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If The Goddess Can Come Home Every Year, Then Why Can’t A Married Woman?

Every daughter, no matter how old, yearns to come home to her parents' place - ‘Home’ to us is where we were brought up with great care till marriage served us an eviction notice.

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It Is High Time We Took The Onus Of Questioning These Stereotypes
It is high time we took the onus of questioning these stereotypes

What will it take for us to recognise these stereotypes for what they are, and change the dynamics towards a more evolved existence?

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Trolls Who Target Off-Screen Lives Of Actresses, Please Focus On Better Issues!

In a bid to show empowered women, the writers create a terrible scenario. Why does a woman need to wear saree, be naïve and pure white to be the ideal woman? You can be a strong woman in your PJs!

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How I Celebrated A Stress-Free Diwali and Felt Better
Stress-free diwali celebration

From virtual detox to outsourcing chores, a liberated celebration focuses on well-being and meaningful connections.

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Big Differences In Who Gets And Gives Organs in India
organ donation

Dive into the stark gender gap in Indian organ transplants, revealing societal norms and challenges faced by women as donors.

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Parents: A Divorced Daughter Is Better Than A Dead Daughter!
Why This Baraat Needs to be The New Norm

Recently, the news of a very different kind of baraat made its way to the newspapers. Social media was awash with pics of this very unique procession and accolades in handfuls were ladled out to this father who can easily be dubbed the Father of the Year. Who is he and what exactly did he […]

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