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“Avoid Getting Raped By Politicians” & 6 Other Essential Tips For Indian Women (Sarcasm Intended)

Newspapers report at least one case of rape/ sexual harassment/ molestation a day, and victim blaming is rampant, which is absolutely not OK. How is it the victim's fault?

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Female Doc Attacked Inside Her Hostel: Tell Us Again Where Women Are Safe?

An intruder broke into the girl's hostel of Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal and robbed and molested a student, and despite complaints, the authorities and police were slow to act, even blaming the victim for this.

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Journalist Posts Twitter Thread With 7 Tips On Self Defence, After She Had A Narrow Escape
street harassment

Journalist Anubhuti Vishnoi posted a twitter thread yesterday after a narrow escape from what could have become a horrific sexual assault, highlighting the importance of alertness and self defence.

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Why Arrest Of Young Law Student Who Accused Chinmayanand Is Gross Miscarriage Of Justice
woman who accused chinmayanand arrested

If you’ve ever wondered why more survivors of sexual violence don’t report the crime, this article should put any last dregs of those doubts to rest. Or I hope it does, at least.

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A Recent Bill In Parliament Tried To Make Sexual Crimes Gender Neutral. What Is Your Opinion?
gender neutrality

Looking at sexual crime through the lens of gender leads to a flawed understanding of the dynamics of crime itself; gender neutrality is the answer.

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How To Get Your Car PUC Check Done After A 3-Day Struggle (And Still End Up With A Fine!)

As a law abiding, responsible citizen, the author shows immense patience in getting the PUC of her car done, but loses out in a moment of rashness. A hilarious personal account.

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