9 Northeastern Women Who Are Redefining Foodstagram!

Check out the 9 Northeastern women who are bringing culinary treats, fresh recipes, salads and side dishes to your foodstagram!


Check out the 9 Northeastern women who are bringing culinary treats, fresh recipes, salads and side dishes to your foodstagram!

Hey, you! Scrolling on your phone, feeling hungry? I know you are. Craving some fried chicken? Or perhaps a savoury stew?

Savoury chaat or some delicious dosa or just a warm cup of hot chocolate? Food is the fastest way to entice the mind, reward oneself and bring people together.

Food is also a gateway to different cultures and traditions. No two families cook a simple recipe of moong dal alike, and two communities have the copyright to a dish.

Each individual carries their palate and stories, and we have found 9 such storytellers of food for you!

9 Northeastern women who have taken foodstagram by surprise!

9 Northeastern Women Who Are Redefining Foodstagram!

If you’re craving delicious food, foodstagrammers are here to save you! By definition, food Instagrammers are social media influencers who share pictures of food, try new eating joints, and give reviews and recommendations.

Meanwhile, there are a handful of pages you know by name, there is a lot of buzz surrounding women Northeast Indian foodstagrammers. Granted, most of their content comes as a brutal chop to all the hungry college kids watching at 3 am. Who is to say it can’t be an inspiration for your next outing??

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Below are some Northeastern women Foodstagrammers you need to check out today!


This Nagaland-based foodstagrammer has taken it upon herself to reveal the magic of Naga food to all while highlighting the magic of rustic cooking. She also whipped up delicious lockdown special recipes and is also in the works to release a cookbook focused on simple, delectable home recipes.

Kristi’ Kikon’s Instagram


Based in Nagaland, Ren Jami aims to tell stories through the therapeutic process of cooking. Check out sumptuous recipes for smoked pork, Bhansali (veggie stew), and fish chutney which she whisks from simple ingredients, and sometimes she even makes fan favourites such as paani puri also known as gol gapa and phuchka!

Ren Jami’s Instagram

At My Kitchen

Akum Raj Jamir may be married and settled in Chennai, but her cooking is still rooted in her home state, Nagaland, as well as her mother’s kitchen. Akum is very active on social media, posting about various Naga dishes and recipes. Not only she brings the focus to food from her homeland, but she also shows how food ties us all together even when away from home!

Akum Raj Jamir’s Instagram

Lets Cook Simply

This Assamese food lover and blogger dabble in cooking, travelling and painting like a pro. She brings out the delicate flavours of her land visually and leaves her viewers hungry! Check out Progoti Das’s page for authentic Assamese recipes, sweet dishes and fresh salads.

Progoti Das’ Instagram

Assamese Cuisine

Sharmin Pasha’s page is popular for Assamese cuisine. She also hosts workshops on local cuisine, bringing attention to various indigenous ingredients and traditional cooking methods from her home state. Her simple videos made of locally produced ingredients makes our mouth water!

Sharmin Pasha’s Instagram


Neelakshi Buragohain is an Assamese blogger taking us on her culinary adventure. Tune in for pork recipes, fish curry, egg-fried-rice and even pav bhaji. A thorough foodie at heart, Neelakshi has a dish fitting for every season and the perfect aesthetic scheme to go with it.

Neelakshi Buragohain’s Instagram 

Eat Your Kappa

Nambie Marak from Meghalaya has used her social media presence to explore local cuisines and recipes of the state. She travels across the Northeast celebrating an indigenous gastronomic affair. Her page is a celebration of culture and community.

Nambie Marak’s Instagram

Khasi Food Lover

Angela Muktieh aims to deconstruct Khasi cuisine with her page. Though seemingly simple, her recipes from Meghalaya are rooted in her heritage, and they look delicious and flavourful. She also explores local cooking techniques, spices and side dishes.

Angela Muktieh’s Instagram


Aayushi Dey is a rising foodstagrammer from Naharlagun, Arunachal Pradesh. She is a self-proclaimed foodie who makes, bakes and eats wholeheartedly. Whether at home or out and about town, we get to see delicious recipes, fruit and vegetable platters and fresh garden veggies.

Aayushi Dey’s Instagram

Final Thoughts

Food blogs are a breeding hub for amazing communities where people interact, share recipes, ask questions and much more. Whether you wish to take a leaf out of a recipe or simply look at scrumptious food, head over to these social media pages to quench your cravings!

Image source: Etsoyu’s facebook page, and Farknkot architect, free and edited on CanvaPro

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