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Perspectives by and on the lives of people in India who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.
To Nip Homophobia In The Bud, Our Schools Need Gay-Straight Alliances And LGBTQ+ Sensitisation

Can we deny the existence of LGBTQ+ students? And the bullying they have to encounter? Can we deny the dropout rates that keep rising amongst the community?

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As A Gay Man In India, Even Today, Why Do I Need To Hide My Identity Every Single Day?

Why is your heart so small that you so easily reduce my identity to a joke, an angry reaction on Facebook, a slur on Instagram and abuse on WhatsApp?

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Relationship Challenges Of Being An HIV Positive Homosexual Indian Man
homosexual Indian man

There are a few issues that Indian gay men face while looking for and navigating relationships, especially when they are also HIV positive.

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I Hope You Didn’t Just Adopt Rainbow Filters For Pride Month, But Stood Up For Them Too!

Pride month just went past. Did you adopt a rainbow filter on your social media handle? If you're cis-het like me, do you know what it means?

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Legalising Gay Marriage Is The Next Step For Lawyer Couple Who Helped Abolish Section 377
legalising gay marriage

After the decriminalizing of homosexuality, lawyers Arundhati Katju and Menaka Guruswamy, are taking the logical next step towards legalising gay marriage.

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Here’s Why I Came Out Publicly As A Proud Gender Fluid, Bisexual, & Brown Scientist In The US
Pratyusha mandal

I recently came out publicly on Facebook as a gender fluid, bisexual person because I feel my social privilege will help others have the courage to come out and for their dear ones to accept them as they are.

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