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Social Issues
9 Rubbish Patriarchal Ideas That We Consider ‘Normal’ And Must Abolish

There are completely illogical things we believe in, just because a patriarchal society told us it was so, right from when we were born. 

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Generations Of DILs In My Family Went Hungry As A ‘Woman Can’t Be Fat And Must Eat Less’

It was a matter of shame for a woman to eat publicly or be fanned while she ate. Women ate the leftovers, with no question of a second helping.

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Wife Or Mother… Is This The Only Identity Of A Married Woman?!

The practice of ignoring a married woman's first name and address her only in relation to her husband, kids, or family name says a lot about what we think of her identity.

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5 Ways Girls Are Groomed To Accept Disrespect From Men
accept disrespect

As soon as a girl is born, society begins its 'sacred' project of raising her to be 'in service' of the men in her life. And how else but by teaching her to accept disrespect?

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4 Ways To Find Mental Well-Being As Loved Ones In India Face The COVID Crisis

It's hard to be positive as every day brings news of family and friends in the 2nd wave of COVID in India, but we need to take care of our mental health to ride this out.

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The Real, Ugly Reason For The Cultural Requirement Of A (Sometimes Much) Younger Wife
younger woman

The roots of male pedophilia run deep in our culture, are sanctioned and normalized by it; a 'couple' needs to be an older man and a younger woman as wife.

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