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Laxmi Todiwan

Laxmi Todiwan - Founder Indian Women in Hospitality. She is a Professor, Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and a Blogger. A hospitality professional with a career spanning over two decades; people engagement, training and development is close to her heart. She writes for hospitality journals, international websites and columns in the local newspapers. Married to a Master Mariner she loves to write on the maritime industry as well as the lives and relationships of the fraternity. She expresses her thoughts on her blog and website,

Voice of Laxmi Todiwan

hosting webinars
10 Guaranteed Tips For Hosting Impactful Webinars

How to host impactful webinars and virtual meetings, which have become the mainstay of the workplace during the pandemic, and also for personal get-togethers? 

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Here’s What Women Choose To Challenge In Their Organisations

International Women's Day is celebrated globally to bring women's issues to the forefront and find solutions. Often, it's reduced to discount coupons. Here's a look at what women really want.

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16 Things You Can Do To Create The Best Version Of Yourself

Let’s look at 2021 with the wisdom left behind by 2020 and the brand new script ready to be written and shared.

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Regain Power During Adversities

Half the year has been for introspection, reinventing ourselves and our belief systems. Time to empower ourselves with that knowledge!

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3 Ways New-Age Teachers Can Master The E-Teaching Process As E-Learning Becomes The New Normal

With e-learning becoming the new normal, here are three tips and tricks for educators and teachers to master this new form of teaching.

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Covid 19 and It’s Emotional Impact

Corona Virus and lockdown and has affected all areas but the workforce and job market has been disprortionately affected by it. All levels of employees are uncertain about their careers and finacial security.

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Conducting Webinars And 12 Other Ways To Boost Work Productivity During And Post The Lockdown

Some ways to manage virtual teams you have employed to maintain productive working conditions for your team during the lockdown

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The Sailor Parlance

Some of us have the best stories of our loved ones and we see them in a truly unique and different light. True love indeed!

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Getting Ready For The Grand Reopening Of Our lives Post-COVID

Is it too early to fathom a life after the lockdown? How long will it take for things to finally normalise when life as we know it will change? 

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Lockdown and Us: Navigating Difficult Times

The lockdown continues to take over every aspect of our lives. Yet, in these difficult and tough times, let's think about what really matters the most.

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