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Crime & Law
Sameeksha Sud’s Video On Marital Rape Is Shamefully Distorted To Attack Her

Sameeksha Sud’s TikTok video on marital rape recently came under fire, when it was tampered to promote violence against women. This is a sad reflection on how social media can work to attack women.

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There Have Always Been Locker Rooms In Every Generation; Are We Adults Failing Our Kids?

Sexualisation of a person they're attracted to comes naturally to adolescents. The problem lies in them being stuck at this phase, and maybe we're to blame a bit.

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Sexually Abused By My Father’s Best Friend For Years, Silenced By My Family… But I Fought To Heal

My father's best friend took advantage of this relationship and sexually abused me for years before I spoke up, only to be silenced. But I've now found healing by fighting back as an adult.

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5 Ways The Girls Locker Room Is Different From The Boys Locker Room (While Neither Is Ok)

Soon after boys locker room became public, there have been people questioning similar girls locker rooms. While none is Ok, why is boys locker room worse?

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It Is Not ‘Bonding With The Boys’ If You Objectify And Plan To Rape Women!

When we look past seemingly harmless and normalised teenage toxic masculinity, we do more than dismiss it. We cause more harm by being silent bystanders. 

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In The Boys’ Locker Room, They Touch Her Without Her Consent Or Knowledge – WHAT Is This?

Pictures from girls' social media accounts are being reshared in the Boys Locker Room, and their body parts are being discussed; the girls are being touched without their consent or knowledge.

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