On International Women’s Day. it’s time to ask if we’ve really taken enough steps ahead. Read some thought-provoking pieces here!
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Tony Kakkar’s Booty Shake Shows How Bollywood Still Objectifies Women

Bollywood songs and objectification go hand in hand. Tony Kakkar's new song proves once again that some things might just not change!

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My Ancestors Lived The Lives Shown In Enjoy Enjaami, Getting Us Where We Are Now
Enjoy Enjaami

Enjoy Enjaami brought up personal memories of Oppari and other songs, their lyrics were always about the labour of the person, how they toiled to live a dignified life and celebrating their identities.

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Women In Films By Ritwik Ghatak Are Relevant Even Years After Their Release
Ritwik Ghatak

The women in movies by Ritwik Ghatak may not be the patriarchy smashing heroines but they are the feminist women we know in our daily lives!

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From Bhairavi To Matangi, These 10 Lesser-Known Hindu Goddesses Inspired My Art

As a millennial gender-fluid artist, I was fascinated by the inclusive imagery of the Dasa Maha Vidya and this is why I chose to showcase it.

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I Was Never Meant To Fit In, My Rida Simply Gave Me The Power To Do So

I was 14 when I first got my Rida, and what followed were constant questions about it, until one day, I realised I was never meant to fit in! 

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Telling Newly Married Women ‘You Are New’ Is A Fool-Proof Way To Keep Them Under Control!

Newly-married women have a number of restrictions on their head simply because they're the new brides. An easy way to 'control' them?

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