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The Conversation; The IFs And The BUTs

"It’s like everything you do is a burden, like some task you have to complete. You don’t do anything out of your free will, rather everything becomes a duty."

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मुझे देश की माटी से प्यार है-मेरी आन है, मेरी शान है, मेरा देश मेरी जान है। 

दुश्मनों ना आना पास, क्या तुम्हें मौत का इंतज़ार है, कस कर कमर को खड़े हैं वो, सरहद पर सब तैयार हैं। %

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The Monk Who Bought Back His Soul

They say you remember your first kill, that you cannot forget the sight of your own face reflected in the eyes of your prey.

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When Breath Becomes A Friend

“I have been with you for lifetimes. I am your friend, always waiting for you. Will you pause a while and smell the wild flowers with me?"

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That Circle Of Trust

Domestic abuse sounds like something that always happens to someone else, not to ourselves. I could not accept that an educated woman like me was being subjected to it. I was ashamed.

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The Seductress And The Princess

Then she grew older, her boyfriend in college constantly chastised her. Asked her to stop talking to other guys. To pull up her top. To not bend. To hush. Every guy she ever spoke to was a victim of her uncontrollable desire.

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