During this difficult time of Corona virus outbreak, how can we as women cope better and support each other? Check our special feed and learn more!
Food journeys and quick recipes for and from Indian women who enjoy tasty, nutritious food but know that their place extends far beyond the kitchen!
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10 Yum, Easy Recipes That Can Save You During The Lockdown (And After Too!)

Are you looking for some quick, easy recipes for meals that can be made in a jiffy with minimum ingredients and taste yum too? Read on.

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We Don’t Stress Eat Coz We Love To, It’s A Response To The Stress You Cause Us!

Stress eating or binge eating is not funny. It is something that affects a number of women. So next time before you ask a woman to stop, try asking her why.

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2 Easy Desserts You Can Try Making To Cheer Yourself Up In These Bleak Times
Rachel Goenka's Adventures with Mithai

Two delicious desserts you can try at home, courtesy recipes from Rachel Goenka’s Adventures with Mithai, given here. Let us know how these turned out!

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23 Maggi Recipes So You Never Run Out Of Easy Cooking Ideas During This Lockdown

These easy Maggi recipes will come to your rescue, especially since we're all locked down and cooking can be a slog. Try them and thank us later!

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Say Goodbye To Prawn Cravings With These Bengali Chingri Dishes!

While you're stuck at home in isolation, cooking could be a great way to bond with the family. And what better than Bengali prawn recipes to do so!

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10 Yum Signature Chicken Curry Recipes From Diverse Indian Cultures – Try Them!
chicken curry recipes

Wouldn't you like to get hold of the signature regional chicken curry recipes from various Indian cultures, all in one place? Here they are.

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