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Perspectives by and on the lives of people in India who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.
Coming Out Of The Closet Is Still A Privilege In India, But It Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

"Because we live in a society where heterosexuality and cis-genderism is seen as the default ‘normal’, you are never truly ever ‘out of the closet’," says this young man who came out as gay. 

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She Followed Her Father’s Life-Long Dream… But At What Cost?

Gauri was happy to see her family so elated but she felt a sense of loneliness. She never told anyone why she studied so hard and why she had no friends.

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When Will We Start Treating Trans People Like Human Beings, Just Like You And Me?
Aanya Natesan

Aanya Natesan was brutally raped and beaten up for being a trans woman, on the streets of Gurgaon, on 24th Nov 2019, when she was on her way to a Pride March - is this how we should treat fellow humans? 

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It Took A Flight And Some Time In Turkey For Me To Realise What I Needed In Life

I found myself hailing a cab to the airport. Just a purse, a phone and a debit card with me, I decided not to return back home, not just yet. 

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Sheer Qorma Promises To Be A Sweet Love Story Of Two Women Fighting All Odds To Be Together

The trailer of Sheer Qorma dropped earlier this week. As the third mainstream movie to deal with homosexuality, it gives a ray of hope of inclusion in Bollywood.

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The Currency Of Lust, And Sublimated Love

The constant friction of our bodies and mind produced the heat that the two melted at once, flowed off our bodies; white and fragrant. A wave of laughter with a hug, my eyes sparkled.

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