst With The Menstrual Cup
menstrual cup

Sanitary pads cause rashes, and leak! Why not try menstrual cups for a smoother experience, and save the planet while you're at it?

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Are Humiliating Punishments That Break The Self-Esteem Of Kids, Needed In Schools?

Teachers shape our lives in school and are the people who make us who we are. But what happens when a teacher takes pleasure in punishments and humiliation of the students?

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Do We Care Enough For Our Elderly To Ensure They’re A Part Of Our Daily Life, And Vice-Versa?

The (unfortunate) death of my elderly neighbour made me realise how important it is to be responsible about those we live with in society.

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Surviving Attempted Suicide: I’m Taking It One Day At A Time

According to the WHO, every year, approximately, a million people die through suicide. Here's a story of a happier life lived despite attempted suicide.

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