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Can Misogynistic Court Rulings Like In Last Year’s Mahmood Farooqi Case Affect #MeToo?

Last year, Delhi High Court overturned rape conviction against director Mahmood Farooqui, due to survivor's 'feeble No'. With such regressive ruling, how assured of justice can women speaking up in #MeToo be? 

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Know These 7 Legal Points Pertaining To Sexual Harassment And Abuse Against Women

With #MeToo going strong, instead of questioning the silence of the sexual harassment victims, it's time to be aware of the laws and take the right legal action against the culprits. 

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The Real Reason More Women Aren’t Making A Complaint Though All Must Have A #MeToo Story

A step by step argument against those who ask why women haven't spoken up earlier, and why they are only speaking up on social media and not making actual complaints officially. Do read.

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Nadia Murad’s Powerful Story Shows Talking Openly Of Sex Crimes Is 1st Step Towards Healing
Nadia Murad

A sex crime is no different from a car accident - both cause similar trauma, and leave behind physical and psychological scars that need to be healed, as we learn from the life of Nobel winner Nadia Murad.

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Why Are The Supreme Court’s 3 Path-Breaking Judgements Annoying The Hell Out Of People?

Three path-breaking judgements by the Supreme Court in a month's time. Its progressive approach is laudable. Then why are people opposing these? 

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Women No Longer Barred From Sabarimala, Declares Supreme Court Today

The Supreme Court in today’s verdict on the Sabarimala temple case has declared that women of all age groups must be allowed to the temple without any restrictions.

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