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Neena’s Confidante

Neena was the sole caregiver of Amma and though one would think that Amma was dependent on her, Neena felt otherwise.

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Love Alone Was Not Enough When There Was No Respect Anymore In Our Marriage!

The most painful realization for me was not that these societal norms existed, but that our love, in its most crucial moments, bowed to them.

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You Have Shown Me The True Meaning Of Love, Not What I Thought It Was!

Thanks to Bollywood, I was obsessed with the romance portrayed in movies. I thought our story would be one helluva ‘hit’ romantic saga.

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Being My Husband Doesn’t Give You The Right To ALLOW Me To Do Something I Love, Or Not!

She shivered at those words. "It should not take ME the death of my husband, or any other family member, to love myself," she thought.

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So What If I Am 50? I Will Thrive In My New Home Catering Business!

I was adamant and hell-bent to do something on my own, something of my choice. which I had dreamed of for a long. Dreams don't have an expiry date!

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When I Finally Accepted My Anxiety I Could Live Again, Fearless And Free

She didn't have to feel guilty about her feelings of defeat and lack of motivation. There was help available. She only had to seek it out.

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