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Debunking The 5 Common Myths About Geriatric Mental Health

People treat growing old as something to be ashamed of. There are also a number of myths related to their mental health. Here are five myths debunked 

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Not A Country For Women – What Are We, Humans Or Mere Objects?

In a country that sent a rover to Mars, we still hear cases of sexual assault against women on a daily basis. Isn't it time we treated women like humans and not objects?

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‘Although’ Your Skin Colour Is Dark, You Have Beautiful Features…

From a very young age, a number of us are shamed and discriminated about the colour of our skin. Why is fair always lovey, wonders the writer!

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Dear Child Of A Narcissistic Parent, You Are Wonderful – Despite Everything You Were Told

While parents are meant to be a child's source of comfort, the children of narcissistic parents grow up feeling worthless, unloved and guilty without any reason.

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Cab Cab Ki Kahaani – Because The Roads Don’t Belong To Your Father!

Have you ever had a cab driver drive so rashly that you wanted to slap him in the face? Or yell at him? The writer goes through the same. Read to know what she did!

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From Being A Propah Lady To Shaving Off Stereotypes – 4 Ad Campaigns That Broke Clichés!

In the age where women are constantly judged and shamed, these four ad campaigns are a ray of hope From Gillette to Puma, these ads definitely make you sit up and think.

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