Perspectives by and on the lives of people in India who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.
The Currency Of Lust, And Sublimated Love

The constant friction of our bodies and mind produced the heat that the two melted at once, flowed off our bodies; white and fragrant. A wave of laughter with a hug, my eyes sparkled.

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Being Queer And ‘Coming Out’ To My Mom Has Been Quite An Emotional Journey

A young woman's exploration of the depth of feelings, knowing her self, and an emotional story of 'coming out' as queer to her mother; a beautiful personal journey.

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A Homophobic Indian Society That Expects A Gay Man To Marry A Woman Destroys Both Lives!

As an intrinsically homophobic society, we think nothing of sacrificing the happiness of gay men, lesbian women, and bisexual persons (and their spouses) by forcing them into traditional marriages.

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Ankita Mehra, The Q-rious Roadie Who Came Out On The Show And Transformed Many Lives
Ankita Mehra

Ankita Mehra is a strong woman who not only came out as a lesbian on the Roadies show to create awareness, but is also working actively to make workplaces more inclusive. 

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The Only Love That Was Allowed Was Between Man And Woman…

They went through so much to stay together in a world that accepted only one version of romantic love - that of a man and a woman. But finally, destiny had other plans.

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One Year After 377 Down: Is Everything Great For The LGBTQIA+ Community?

It has been one year since Section 377 was struck down by the Supreme Court. But has the LGBTQIA+ community got its full rights? 

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