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Crime & Law
Legal information for Indian women, and news of gender related violence in India
Cyber-Violence Is A ‘Real’ Threat To Women & It’s About Time We Take It Seriously!

With cases like the 'Bulli Bai App' coming into the picture, it's high time that we take cyber-violence against women seriously!

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Marriage Strike Call By Indian Men Against Marital Rape Law Outs Them As Potential Rapists…
marriage strike

Criminalizing marital rape won't change what marriages actually are but it'll give the women wanting to assert their choice the agency to do so - exactly what men calling for marriage strike do not want!

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Why Is Marital Rape Not A Crime In India?
why is marital rape not a crime in India

No relationship, no matter how solemn, entitles a person to another person’s body. Marriage does not grant a license to sexual relations in perpetuity.

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Dear Men, ‘Why Are You On Social Media?’ Is NOT What To Ask Women Targeted By Bulli Deals!
Bulli Deals

A woman's voice or image on a public space like social media makes many men uncomfortable. So when anything happens they ask, “Why did you put your pictures or spoke up on Twitter?”

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He Gave Me A Drink That Made Me Dizzy…And Then I Heard The Click Of Handcuffs Around My Wrists

Growing up as a victim of sexual abuse had bred a sense of mistrust in me. After a long time, I met this good-looking surgeon capable of delightful conversations. One afternoon, he suggested we grab drinks at his place.

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I Am An Adult Survivor Of Child Sexual Abuse, And This Is My Story

I somehow woke up and all I could see was my uncle in front of me with his pants undone. My shirt was ridden up, exposing my chest, and my trousers were undone as well.

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