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Only I Can Make Or Break My Life!

Posted: December 4, 2017

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#Poetry. An evocative poem about a widowed woman in her 50s, whose children have flown the nest – and one day she finds that only she can make or break her life.

What is the purpose of my life, I would often wonder.
Fifty two years of my life I spent in the presence of loved ones, life hardly ever did meander.

The joys of being a wife and a mother were unparalleled,
Never ever in my duties I stumbled.

My husband was the love of my life and my children, source of my pride,
Days were longer but years seemed shorter and I took everything in my stride.

Time flew away like the winter wind, jostling away with it those moments of joy,
when I braided my little girl’s hair and heard squeals of mischief from my boy.

Alas, the children grew up into opinionated beings and their friends became their extension.
They loved me alright but everything on my part amounted to intervention.

Once they flew from our nest, reaching out to their calling,
me and my husband though lonely were not stalling.

We planned carefree trips that could not be taken
amidst the compelling nine to five job,
when we became oblivious to the fact that we were once each other’s heartthrob.

But, life had different offerings, a sudden heart attack and he left me a little too soon.
It seemed as if life would henceforth sing a morbid tune.

As I began to give in to my sorrow,
As I ceased to see dreams of a bright ‘morrow,
As I was on the threshold of turning the final pages of my life,
A voice was heard from within.
I was alive.

I could either choose comfort or choose courage and I chose the latter.
My bundled up emotions stopped their frivolous chatter.

I rekindled my old passion and it gave me a reason at last,
I buried my past and took control of my life’s mast.

Today, five years later, I am known for my sweet delicacies and cake
They whet the appetite of young and old in that corner café near the serene lake.

Living is not that difficult after all
You can either make or break.

Image source: pexels

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