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Rafida Khatoon
Recent Rape And Death Of A 3 y.o. Makes Me Scream: Is India Anymore A Safe Place For Children?

POSCO act came into being 7 years ago. But children, even toddlers and babies are still being raped and killed. When will this change?

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Triple Talaq Bill Approved In A Historic Session: Empowering But Could Also Be Problematic

The Triple Talaq bill was passed last week amid much acclaim, but the criminalisation provisions within the bill have generated disagreement as well. 

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A Step-By-Step Look At What Exactly Happened In The Unnao Rape Case. Will There Be Justice?
Unnao rape case

In April 2018, an 18 year old girl accused MLA Kuldeep Sengar of rape. Since then, her family has suffered a horrific series of mishaps, that have been alleged to be a conspiracy to destroy them.

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This New Government Initiative Will Record Child Sexual Abuse Of Boys As Well As Girls

Boys are just as at risk of child sexual abuse as girls - though a patriarchal society like ours denies it happening, putting these boys at further risk. A new govt initiative will now take it into account.

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Our Laws On Sex Work Must Be Inclusive & Humane; Not Pander To Social Ideas Of ‘Morality’
Immoral Traffic Prevention Act

The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act victimises sex workers instead of protecting them from the evils of pimping and brothels. How can we make it more humane and inclusive?

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#MeToo Panel Made To Re-Examine Laws Quietly Dissolved. What Are The Implications For Survivors?
MeToo panel dissolved

#MeToo panel set up to re-examine laws of workplace sexual harassment has been quietly dismantled by the new government, and this came to light only after The Quint filed an application under RTI.

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