Short Stories & Poetry
Turn Lost Opportunities Into Life Lessons And Regrets Into Resolutions This New Year

How many other blessings have I had all along and pushed away for years? And how many had I missed out on or was shielding myself from?

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Of Sisters, Long Drives, Digging And Some Tanhaai

The emotional gap between us, which we created over years, was bridged in a few seconds. Why did it take so long for us to laugh together?

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When One Sister Showed How Powerful Sisterhood Can Be!

"And on the other hand she felt guilty: she had been secretly jealous of my good looks. And now, here I was, crushed to nothingness. She had to save her sister"

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Maybe Today Is The Day. Or Maybe, One Day, It Will Just Happen…

Slightly jolted, she finally turns on her side. And she dreams her favourite dream: "What if one day he just... if it happens?" A twisted smile playing on her lips.

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Meeting By Serendipity

He grinned at her impishly, winked and said “I believe in serendipity. I am sure we shall meet again. Return my umbrella then.”

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Girl, Should You Venture Out, Alone In The Dark

With public places being perceived as increasingly unsafe, with sexual harassment making headlines every day, here are some words to pay heed to.

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