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Women's History
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Ruth Bader Ginsberg Left Behind A Legacy That Will Empower Women For A Very Long Time

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a role model who taught young women that it’s okay to speak out. That being powerful isn’t bad, that you can still be feminine without giving up your personality. Rest in peace.

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Despite All She Did For Them, Why Is Hidimbi Not Respected As The 1st Pandava Queen?

Hidimbi. A powerful woman, the first Pandava wife, who raised a mighty son as a single mom, yet sidelined in the Mahabharata. Because she was a rakshasi, not upper caste enough?

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Why The Friendship Between Krishna And Draupadi Doesn’t Need A Societal Definition

Krishna promotes freedom of thoughts and actions, while Draupadi demonstrates that freedom through her thoughts and actions all her life.

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4 Little Women Of 1950s Kerala Who Showed Me What Independence Means

My grandmother and her sisters were not conventional 'strong women'. Yet, their quiet strength shines through their lives.

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It Took Me 2 Years Of Being Married To Understand Being A Wife Was One Part, Not All Of Me

I was young, only 23 and I had made the decision to get married. While it took me some time, I realised I did not have to sacrifice who I was, to be a wife.

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Remember Marie Curie, My Sisters, When They Tell You Women Don’t make History!

The history books are full of the achievements of men; what they often forget to tell us is that women forged history too.

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