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Rebellious, Submissive Or Ambivalent: Girish Karnad Created Female Characters That Question The Status Quo

Whether the articulate Chitralekha of Yayati, the bold Amritamati of Bali or the questing Padmini of Hayavadana, Girish Karnad’s female protagonists leave a deep impact on readers and viewers.

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How I Fell In Love With Indian Classical Dance Because Of The Navarasas – Let’s Know Them!

Today, 29th April, is International Dance Day. Let me take you through the Navarasas that are the soul of Indian classical dance, something every dancer must master.

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When Some Feminist Protest Art Posed Questions At The Just Concluding 4th Kochi Biennale
Kochi Binnale 2019

29th March 2019 is the last day of the 4th Kochi Binnale that began on 12th December 2018, in which the whole city turned into one huge art gallery for art that questions many things.

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Here’s A Safe Place Where I Go To Meet Like-Minded People And Voice My Thoughts

Women and minorities are speaking up more and more on social media. But want an offline place to do so? Poetry Darbaar is an initiative that helps you to.

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I’m Glad On International Mother Language Day Yesterday, I Could Lead My Child To Ours
International mother language day

We cannot force a language on our child. But we can make it easy for our child to be convinced to speak it, learn it, like it, love it.

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2 Things On Indian Screens That Need Change: Silence On Sexuality And Glorifying Misogyny

Indian popular media like movies cannot abdicate responsibility of creating more sensitive and mindful cinema if we are to decrease crime against women. What tests can we apply?

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