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How Male Entitlement Along With Ideas Of ‘Purity’, ‘Modesty’, & ‘Honour’ Causes Rape Culture

Sexual violence against women, rape culture - these are products of a skew in the way girls and boys are brought up in a misogynist society. 

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Indian Streets & Women. Yes, That’s Exactly What I’m Going To Speak About!

We have all experienced some form of sexual offence from men in our lives, more than once. Something so commonplace in our country that it is normalised to become a 'part of life'.

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This Image Of A Young Sudanese Woman Gone Viral; How Can Indians Help In Their Human Rights Crisis?
Sudan woman image

The women in Sudan are becoming the new ray of hope. One image of young Sudanese woman is going viral and asking the world to pay attention to.

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Vashi School Official Rude, Refuses Admission To Child Because “Can’t Handle Single Parents!” Huh?!
single parent refused admission

A single mom was recently refused admission for her child at a private school, because "we can't handle single parents", said in a very rude manner. This is ridiculous, to say the least.

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UP Bar Council Chief Darvesh Singh Yadav’s Murder Points At The Sorry State Of Safety For Women

The tragic murder of UP Bar Council Chief Darvesh Singh Yadav points the lack of safety for any woman - including successful women who are often at risk of male insecurity.

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Gokul Sreedhar’s Post Celebrating His Mom’s Remarriage Is A Slap To The Stigma Around Older Women Remarrying

Gokul Sreedhar’s Facebook post celebrating his mother’s second marriage is a slap to society’s taboo against older women looking for love.

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