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Meha Sharma

Meha has worked as a Business Analyst in an elite IT firm and as a full time professor in management colleges. Having earned an MBA degree in Human Resource Management and an MA degree in English Literature, she now works as a Visiting Professor in a University where she passes on her wisdom to management students while trying to do the same to her opinionated ten year old! Winning the 'Orange Flower Award' twice for writing gave her the much needed validation and got her to stick to writing which has always been her passion. Her debut book came out in 2020 and earned her 'The Best Short Story Collection of 2020' award by Literary Mirror.

Voice of Meha Sharma

All You Need Is A Change Of Perspective To See That Housework Is Not A Solo Job

Women are still considered solely responsible for household chores. How can we nudge the men in our lives to share the load of housework?

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Why Was She Feeling Comfortable With The Masked Intruder In Her Room?

The masked intruder slowly made his way out. She peered at his receding shape. All of a sudden, she felt a sense of loss.

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I Didn’t See A ‘Fat’ Woman But A Model Comfortable Enough Not To Care About Labels

He was like a whiff of fresh air. He was the first guy I met who laughed at my one-liners. Most importantly he didn’t make me feel conscious about my body.

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Discussing Ramayana On The Banks Of The Ganga Felt Like Home…

It isn't my Ramayana or yours. It's for those who want to reap its benefits and draw parallels from Ram and Sita's lives to reassess yours.

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Heartwarming Film Pagglait Is About Death, And The Letting Go Of An Unexpected Sort

With wonderfully 3 dimensional characters, Pagglait questions patriarchal stereotypes without becoming preachy, and is a must watch.

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Reunion At Gulmohar Lane; Putting The Horror Of All Those Years Ago Behind…

As I stepped in, she looked up. Did she really smile or I thought I saw her lips curve into something akin to a smile?

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Whether I Breastfeed My Baby Or Use Formula Is Not Anyone Else’s Concern!

Often new moms find it hard to breastfeed their children for a number of reasons. It's time we normalised formula instead of shaming moms!

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And She Laughed Out Loud; She Now Had An Ally In Her Mother In Law!

Deepak stared at the two women with disbelief and angst seethed through his body. He wanted to lash out against them. He wanted to scream at his mother for taking his wife’s side.

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Happiness, And A Mouthful Of Golgappas

She couldn’t for the life of her see the goodness around because she had shut her heart to the bright sun and enveloped herself in a dark veil of despair.

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24/7 As A Couple Is Like Being In A Real Life Version Of Bigg Boss; Here’s What To Do If You Fight

A 'perfect couple’ is like a unicorn - yes you got it right, it's a myth. And now we're with our partners (and in most cases the whole family). How do we deal with it?

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Shilpa Shetty Does NOT Need Your Judgement About How She Chooses To Have A Baby!

After Shilpa Shetty announced the birth of her second child via surrogacy, she was trolled for choosing that option. When will we stop shaming women for their decisions?

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Do MILs Really Impact Their DILs Lives Negatively? New Research Says, Yes!

For years now, the MIL has been cast as a villain in her DIL's life. Well, a recent research's findings prove that MILs do control their DIL's happiness!

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The Prospective Match Ticked All The Boxes, But What About Bhairavi’s Little Secret?

It was not a secret for her family per se. But, ever since she was thirteen, she was expected to tuck away this little secret of hers in a tiny box and instead wear a garb of normalcy.

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The Curious Case Of A Loner

The day she reached the sleepy hill city, she was smitten with it. It was as if life had come to a stand-still.

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Happily Ever After? A Single Mother Takes A Big Decision

Varun was awfully quiet today and Laxmi did not make any attempts to break the silence either. Silence hung between them like an uninvited guest

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Am I The Unhappy Prince?

My mind is like a dark abyss and I am falling deeper and deeper into the pit. It is dark and bottomless and I am lost. I cannot see anything. Who am I?

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For Heaven’s Sake : The Three Musketeers At It Again

Lokesh, Keshav and Shankar had come together for an emergency meeting of the residential society which was usually held once every month.

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Why The New Show On Amazon Prime ‘Made In Heaven’ Is A Must Watch

Made In Heaven mirrors Indian society with its follies and foibles and in doing so presents us real people sans any value judgment - this is a show that brings us women as they are, gutsy and flawed too. 

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#MeToo Movement Heats Up As ‘Sanskaari’ Alok Nath Is Called Out For Molestation

Vinta Nanda, a writer of a popular 90s show, has accused actor Alok Nath of sexual abuse. Slowly but steadily women are carving a new world by speaking up. 

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Meghna Girish
“Akshay’s Life Had A Purpose”: Meghna Girish, Mother Of Brave Martyr Major Akshay Girish

Meet Meghna Girish, brave mother of martyr Major Akshay Girish, who inspires us with the way she has coped with her grief and worked to keep his legacy alive.

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Was Serena Williams Really A Victim Of Sexism At The US Open Finale?

It was supposed to be be a celebrated match between two remarkable athletes, but Serena Williams' US Open Finals opened up a discussion on sexism in sport. 

