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Prison Staff Regularly Sexually Abuse Women Prisoners – How Can We Address This Issue?

Official reports underestimate the prevalence of violence because prisoners fear retaliation, as they are forced to stay in the same place as their perpetrators.

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Honour Killing In Thanjavur, Yet Another Victim?!

Honour killing - this is a cancer of society still leading to the death of young people who are denied their right to live their life their way.

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Recent Jharkhand HC Ruling Takes Us Backwards On The Path Of Progress

A court ruling on the basis of regressive social rules instead of Constitutional tenets can be detrimental to the progress of not just women, but this nation.

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What Caused Suchana Seth To Kill Her 4-Year Old?
Suchana Seth

Suchana Seth: What could have driven a woman of such apparent success to commit such an unimaginable and devastating act against her own child?

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A Brief Overview Of Domestic Violence In India
Domestic violence in India

Despite governmental efforts, domestic violence persists in India. Ensuring law enforcement is crucial for societal welfare, as it adversely affects women's well-being and the entire family.

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A Short Guide To Free Legal Aid for Women and Children In India
A Short Guide To Free Legal Aid for Women and Children in India

According to Section 12(c) of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, free legal aid for women and children is a must.

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