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Natasha Ramarathnam

Natasha works in the development sector, where most of her experience has been in Education and Livelihoods. She is passionate about working towards gender equity, sustainability and positive climate action. And avid reader and occasional writer, she has published two collections of short stories, and has contributed to several anthologies. A mother of teenage sons, thinking about how to ensure that they grow up to be feminist men is what keeps her awake at night . She defines herself as a dog lover, a tree hugger, a coffee addict and an handloom enthusiast.

Voice of Natasha Ramarathnam

Natasha Ramarathanam
Dear 16 y.o. Me, Here’s A Secret You Should Know ‘Coz You’ll Find It Only After 3 Decades Otherwise!

None of the things I told you till now will significantly change the course of your life, but this one thing is different- it will significantly alter how you look at life and how you conduct yourself.

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Women Were Integral To Our Freedom Struggle, Yet We Still Think A Woman’s Place Is Only In The Home!

Jawaharlal Nehru, Discovery of India: "Most of us menfolk were in prison. And then a remarkable thing happened. Our women came to the front and took charge of the struggle."

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St Xavier’s University Kolkata Allegedly Slut-Shames Woman Professor Over An Instagram Story

As long as teachers are competent in their job, and adhere to the workplace code of conduct, how does it matter what they do in their personal lives?

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In A Country That Doesn’t Bat An Eyelid Over Semi-Clad Men, Why Is Ranveer Singh’s Photoshoot An Issue?!

Indian men do not think twice before taking off their shirts in public places. Women either back off, or studiously ignore it while completing the transaction they have with the men.

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Abortions Might Be Legal In India But Are We Doing Any Better Than The US?

Abortion is legal in India but the absence of inclusivity and women's lack of reproductive autonomy show that India isn't doing any better.

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shot ad
On The Same Day This ‘Shot’ Ad Was Aired On TV, A 17y.o. Girl Was Gang Raped In Hyderabad

That the client, the advertising agency, and the network knew exactly what they were implying is clear from the second advertisement for the same product.

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Lesbian Couple In English Cricket Katherine Brunt & Nat Sciver Get Married, Desi Twitter Has A Meltdown

Lesbian couples attract hate from cis-het men who deliberately misconstrue it as “rejecting men”, and also secretly worry about how their position might be eroded if "women band together and shut them out."

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Karna Was A Perpetrator Who Instigated Disrobing Of Draupadi, So Why Is He Still A ‘Noble Person’?

A perpetrator's crimes are "forgiven" because he is a top performer, because he comes from a well-respected family, because no complaint has ever been made against him.

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Police ‘Encounter’ For Hyderabad Rape & Murder Case Was Vengeance, Not Justice; Murder Charges To Be Levied

Instead of seeking vengeance after horrific crimes, the public should push for faster and better judicial resolutions. That is the best tribute we can pay to the victims.

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Can Rapists Be Allowed To Go Free After Marrying The Survivor?

No law in the country recognises enabling the rapist to walk free after marrying the survivor. However, in reality, it is something that families and communities often push for.

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Amreeka, If You Ban Abortions For Women, Then Make Condoms And Vasectomies Mandatory For Men, EVERY TIME!

It is necessary to drive the point home that while women bear the consequences of unwanted pregnancies, it is men who are responsible for the pregnancies and should take accountability to prevent them.

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The Case Of Nagaraju & Syeda Ashrin Sulthana: Why Do Families Resort To Honour Killings?

In a patriarchal society, the purity of caste, class and religion is rigidly maintained by controlling the sexual agency of women, even 'punishable' by murder: honour killing.

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‘Keeping Our Daughters Safe Has Become A Herculean Task; It Wasn’t This Bad When We Were Younger!’

The focus has to shift to the causes which make it unsafe for woman - the perpetrators and the infrastructure that are the problem.

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Do Women Ever ‘Get Time For Themselves To Just Relax’ When There’s Always SOMEthing That Needs Done?

However, even when a woman settles down to watch her favourite serial, she is also keeping an eye on the children, and multitasking by doing something useful like shelling peas or cutting vegetables.

