Sail Through These Tough Times And Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is so important as we are bombarded with news and content from all sources, and it is rarely positive.

These days, we are bombarded with news and content from all sources, and it is rarely positive.

We are living in some of the most challenging times in human history and it is so important to practise mindfulness.

It is critical that we make a conscious effort to ignore the negative in our surroundings and concentrate on improving things. Be cautious with what you read and what you share with others. We must concentrate our efforts on making the world a better place for ourselves and others.

Let’s use our time constructively while practising mindfulness. Here are the 10 lessons we must learn through these challenging times and reiterate the advice of philosophers and business leaders.

Don’t have rigid plans

Flexibility is the key to successful transition; rigidity only creates stress and higher level of anticipation. Remember it is not the strongest who survive but the ones who are  most adaptable. Flexibility gives us that adaptability; these are the times to be extremely adaptive.

Write down 5 ideas everyday

Human mind is a powerhouse of ideas let it generate innovative ones each day. Make it a part of your ‘to do’ list, you will be surprised with the fertility of your mind. You thus create wealth for yourself and who knows some of those ideas can materialise into something big.

Never stop learning and practise mindfulness

Develop a learners attitude; called the growth mindset and keep improving it. It stimulates and invigorates the mind. Our environments, situations, professions and relationships change. Learn to adapt and achieve and practise mindfulness.

Don’t be afraid to fail

He hasn’t gained anything if he has never failed! One must understand that when he  fails, it is the failure of an idea or an approach and not his personal failure. No one stops you from trying one more time; becoming better and more confident with every attempt. It becomes your stepping stone.

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Think about who you want to be

There is a saying that you are the average of five people you associate with. Choose who you wish to associate with on a deeper – professional or personal level. It is important to be amicable to all we meet but we must choose the people we wish to have in our inner circles.

Think about how you want to be

Human nature is very adaptable and can be developed the way we want it to. You choose how you want to act, react or wish to project yourself with honesty and diligence. Learn to listen to your instincts, have faith and move forward.

Say Yes to things

It is an opportunity to do things you like or try something that you haven’t done and then learn to do it; giving your best shot. It is also an opportunity to connect with successful people – the doers and do meaningful work together.

Who you know matters

It is not just what you know that matters but also matters equally is whom you know. Networking is a powerful tool and it should be used for greater engagement and success.

Be pitch perfect

Everyone is a sales person whether he or she is in the sales job or otherwise. We tend to find ourselves in situations that need us to market- self. The golden rule remains – know what you are selling and pitch it with confidence.

Cherish your loved ones

These uncertain times have taught us to value our families and friends. Also that they should never to be taken for granted. It’s important to make time for them and cherish our near and dear ones.

One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide. ~ Brene Brown

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