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Natasha Ramarathnam

Natasha works in the development sector, where most of her experience has been in Education and Livelihoods. She is passionate about working towards gender equity, sustainability and positive climate action. And avid reader and occasional writer, she has published two collections of short stories, and has contributed to several anthologies. A mother of teenage sons, thinking about how to ensure that they grow up to be feminist men is what keeps her awake at night . She defines herself as a dog lover, a tree hugger, a coffee addict and an handloom enthusiast.

Voice of Natasha Ramarathnam

‘How Did Young People Develop So Much Hate?’ We Wonder With The Bulli Bai Case… But Is It Really Surprising?

These young people didn’t get beamed down from outer space. Nor did they need any special brainwashing to get this way. Then what has happened?

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Should The Legal Age Of Marriage For Women Be Raised To 21?

While increasing the legal age of marriage for women to 21 appears to be a great move, let's look into the practical issues more closely.

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“I Want To Be Like You”: That Woman Who Inspires

Every young woman needs that someone who shows her what she can be. Each of us has it in us to be that someone who shows another what they can be.

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A lovely poem about how women never take credit for their work and how it is important that they do.

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2021 Olympics, When Women Athletes Refused To Play By Objectifying Rules Made By Men

Instead of respecting the talent, hard-work and dedication of the sportsperson, her worth is reduced to the viewership she can draw on the basis of her physical appearance, and her on and off court personality.

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