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Short Stories & Poetry
The Game Of Love Is Not About Winning Or Losing… But I Will Move On!

Healing from a relationship can be tough, especially with a lack of closure. However, time is all the closure you need to heal and accept that life is more.

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I Choose To Be Flawed But Unapologetically Myself!

My voice matters to me, my opinions hold my name. I want to be remembered for what I have disobeyed. That I am unapologetically me.

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1986. I Was A 12Yr Old Misfit At School, Completely Invisible For Who I Really Was!

I was stuck. Deeply, utterly stuck in a situation where we rejoined the family as the poor cousins who needed the goodwill of the others to survive.

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Why Is It Always A Mother’s Job?

She cried her frustration out, to find an outlet for all her exhaustion and anxiety. She texted her husband trying to make him understand.

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A One Night Stand

After going through innumerable arranged marriage bride-inspection sessions, Pallavi was tired of waiting for the proverbial knight in shining armour.

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Doctor You’re Here To Give Patients The Best Possible Care, Not To Judge Them!

Maya could see Seema’s discomfort and frustration and couldn’t take it anymore, “Excuse me, Doctor,” she interjected, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk to a patient like that."

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