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Short Stories & Poetry
Rima – The Cloud That Became The Thunderstorm And Brought Change

Though a circle of viewers had formed around the scene, nobody stepped forward to help. One of the assaulters lifted his leg to kick the woman.

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I May Not Meet Your ‘Standards’ But I’m Confident And Free

What is 'beauty' and who decides? External beauty may be attained with the mask of makeup, but isn't it more important how I feel inside?

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But Her Eyes Struck Me The Most; They Looked Like They Had Been Through A Long Battle…

Naina’s face was still unlined, un-crinkled and her hair was jet black, short. But her eyes struck me the most. They looked like they had battled long and hard. Us dogs, we are intuitive about such things.

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You Fear Women Like Us Who Voice Our Opinions And Aren’t Afraid Of Owning Our Sexuality

Not to be outdone, the journalist continued. “You have mentioned it’s an erotic genre. And then an ex-lover. Don’t you think your female protagonist is behaving like a whore?”

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IF I Get Time From Everyone’s Needs In The House, I Might Be Able To Do This For Myself…

It's just… too much, some days. Most days. Resulting in me getting nothing done. No work. No stories. There is barely a thought I can keep straight in my head.

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Her Forehead Painted Red, All The New Bride Wanted Was To Receive Love

People say a wife’s duty is to foster her husband’s nest and a husband’s duty is also the same. But do they understand it? Or feel the same?

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