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Short Stories & Poetry
The Untamed Shrew, I Refuse To Be A Good Indian Woman

For a long time I have kept my rage in check in return for peace. This was a mistake, as I now realise - I'm speaking up now.

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When Irresponsible Parents Let Drunk Juveniles Drive
juveniles driving

The inebriated juveniles driving that car are majors now, migrated to different parts of the world to make their lives. This accident, which ruined my life was merely a blip for them.

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And Then She Rose Up Against The Abuse, Silent No More

She was beaten, battered, abused. Since childhood. But they had not accounted for her ability to rise above that. 

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Self-Pity, Suicidal, Despairing… But I Was Not Like My Mother, Was I?

Depression. Sometimes it might be genetic and runs in families, and unavoidable. But can we help ourselves deal with it?

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Why Do I Have To Use This Wad Of Cloth, Maa? Why Can’t I Have Pads?
period poverty

A pad and a bra change the equation of your life and you wonder if growing up is such a big embarrassment, a sinuous trail beyond your capacity to traverse, a virus that gnaws at your childhood.

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After Hearing Malati’s Story, Tarana Realised She Was The Only One Who Could Bring The Change She Desired

Over time I realised being demure and soft-spoken would not help. I started being assertive, I would fight back and refuse to take nonsense.

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