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On The Death Of George Floyd, I Remembered The Racist In Me

George Floyd's death in Minneapolis made me reflect upon my own biases as an Indian in the US. And now, I am unlearning my biases and learning acceptance.

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Get The Step-By-Step Recipe To Making A Hearty Dish Of Patriarchy!

To make patriarchy, you don't need much- just a woman, a man and a marriage. And for the rest, do follow the recipe to patriarchy right here! 

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Wishing For A Forwards Free Zone While Living In The Times Of COVID & WhatsApp?
no forwards

Let's not make our days of social distancing even more mechanical by sharing only forwards on WhatsApp. Let's share our real life and real conversations.

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Anushka Sharma Trolled For Not Having Baby After Hardik Pandya Announces Fiancee’s Pregnancy

Hardik Pandya is expecting first child with fiancee Natasha Stankovic. But Twitter is concerned about Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma not yet being parents!

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Kabir Singh Wannabe Blackmails Women Using Nudes, But It’s Their Fault?

Inspired by Kabir Singh, Delhi man posed as surgeon and extorted money from women after threatening to release their nudes. Why do women still fear this?

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Teaching Sex Education And Self-Esteem In School Will Help Destroy The Toxic Culture We Live In!

Our teacher skipped the word 'kiss' in one of the lines of a poem, as we strained to hear if she actually whispered the word or skipped it completely!

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