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Legal information for Indian women, and news of gender related violence in India
‘Uncle Loves You Like A Daughter’ Is The Wrong Thing To Tell A Child Who May Be Sexually Abused!

He would hug her in front of her parents saying "she is my daughter." He tried to be very friendly with Neerja, would come to her room to chat with her and try and hug her, kiss her unnecessarily, and touch her inappropriately.

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Madam Chief Minister, You’ve Done Irreparable Damage With Your Words On The Nadia Rape Case!
Nadia rape case

Trigger Warning: This deals with rape /gang rape/ sexual assault/ victim blaming/ victim shaming/ assault of minors and may be triggering for survivors. Was she actually raped? Was she pregnant? Was there some other reason? Did someone slap her? Was she sick? These were the statements, rather the counter questions, of West Bengal’s CM when […]

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With Karnataka HC’s Recent Observation On Marital Rape, Is It Time We Redefine Marriage?

Yes, there are chances that a man may end up with a woman who lies, just as there are endless chances a woman may end up with a man who rapes her.

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Husbands Do Not Get A License To Be Brutal Sexual Abusers To Their Wives!
Karnataka HC verdict on marital rape

This judgment is a tight slap on all the 'beasts' who feel that just because they have found a woman who is committed to them, they can scar every fiber of her being.

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11y.o. Raped By Brother, Father, Uncle, Grandfather – Why ‘What Was Her Mother Doing’ Is The Wrong Q To Ask!

Is it any stretch of imagination to realise that probably the mother was also being raped by these men? That if she objected, worse could happen to her and the child?

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The Most Unforgettable Person For Me Is This Stranger I Encountered When I Was 13….

This incident happened with me when I was in school. I had relationships after that, I got married and had a child, but it still haunts me sometimes. It scarred me for life.

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