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Short Stories & Poetry
‘You Belong To Me,’ I Said, Silently, As I Took The Eighth Vow Of Our Marriage

I’m a believer who denies worshipping the lord but listens to a soft voice that guides me. But it wasn't God with me, it was you- listening and guiding.

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An Open Letter To Every MIL Who Made Her DIL Feel Incompetent, Wrong And Basically Unloved

The mere though that I am now your daughter is disturbing. I say this considering any mom could create a fuss and ruin the whole weekend for her child!

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The Extraordinary Past That Made My Mother Who She Is…

My gaze moved to a photo of Biji, my mother, placed on the mantelpiece. How many more mysteries were hidden behind that smile?

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Happiness, And A Mouthful Of Golgappas

She couldn’t for the life of her see the goodness around because she had shut her heart to the bright sun and enveloped herself in a dark veil of despair.

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He Was Constantly Suspicious Of His Wife, Until One Day…

As the frame and glass shattered, a phone beeped loudly. Her phone. It beeped again. He picked it up and checked it, there were a couple messages from Raj.

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Like Her Jackfruit Tree, This Woman Who Gave Birth To Me

I married him only after he promised me he would let me work and he did keep his promise! He ensured I worked in his home and around his routine.

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