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Even In 2020, Why Do School Admission Forms Expect Mothers To Be Homemakers?

Teach children, both girls and boys, that sky is the limit and that they must dream freely. The constraints are what we imagine and let others build for us.

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Finding Myself In Frida Kahlo’s Revolutionary Self-Portraits

Who is Frida Kahlo? What has she got to do with me? As a woman, here's how she inspires me to find myself in her self-portraits.

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Fewer Historical Role Models For Our Girls From Art & Culture As Women’s Voices Were Erased

So much of what we know of history from the lens of art and culture is through the male perspective, because women were not allowed social appearances, or credited for their talent.

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When 33 Female Poets Came Together To Connect And Feed Their Souls

These female poets turned to poetry not only as an expression of creativity, but also to connect across borders when we are homebound.

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Short Film Saving Chintu Beautifully Explores Societal Issues Around Homosexuality, Child Adoption And HIV

Short film Saving Chintu doesn't moralise, but the themes of love and acceptance subtly embedded in its core flow organically throughout the narrative.

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Teej Songs, Stories And Everything You Need To Know About Hariyali Teej!
teej songs

Celebrating teej amidst a pandemic is not something anyone expected. But here's everything you need to know about teej from teej songs to the story of it!

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