Meet 7 Inspiring Older Instagram Influencers Who Prove That Age Is Just A Number

Today, World Senior Citizen Day, here are 7 older Instagram influencers, women who prove that age is no barrier to follow your passion and influence people. 

Today, on World Senior Citizen Day, meet 7 older Instagram influencers, women who prove that age is no barrier to follow your passion and influence people. 

When we talk about social media specifically the photo-sharing app Instagram, it’s often the GenZ generation and Millenials that come into our mind. But this doesn’t mean that the older Instagram influencers aren’t making their presence felt.

So here is a list of 7 such women – older Instagram influencers who aside from being food, fashion and fitness experts, are passionate about what they do. Hence proving that passion and creativity have no age barrier. 

Shanthi Ramachandran


older Instagram influencers

Banker Shanti Ramachandran retired in 2015, wanting to live her life relaxing and just enjoying her post-retirement years. Things that she had missed out all the years of her work life formed a part of her retirement plan.

One day suddenly her daughter pushed her into opening an Instagram account to post her favourite recipes and cooking tips, and soon Ramachandran became India’s most loved ‘Insta aunty’.

Today she has more than 40k followers with above 2000 posts.

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You can follow her here. 

Chinna Dua


older Instagram influencers

As a doctor, a passionate singer and a social media influencer, Influencer Mallika Dua’s mom Chinna Dua wears many hats. With a fan following of more than 30k on Instagram Chinna Dua is one the most loved older women influencers – a ‘Saree-Influencer’ amongst the millennials.

In an interview with the Economic Times Chinna Dua said “Girls in their 20s and 30s tell me they want to be like me when they grow older.”

Apart from being a Saree Influencer Chinna Dua gives true empowerment goals. She doesn’t hide her greys and proudly poses in her sarees with all charisma and grace. 

As a radiologist by profession, she also uses Instagram to do online consultancy. 

You can follow her here.

Kanan Bala


older Instagram influencers

Kanan Bala’s Instagram account is all about aesthetic food pictures and recipes. Although all the technical work on her account is mostly handled by her kids, Bala makes sure that it’s done in her way.

In her interview with Economic Times, her daughter Krishi Arora who is a prominent Delhi-based pastry chef said “My mom is very particular about her account. If she calls a dish as ‘chakkli wale aaloo’, I will have to write it as it is, instead of ‘potato chip’”

Currently Mama-K has more than 20k followers. 

You can follow her here.

Poonam Sapra


older Instagram influencers

Content creator Pranav Sapra’s mom Poonam Sapra is the most loved ‘desi-mom’ on Instagram. Following the pattern of a millennial trend of holding a placard and giving advice, Mother with a Sign gives all kinds of typical desi mom advice. She sends out messages that most people hear routinely from their mothers, but often need to be reinforced.

From asking her ‘bachaas’ to call their mom back to reminding them to fill water bottles, Poonam Sapra is loved by more than 90k people on Instagram. 

You can follow her here.

Dr Anjali Kumar


Doctor, gynaecologist, endoscopic surgeon, mother, yoga teacher, and a nature lover, Influencer Sejal Kumar’s mom Dr Anjali Kumar is one of the older Instagram influencers who joined Instagram quite recently. She is known on the app for giving out health-related tips. Being a certified professional, her tips are loved by younger women and girls. Although she has many detailed videos on YouTube, she has her finger on the Instagram game too. 

From rocking yoga poses, advising the younger generation to have better mental health, and breaking down stereotypes around menstruation, Dr Anjali Kumar inspires a lot of people out there.

Dr Anjali Kumar has more than 9k subscribers. 

You can follow her here.

Hira Mehta


Hira Mehta worked in a bank for 38 years and after her retirement, she started working as a freelancer. Since then she has indulged in re-cycling craft, writing, hosting, volunteering at events, contributing to social service and making short films.

As one of the older Instagram influencers, she inspires many people by doing constant motivational lives and posting motivational quotes written by her.

You can follow her here. 

Usha Soman 

Although Usha Soman doesn’t has a dedicated Instagram account, with her fitness videos on her son Milind Soman’s account, Usha Soman is the most loved fitness influencer on Instagram. 

From doing Push-ups, holding planks to running marathons, this 81-year-old fitness guru is an inspiration to many people out there. A recent video of Usha Soman celebrating her 81st Birthday by doing Push-Ups has more than 230k views. This star among older Instagram influencers has been continuously winning the internet with her fitness level.

We often see kids of today’s generation ridicule the older generation because they don’t understand ‘technological terms and modern lingo’. Even today when we talk about Instagram we often call it an app for Millennials and GenZ kids. But these Indian women who are proud older Instagram influencers prove that age is no barrier when it comes to showing creativity and delivering content with passion. So we recommend following these kickass women right away!

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