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Men, Chip In With The Household Chores Instead Of Just Saying ‘You Should’ve Asked’!

Why should women always bear the 'mental load' of planning and dealing with and doing household chores? Men, it's your home too. Take some over.

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‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ But Where Do You Go When Home Is Not Safe?

The famous lockdown motto is ‘Stay home, stay safe’ but for a lot women and young girls staying home is not always safe.

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8 Warning Signs That You Are Stressed At Work And Need To Take A Break

Stress at work is inevitable, however, when it gets too much, it becomes problematic. Here are 8 signs that you are stressed at work and need a breather.

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How The Pecking Order Of Social Privilege In India Is Exposed By The Coming Of Coronavirus

This lockdown isn’t easy for me because of the restrictions in my movements but it’s even less easy for my house help. But here’s what I know I can do for sure, whenever I get the mic, I can pass it on to her.

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If The Coronavirus Lockdown Has You Living In Reverse, Why Not Try And Change Gears?

Yes, the coronavirus has the world is in a crisis. But I believe, this could also be time for us to tick items off our bucket list and live life while we can.

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Want To Create Your Own Lockdown Diaries? Join This Chronicle Of The Covid-19 World

Journal writing has been long recommended by mental health professionals as one of the key pillars of self-care. Here's an initiative that chronicles the Covid-19 world.

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