During this difficult time of Corona virus outbreak, how can we as women cope better and support each other? Check our special feed and learn more!
Short Stories & Poetry
Can Your Son Cook – What If A Girl’s Dad Asked The Prospective Groom?

Any parent of sons of marriageable age can imagine his agony. After all, who doesn't want to see their children settled and happy, leading a fulfilling family life.

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The Locked Down Woman

Why does nobody realize that women have always been under lockdown, bearing mental, emotional and physical violence to uphold the "culture and traditions" of society?

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7 Tiny Poems On Instagram To Restore Hope In All Of Us!

In these uncertain times, it is hope that keeps us going. And what better way to restore hope in all of us, than tiny poems! Here are 7 poems to give hope.

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On Kanjak Pooja, A Few Of Us Decided To Re-Think How We Celebrate Such Festivals

All of us missed having these girls over for the festival, but was this feeling more for them, or for our rituals which we felt had been incomplete?

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What It Means To Be A Housewife

A Housewife. She is not another woman without a salary. There is much more to her than you can ever see.

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Finding (Unexpected) Love In The Times Of COVID-19

With all domestic help absent in the current times, the poet had to step up to do what she had never been enamoured of, and surprisingly found herself falling in love!

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Strength amidst lockdown