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Does The Responsibility Of Parents Finish Once Their Daughter Is ‘Married Off’?

Why is a woman always shamed for having her parents' support post marriage? She will always remain their daughter, whom they have brought up with care.

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Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Hurt Too – How To Deal With Bullying At School

Being called names in school by anyone is one of the worst things to happen to anyone. This No Name-calling Week, spread some happiness instead!

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3 Politicians Speak Of ‘Vicious & Deeply Personal Attacks’ From Trolls Just Because They Are Women
women politicians trolled

3 politicians share the distress of vicious and deeply personal attacks from trolls just because they are women, and of course, 'women should be silenced'!

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With Exam Season At Its Peak, Here’s What Can Be Done To Keep Teachers From Feeling Burnt Out

With exams right on top our heads, it's not just the parents and students who're stressed but teachers too! Here's what can be done to relieve them.

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5 Tips If You Are Addicted To Social Media (Or Your Parents Think So!)

In a world that runs on mobile phones and social media, it gets very easy to lose yourself in there. Here are five tips to get over excessive social media usage.

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Celebrating Life In Pink, Students Of Bangalore’s Mount Carmel College Donate Hair For Cancer Patients

At a recent inter-collegiate and inter-school, French Festival, more than 150 students and teachers donated their hair cancer patients. We are loving this inspiring story!

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