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Short Stories & Poetry
An angry woman with thread around her face

This thought-provoking and deeply moving poem explores women's rage and the reasons behind it. Are women justified in expressing their rage?

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Aggrieved, She Presses The Phone To Her Ear, But Hears Only A Dead Silence…

As the bedlam of the morning rush recedes, the hours of wait start to dim, since she last held her child’s mangled body, reduced to a school shooting story that would begin when hers ended forever.

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She Would Never Forget Her Last Message To Him…

The last message is the story of Natasha and how she got a phone call stating the most devastating news of her life.

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She Wanted To Stand Apart In Her Career; Not Stand Alone In Life!

“A woman has to work harder than a man in the same job to prove her worth. Having a career doesn’t make me a bad wife and mother.”

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She Hadn’t Thought That Giving Him A Second Chance For Their Daughter Would Bring Her To This…

But this time she couldn't trust him blindly... just because she was mother to his child didn't mean that he could get in or out of their life as he pleased.

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And Today She Was Going To Get Her Divorce From That Devil Incarnate!

When the family realized that they may have gone overboard this time, she was rushed to a hospital, and they said that she had slipped on the stairs.

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