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violence in birth families
The Hidden Domestic Violence – By Fathers And Brothers, That We Need To Speak Of

Women's birth families are no different from marital families when it comes to being violent towards its women - violence by fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers... is common enough!

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Adieu 2018! The Year Of Change With An Unstoppable #MeToo Movement?

2018 was an important year for women across continents, as we decided to raise our voices together against oppression and harassment. The #MeToo movement which originated in USA swept across India and started the cycle of much needed change.

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और हाँ, मैं मायके के कौले ठंडे करके नहीं आई

ससुराल में कदम रखते ही सास ने कहा,"बहु बनके चलो घर मैं", तब एहसास हुआ ज़िन्दगी पलट गई। अब बेटी का प्यार नहीं, बहु के नियम निभाने थे।

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Are Modern Women Reliving Draupadi’s Suffering? Shilpa Shetty’s New Radio Show Makes Us Think
Shilpa Shetty Draupadi

Shilpa Shetty presents a new radio show on the Mahabharat, speaking in the voice of Draupadi. Here's a look at how the modern woman still has the same woes.

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A Nikaah At 20, Talaq Within A Year, Life Hasn’t Been Easy Even As A Working Woman

I was married at 20, and divorced within a year. Since then, I have been facing society's tainted way of looking at divorced women. When will this change?

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We Glorify A Patriarchal Manusmriti But Ignore Ancient Texts About Growing Old & Dying Gracefully

India has a rich tradition of talking about and dealing with growing old and death, but we do not think of these, while perpetuating patriarchy that discriminates against half the population.

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