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the marvellous mrs maisel
When ‘The Marvelous Mrs Maisel’ Got Me Thinking: Are Women Born To Be Mothers?

The brilliant show The Marvelous Mrs Maisel had me wondering about this - why is it that we take for granted that every woman wants to become a mother?

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Vikas Mishra
Passport Officer Vikas Mishra’s Rude Behaviour With Inter-Faith Couple Is Moral Policing

The recent incident of a passport officer Vikas Mishra lashing out at an inter-faith couple, is a clear case of how moral policing is an everyday thing in our society.

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Anushka Sharma Told To Have “Etiquette And Politeness” By Man Who Litters

Actor Anushka Sharma was at the receiving end of numerous trolls and internet memes when she stopped a man from throwing litter on the road. Seriously?

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Singapore Airline Refuses To Fly Special Needs Child: Mother Shares Her Ordeal On Facebook

A Singapore based Indian couple with a special child, posted about their ordeal on Facebook when they were asked to deboard a Singapore Airlines flight.

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Everyone Wants To See Sara Khan’s Nude Pics…And Then Slam Her As Shameless!

Television actress Sara Khan's nude video got leaked and all hell broke loose. We wonder why it is so easy for people to tag women as 'shameless' and troll them at the drop of a hat.

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This Viral Blog Post By The Mother Of A Trans Woman Is A Must Read For Every Parent!

This mother's son identifies as a woman. She has written a beautiful post that is touching everyone's hearts. Kudos to this mom for supporting her trans girl.

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sexual harassment of athletes
By Sacking Coach, Sports Authority Of India Signals: Sexual Harassment Of Athletes NOT OK

In a recent case, the 'Sports Authority of India' took quick action by responding to complaints against sexual harassment by female athletes, sending a clear message that sexual harassment exists and we need to fight it.

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black catsuit
Serena Williams Makes A Grand Comeback In A ‘Black Catsuit’ Sending A Strong Message

Tennis star Serena Williams was back in the court after a hiatus and sent a strong message to women all around the world as she rocked a 'black catsuit'.

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“Down Syndrome Is The Last Thing That Comes Into Our Mind While Raising Her”: Kavita Baluni, Proud Mamma

Meet Kavita Baluni, who adopted fifteen month old Veda with Down Syndrome. Kavita reinstates our faith in humanity and brings home the fact that you do not have to give birth to become a mother.

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Why Gursoach Kaur’s Becoming The First Female Turbaned Officer In The NYPD Is Good News For American Sikhs

As we cheer for Gursoach Kaur, the first turbaned female officer in New York Police Department, it is important to understand how it will affect American Sikhs, who have been fighting against racial discrimination.

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Sonam Kapoor Body-Shamed For Her Cannes Pictures and It Is Not Funny!!

Sonam Kapoor was body-shamed yet again for having small breasts and we do not find it funny. Shame on those who spew venom by body-shaming women.

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What Does Equality At Work Mean? 5 Working Professionals Share Their Vision

Equality at work cannot be just a slogan. 5 working professionals reflect on what equality means to them, and how organizations can help achieve that dream.

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Taking Care Of The Empty Nest

As she sat on his bed, unruffled unlike other days, she saw something. It was an envelope. On top of it was written ‘For Mom and Dad’.

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pink roses
When He Got Me Some Pink Roses On That Rainy Night

Why hadn’t my husband come home? What took him so long? His mobile was switched off too and I never bothered to take down the phone numbers of his frivolous friends.

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voice of Draupadi
I Am The Voice Of Draupadi

At times Akshay wondered as to why his mom continued to stay with the demon that his father was. But, he could never muster the courage to ask her.

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The Homecoming [#Shortlisted]

“Come on Naina, you are not a child. How can she stay at her married daughter’s house? If she had a son, then things would have been different.”

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what men talk about
Why We Shouldn’t Stereotype What Men Talk About As We Inch Towards Gender Equality

Men suffer from patriarchy too, although these effects are considerably more insidious. Cars, gadgets and work are not what men talk about every time!

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flexible work hours
Flexible Work Hours Would Have Meant That I Could ‘Have It All’

Flexible work hours are necessary for women who manage both family and work responsibilities, making it easier for moms to get back after a break.

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Beautiful… [#Shortlisted]

So, when her younger son married a fair skinned Shalini, her happiness knew no bounds. At least, one of her daughters-in-law could be ‘showed off’ to her friends.

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make or break
Only I Can Make Or Break My Life!

#Poetry. An evocative poem about a widowed woman in her 50s, whose children have flown the nest - and one day she finds that only she can make or break her life.

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man and his dog
The Old Man And The Dog [#ShortStory]

It had become a ritual of sorts for her to watch the old man and the dog. She found solace in seeing that something in her life stood upright as a fixture.

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the power lies within
The Power Lies Within [#ShortStory]

On that day, as soon as the relatives and guests dispersed and they were on their own, Mahesh forced herself on her violently. She tried to protest, but he said it was her duty now to please him physically.

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A Mother Awaits The Verdict

It's hard to imagine the state of a mother who not only lost her daughter but had to live with the pain of being accused of the murder.

