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Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad
This 16 Year Old High School Girl From Egypt Created Cheaper Biofuel From Plastic Waste

Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad is a smart 16 year high school student, and has already created a biofuel from waste plastic. She is the first in our series Women Innovators Around The World, for #IWD2019

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These Daughters Of Legacy Are Rewriting Rules Of A Male-Dominated Business World
Daughters of Legacy

Meet some women achievers who might have been sidelined by their illustrious fathers if not for their tenacity and grit and proving themselves to be worthy Daughters of Legacy. 

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“I am Still Dreaming,” Says Magnificent Mary Kom After Her 6th Gold In Boxing At 35
Magnificent Mary Kom

Mary Kom has set the bar high once again by winning her 6th gold at 35, against a 22 year old opponent - a huge thing in competitive sports. She is truly Magnificent Mary!

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