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Short Stories & Poetry
The Idea Of Vengeance: Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationship?
The Idea Of Vengeance: Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationship?

It is natural that the felon feels disheartened by the decision of the jury and the sentence seems unfair and impractical because he has already been dragged to the court and disparaged by the public.

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Only She Knows What She Goes Through Because She Is A Mother…

She is a mother, but she needs to be mothered too....It's hard to always be the rock, when you need support too~

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My Parents Never Loved Me For Myself And Now They Want To Marry Me Off?!

Neglected and bullied in childhood, and now being pressurised to get married as a grown woman, the pain of it all can become too much to take.

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For You; Because You Are My Foreverwali Friend!

Friendship is a chosen relationship, our chosen family, to whom we do not owe an obligation, but can be the closest bond ever.

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Is Sologamy Asexuality’s Answer To Comphet — Happily Ever After

Nisha, my friend, broke up with her boyfriend. She was devastated. While I tried to comfort her, I often wondered about the futility of love and relationships with the opposite sex.

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Really, Mummy-ji! How Can I Do That?!

Sudha called the boys to help her set the table. This was another thing her mother in law didn’t like. Why did she make both boys help out in the kitchen?

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