Short Stories & Poetry
Maybe She Could Reclaim That Splash Of Colour For Herself, After All!

If she had seen this splash of colour on an encounter with a total stranger, what could she experience if she tried a little bit harder?

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I Didn’t Have The Easiest Life Growing Up, But It Taught Me A Very Important Lesson

Life has been challenging. But it has also taught me important lessons that added substance to my life. It shaped me into the person I am today. 

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What If Men Gave Birth; Would Women Get Better Lives?

Let your mind float away on a wave of imagination - can you dream of a better life for women? Something different to our worlds?

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Although She Is No More, My Grandma’s Legacy Lives On…

Time with our grandparents, with the stories they tell us, have so much more of an effect on our lives than we realise. A grandma's legacy always lives on.

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My Son May Be Wheelchair Bound But His Determination Matches That Of Arjun’s

The cycle of karma has to be accepted and you are meant for something else my love. Search for new goal and keep your eyes onto it. Just like Arjun did.

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Yes, I Bleed; And It Doesn’t Make Me Impure

As a menstruating woman, I bleed every month. It is biological, powerful, and no matter what society feels, it does not make me shameful or impure.

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