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Social Issues
A Letter To Our Sisters In Afghanistan… With Hope, From An Indian Woman

They would want to silence you, crush you and 'teach' you. But stay strong... because women like you are HOPE.

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The Day I Learnt That Being A Boy Was More Valuable

I learnt that being a girl, or in this case, having a girl doll was a drawback in the long run, as a 'wedding' meant I lost the doll to the boy doll's owner.

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When I Realised That Most Women In A Patriarchy Are Like Bonsai Trees; Stunted And Just Decorative…

Despite all the hard work, care, skill, patience and monetary value, bonsai trees were just miniature versions of what they could have been. Like women stunted by patriarchal control.

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Dear Husband, Should You Get A Trophy For ‘Allowing’ Me To Live My Life?

I always encourage you and support you. You often keep saying that so many of your friends face restrictions from their in-laws and husbands but I always allow you to do what your heart pleases.

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Ooh Aah Ouch…An NGO Put Men On A Machine To Make Them Experience Period Pains. Here Are Their Reactions!
men experience period pains

What happens when men get to experience period pain? When an NGO set up this experiment, the reactions of men ranged from hilarious to thought-provoking!

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Virginia Woolf Said, ‘Damn The Patriarchy, Find Your Own Way And Your Own Voice In Life!’
Virginia Woolf

"Do NOT take your privilege for granted," says Virginia Woolf, telling us that we must, as women, steal some time from our daily drudgery and nurture our talent and passion.

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