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World Squash Champ Dipika Pallikal Is More Than A Cricketer’s Wife, So Let’s Not Say ‘Wife Of’ In News Headlines!

While one can certainly argue that cricket is almost a religion in India, that is not sufficient reason to describe Dipika as a cricketer's wife, and certainly not in the headlines, which should celebrate her achievement, not his name.

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It Didn’t Matter That She Was A Widow; I Just Wanted To Include Someone Dear To Me In My Big Day

My mother tried hard to dissuade me, but I refused to relent. Our neighbour was then called in, and she appeared even more shocked at the prospect of participating in my Valaikaapu than my mother had been.

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When Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock, Did He Consider What Jada Pinkett Smith Wanted?

“It is love that made me do it!” is the standard excuse used by every perpetrator of domestic violence. By saying it on a global stage, Will Smith provided it legitimacy, and that is something women do not need.

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At Entry Level, 1/3rd Of The Staff Were Women, Then Why Weren’t We More At The Managerial Level?

In India, unpaid labour like housework, child care and elderly care is seen as the sole responsibility of the women, after which they have no time or energy to engage in paid work.

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Bismah Maroof
Is Bismah Maroof Bringing Her Baby To The World Cup Really A Statement Of Gender Empowerment?

While praising Bismah Maroof for bringing her baby on tour, gender stereotypes are actually being reinforced. It's assumed that as the mother she is the primary parent, something we never assume for male sportspersons.

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hijab controversy
In The Hijab Controversy, Young Women And Their Education Have Become The Battlefield

If teachers and students can adorn their foreheads with bindis/ pottus/ vibuti/ kumkum and if married teachers can wear mangalsutras, taalis, shakha-pola, or any other sign of a married Hindu woman, then why the hijab controversy?

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An Open Letter To Men From An Extremely Tired Woman Irritated By All The Patronizing

Have you ever wondered why women who are jogging in a slightly deserted park only have their headphones on in one ear?

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Dear Male Colleagues, I Don’t Have It Easier At Work Just Because I’m A Woman!

When a man makes a mistake, it is a mere stumble. When a woman makes the same mistake, the entire gender gets branded and questioned.

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Why A Mob Decided That This 20y.o. Woman ‘Deserved’ To Be Raped And Beaten Up

In our toxic patriarchal system, men stalk women in the smug knowledge that the woman dare not turn them down. And if do, they are made to pay the price for it.

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Birju Maharaj
Whatever The Truth Of The Pt. Birju Maharaj Case, Those Speaking Up Point To Skew In The Guru Shishya Parampara

From the time one dancer went public about Pt Birju Maharaj through a series of stories on Instagram, the classic cycle of victim blaming started asserting itself- deny, disbelieve, discredit, disgrace.

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Why Men’s Rights Activists Worried About ‘Fake Rape Cases’ Should Seek Allies In Feminists

Statistics show that the number of so called 'false rape cases' is sufficiently small to dismiss all the arguments about how the lives of 'millions of men' will be destroyed by feminists once marital rape is decriminalised.

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‘How Did Young People Develop So Much Hate?’ We Wonder With The Bulli Bai Case… But Is It Really Surprising?

These young people didn’t get beamed down from outer space. Nor did they need any special brainwashing to get this way. Then what has happened?

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Should The Legal Age Of Marriage For Women Be Raised To 21?

While increasing the legal age of marriage for women to 21 appears to be a great move, let's look into the practical issues more closely.

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“I Want To Be Like You”: That Woman Who Inspires

Every young woman needs that someone who shows her what she can be. Each of us has it in us to be that someone who shows another what they can be.

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A lovely poem about how women never take credit for their work and how it is important that they do.

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2021 Olympics, When Women Athletes Refused To Play By Objectifying Rules Made By Men

Instead of respecting the talent, hard-work and dedication of the sportsperson, her worth is reduced to the viewership she can draw on the basis of her physical appearance, and her on and off court personality.

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