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Women's History
The Moment My Husband Put Sindoor On My Forehead, I Felt Chained, Shackled…

I was young, only 23 and I had made the decision to get married. And it was okay. The days and the moments right upto the wedding were perfect. But then...

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Remember Marie Curie, My Sisters, When They Tell You Women Don’t make History!

The history books are full of the achievements of men; what they often forget to tell us is that women forged history too.

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Why This Lockdown Reminded Me So Strongly Of Gandhari’s Life

Gandhari remained blindfolded all her life, exercising strong restraint, and no one asked her to give it up. But was it the correct thing to do?

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Aideu Handique, The First Woman To Act In Assamese Cinema, Paid A Price For It

The story of Aideu Handique is an important one that needs to be told; after all she was the first ever Assamese actress! But that is not the only reason why her tale is so important.

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Here’s The Real History behind Women’s Day (And It Has Nothing To Do With Spa Vouchers!)

No, International Women's Day is not just about celebrating women. It is about women's rights to work, live in peace, and have all the same rights as men.

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Tarabai Shinde – The Feminist Pioneer Of The 1800s Who’s Still Relevant To Us Today
tarabai shinde

As one of the pioneers of the feminism movement in India Tarabai Shinde wrote Stripurush Tulana in the late 1880s. Here is why she is such an inspiration

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