The Daily Violence I Face As A Girl Child… Was This How It Was Meant To Be?

October 11 is #InternationalDayoftheGirlChild. A day to remind ourselves that there is so much more to be done before the Girl Child can be safe. A collection of stories that are almost universal.

Trigger Warning: This deals with graphic description of violence against women, including sexual abuse, and may be triggering for survivors.

A collection of stories, from millions of girl children who still don’t have a voice, a choice, the right to just be.

The cold steel blades advance towards her.
Merciless. “I don’t want to die”, she screams.
Her shrieks echo off the walls of the womb.

Firm hands grip her head, and ease her out.
Gently. The touch changes. “It’s a girl”,
A voice snarls, dropping her in disgust.

She wakes up from the dark. Something soft
Pressed against her. “I can’t breathe”,
She thinks before slipping back into the black.

Dizzy with hunger, her eyes are fixed on the bread.
One piece. She wants just one piece.
Her brother grabs it. She will sleep hungry again tonight.

Chocolate. She hates chocolate. Chocolates are secret.
‘Uncle shouldn’t tell mother what she did.’
She takes the chocolate. Good girls always smile.

She smiles. Her clothes are itchy. She smiles.
Yesterday, she was going to school. Today she is married.
“It is for your own good”, she’s been told.

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She married him in a temple; one he can enter.
They ran away. Started life together.
Her brother found them. Raised his sword. She shut her eyes.

Pain. Excruciating pain. Flashes of faces.
Men entering. Leaving. Laughter. Kerosene. Pain.
Through the flames, her last thought-

“Was this how it was meant to be?”

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