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Shraddha Or Nirbhaya: We Lost A Young Woman Again To Violence!
Shraddha Or Nirbhaya: We Lost A Young Woman Again To Violence!

Let’s not forget, when Shraddha died, a woman lost her battle with life, to a toxic relationship. When Nirbhaya was brutalized, a young girl's bright future was cut short. When a woman is a brutalized, murdered, it’s not only the loss of her life but a loss of a piece of every living woman!

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Instagram Or IRL, Safety For Women Is Still A Distant Dream!

Several incidents of violence against women reveal the terrifying lack of safe, and private, space for them in India.

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3 Years After Disha Rape And Murder In Hyderabad, What Has Changed?

People preferred vigilantism - 'encounter' - to a justice that is excruciatingly slow and then sometimes never reached. But that is not a real solution.

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Aftab’s Parents Allegedly Supported His Violent Behaviour—Question Them Instead Of Victim Blaming Shraddha!

From all news reports, clearly, Aftab Poonawalla seems to be a psychopath, and It was a well-strategized story of domestic violence, abuse, subjugation, and a well-planned murder.

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What If Shraddha Walkar Had A Foolproof Way Of Communicating With Friends Without Alerting Her Abuser?

Some of Shraddha Walkar's friends knew she was in an abusive relationship. Could a way of communicating to them that she was in mortal danger changed things?

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Shraddha Walkar Murder Case Shows Utter Social Apathy For Women Who Don’t Conform To Patriarchy
Shraddha Walkar murder

What does it tell us about the apathy and irresponsible behaviour of society when a murder committed in May does not become known until November?

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