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What's life like for working women in India? Here we discuss our challenges, learn tips to combat common challenges faced by women (including working mothers) and find out where the best jobs for women are opening up.
8 Creative Ideas For Women’s Day Programs At Work To Celebrate Gender Equality

With International Women's Day coming up soon, when many of us look out for innovative women's day programs in our workplaces, to mark the day in a creative, positive and thoughtful manner. Here are some useful ideas!

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Are Women The Biggest Casualty Of The #MeToo Movement In The Workplace?

Rather than figuring out how to treat women respectfully, many men seem to have developed a 'woman phobia' after the rise of #metoo. This cannot be the way to go forward!

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We Need Laws Against Sexual Harassment At Work, Even If They’re Problematic Sometimes

Why are we so terrified of the laws against sexual harassment at work "because they could be misused"? But any laws could be misused, so what do we have against something that protects women?

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‘मैटरनिटी बेनिफिट एक्ट’ बेहद सराहनीय है, पर इसकी ग्राउंड रियलिटी अभी थोड़ी अलग है

'मैटरनिटी बेनिफिट एक्ट’ बेहद सराहनीय है, पर, इसकी ग्राउंड रियलिटी अभी थोड़ी अलग है। इसका कुछ व्यापक असर हो, यह बहुत ज़रूरी है |

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The Thin Line Between Internship And Entrepreneurship: Do You See It?

As a skilled professional, if you are being given the same responsibilities and recognition as an intern would be, it's time to start asking if entrepreneurship is a better deal for you.

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3 Reasons Why Women Should Never Give Up Working, At A Professional Level

Why is it so important for a woman to continue working at a professional level? This post makes some very important on and share your opinion!

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