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Short Stories & Poetry
They’re Not Gone Forever… Some Day, My Words Will Rise Again

While things may be looking brighter now, we know that there will be no going back to pre-covid. Some changes in all of us would be permanent - whether obvious or subtle.

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Who Was At Fault? Mira, Her Husband, Her In-Laws, Or Her Parents?

He knew his wife and daughter were troubling Mira, but he had kept himself out thinking that these were the ladies' problems, and he shouldn't get involved.

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No Single Women Allowed Here; Accommodation For Families Only!

We educate our daughters, make them financially independent, and able to leave abusive marriages. But when they go to rent a home, they face discrimination as single women and considered a liability.

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“Come Back? Where I Was Treated Like Dirt For A Medical Condition I Can’t Control?!”

“So, what do you suggest I tell Ma? That she give up all hopes of having grandchildren? That you had failed to take care of yourself and insisted on going to work daily, and now we all have to bear the consequences?”

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When The Husband Wanted To Invest In An ‘India’s Porn Stars’ Venture!

“What are you thinking about? Any inputs? At least tell me what you think about my idea. I am very excited; I think we are going to hit the jackpot."

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It Had Been A Year Since Her Divorce But She Still Couldn’t Get His Voice Out Of Her Head…

A decade of love doesn’t just evaporate. It leaves traces. In her mind. In her body’s unconscious habits. The position she slept in. The way she stretched when she woke up.

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