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Short Stories & Poetry
And The Night Was Fragrant With The Sweet Smell Of Liberty

She is a harbinger of ill luck, they scorned, as Anadi Babu’s dead body was brought in from the police station. A hit-and-run case.

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Bebe’s Tough Life Taught Her Daughter How To Deal With An Abusive Marriage

Stuck in an abusive marriage, a woman finally takes inspiration from her mother's struggles and decides to fight for her rights.

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As She Savoured Her First Day As A Free Woman After The Divorce…

Aaradhna walked into the kitchen. All these years, she made filter coffee on an auto pilot mode, because he liked it. She was more of a tea person; rather a ginger tea person.

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The Blessing Of Beauty Which Turned Out To Be Her Curse For Life

We always think that being beautiful is a blessing, but is it really so? Tanya's beauty turned out to be her biggest curse.

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What It Is To Be A Woman In This Godforsaken Part Of The World

But then, if she had been a girl all the time, she would have never known the other side of life. How different it is, to be a man in our part of the world.

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A Drunken Night, A Fist To The Face And A Lot Of Drama That’s When Karan Met Arjun!

Naina was drunk that night and as Arjun tried to take her home, someone labelled him an assailant and almost got into a fight. But then...

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