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Perspectives by and on the lives of people in India who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.
If Manipur Can Set Up Quarantine Facilities Sensitive To Transgender Needs, Why Can’t Other States?

Reports suggest that the transgender community is facing a nightmare like situation because of lack of separate quarantine centers. Again there is no one to listen.

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Don’t Transpeople Also Have The Right To Play And Enjoy Sports Like Everyone Else?

Have you ever seen a transperson play mainstream sports or any sport? Sadam Hanjabam, founder of a Manipur based NGO Ya-All tells you why none of us have. 

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Queer Student’s Death In Goa Brings To Light The Horrors Of Conversion Therapy People Still Face

The suicide of a queer student from Kerala after being forced into conversion therapy asks if we'd ever stop treating homosexuality as a disease!

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This FB Live Session Gives Crucial Tips On How LGBTQIA+ Persons Can Cope During Lockdown

The lockdown can be worse for those who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community - hostile families, lack of access to medical and counselling help, violence.

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Coming Out Of The Closet Is Still A Privilege In India, But It Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

"Because we live in a society where heterosexuality and cis-genderism is seen as the default ‘normal’, you are never truly ever ‘out of the closet’," says this young man who came out as gay. 

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She Followed Her Father’s Life-Long Dream… But At What Cost?

Gauri was happy to see her family so elated but she felt a sense of loneliness. She never told anyone why she studied so hard and why she had no friends.

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