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She Dared To Go Out… So Will Our Daughters And Our Daughters’ Daughters; Just Like Our Sons

Disturbed by the recent brutal rape and murder of a young doctor in Hyderabad, the author wonders about how things came to this point, and what could possibly be done about it.

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A Mother’s Open Letter To A God Who Lets Such Horrors Happen – Do You Exist At All?

Till our daughters come back safely, we are forever tracking them with GPS. When reporting every single moment is the only norm, where is the time left to live her life?

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The Recent Hyderabad Horror Makes Us Question Any Hope Of Safety For Women
Priyanka Hyderabad rape and murder

A woman in Hyderabad was raped and then burned. This brutal rape and murder makes us question once again that when will women be safe.

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The Sarvjeet Singh Case Raises Troubling Questions On The Media’s Role In Reporting Crime Against Women

While there is no doubt that we should report on complaints of harassment or assault of women, it is not the job of the news media to pronounce judgement.

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Sexual Assault And Death Of 2 Minor Sisters In Walayar, Kerala – Who Is Responsible?
Walayar sisters

Two sisters from Walayar, Kerala, 13 and 9 years old, were found hanging in their home in a space of 2 months, both showing signs of long time sexual assault. Who is responsible?

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“Avoid Getting Raped By Politicians” & 6 Other Essential Tips For Indian Women (Sarcasm Intended)

Newspapers report at least one case of rape/ sexual harassment/ molestation a day, and victim blaming is rampant, which is absolutely not OK. How is it the victim's fault?

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