Short Stories & Poetry
Those Schoolgirl Days Of Telling Tales, And Sweet And Sour Memories…

One of those stunts had led to them being late to school, and the four of them – her sister, their two friends and she – had been made to kneel outside the principal’s office with their hands raised for two hours straight.

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If You Know My Name

They chanced to sit together and spent the next hour conversing like there was no tomorrow. He had never felt the same way talking to anyone else in school or at home.

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She Had Finally Found Her Answers Too

He didn’t answer any of her questions. Anger soon took over the love that Namita had for him. She said yes to the first proposal her parents brought to her and got married.

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Do Women Never Have The Right To Follow Their Dreams?

Will conventions define the choices of a woman throughout her life? When will she put herself above the rest? Will she ever learn to prioritize herself?

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For My Daughter’s Sake…The Buried Letters That Defined The Destiny Of Two Women

An educated mother struggles to keep her daughter protected from the evils of a patriarchal society. What happens when her daughter chances upon the truth one day?

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The Soliloquy Of A Differently Abled Woman

I know that. I know she’s always there for me. It’s because of her that I’m independent. Ambulatory albeit with crutches. And ambitious. She never let me pity myself. Never.

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