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stop judging
Stop Judging! [#ShortStory]

Stealthily, she put her hand beneath the bottom of all her clothes and dug out a salwar kurta. Her eyes lit up when she wore it and saw her reflection. Yes, she could now recognize herself.

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neighbourhood aunty
The Neighbourhood Aunty [#ShortStory]

"You should tell her to mend her ways. This is not how women her age ought to behave.” To this my mom said that she could not possibly ask her fifty year old daughter to not live life the way she wants.

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being themselves
When My Child Was Bothered By What Others Thought Of Her…

Teach your child that being themselves is the biggest thing they can do for themselves, and model it to them by your behaviour.

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letter to a young daughter
To The Little Girl Who Talks To Birds…

This mother writes a beautiful letter to a young daughter, a girl who is a sensitive soul that the mother wants to protect from the vagaries of the world.

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the essence of me
The Essence Of Me… [#Poetry]

A heartfelt ode to her father by the author, the one person who stood by her and was her rock of confidence, when she had a daughter.

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When Will Mothers Receive The Perfect Gift Of Knowing Their Daughters Are Safe?

This poignant post imagines what Mother's Day must be like for a unfortunate mother who lost her daughter due to the depravity of men who see women only as objects for the taking.

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the picture on the fridge
The Picture On The Fridge … And My Redemption! [#ShortStory]

Then, right then, as if for a tiny second, Surbhi felt that she saw the tiny heads smile at her. Startled, she smiled back. May be, it was time, she thought.

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the missing piece in her perfect life
The Missing Piece In Her Perfect Life [#ShortStory]

"All this was at times too much to handle for Neha. And many a times she went off to sleep reminiscing about the days before they became parents."

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the rift
How Can I Call My Parents After The Rift? [#ShortStory]

"At times he felt lonely. He wanted to call his mom but the rift of two years had created an abyss between him and his parents."

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the dilemma
The Dilemma [#ShortStory]

“She wanted to work, beyond these four walls where no one would sneer at her and where each and every task she did was not something which she was ‘supposed to do’.”

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being me
Being Me … [#ShortStory]

"But, to her dismay, Ananya did not like such physical intimacy. She thought that since this was the first time she was in a real relationship, she was jittery."

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I Do Not Think I Will Ever Let Motherhood Change Me. I Remain The Same Human Being That I Was!

I love my daughter to bits, but I will not let the supposed halo of motherhood to change me into a sacrificing caricature of motherhood.

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The Iron Lady: A Poem On Irom Sharmila

This author honours 'The Iron day' - Irom Sharmila and highlights her sacrifice for her people in Manipur in this thought-provoking yet beautiful poem.

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Do Not Give Up On Your Career Dreams Because You Are A Wife Or A Mom…

Becoming a wife and a mother is often an important part of a woman's life. But that is no reason to give up on your career dreams!

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The Decision [#ShortStory]

“You will fall in love with her after marriage. You have a lot of time to talk then. The arranged marriage works like this”. But is this really true? 

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When Forward Is The Only Direction. March 2016 Muse Of The Month Winning Entry By Meha Sharma

"Life does not unfold as we foresee it, instead we have to rearrange the pieces every now and then." A wonderful story of rising up from the ashes of life.

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Hope Is A Thing With Feathers…February 2016 Muse Of The Month Winning Entry By Meha Sharma

The nightmares of that horrible day were still there, but were receding with every hopeful day! An inspiring short story about an acid attack survivor.

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Why Everyone Should Watch The Movie On Neerja Bhanot

Neerja, a biopic on Neerja Bhanot, is sure to inspire everyone by the sheer courage shown by the 22 year old, a posthumous Ashok Chakra awardee.

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Love? No, That Is Stalking. Frightening And Destructive.

While the world was getting inebriated in shots of love on Valentine’s day, a young woman faced obsessive love, what could be called stalking.

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Pursuit Of Happiness…[Short Story]

In our pursuit of happiness, do we stop complaining and count our blessings? Other people might not be as fortunate as we are...

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“Are You Working?”

"Are you working?" I was asked this question by someone whom I had met for the very first time. I managed to say yes and the stranger looked at me with an expression that said, “You will henceforth be taken seriously and your opinion will have weight”.

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Why I Could Not Potty Train My Four-Year-Old

A witty and refreshingly honest write-up about a mother's difficulty in potty training her individualistic four-year-old daughter.

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Getting A Child Ready For School: The Morning Drama In A Mother’s Life

Getting a child ready for school, is no child's play. A mother writes the drama she has to go through each day from waking her child to saying her goodbye to the school.

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I Told My Daughter There Are No Monsters. Until I Had To Become One!

When parents contradict, the child is often confused on what to believe.Is it plausible to raise our children without these conflicting ideals? A mother writes!

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The Joker And His Dance: Looking Beyond People’s Stature

A woman who had phobia of dwarfs, finds something beautiful about them in a water park one day.

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Teaching Kids The Right, The Wrong And The In-Between

Teaching kids right from wrong has never been easy because many issues are not black and white. These parenting tips are helpful.

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