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Workplace Issues
What's life like for working women in India? Here we discuss our challenges, learn tips to combat common challenges faced by women (including working mothers) and find out where the best jobs for women are opening up.
women politicians
How Sexist Mindsets In Indian Politics Make It A Truly Dirty Game Against Women Politicians

Politics in India is by default a dirty game riddled with sexist and patriarchal mindsets, that tries to keep women politicians 'in their place' over irrelevant things.

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Work From Home Etiquette Means We Need To Value Personal Time, Starting Now!

Lack of sound work from home etiquette is turning many work from home arrangements into a nightmare! Is this the case with you?

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Proficiency In English Is Just A Skill, Not A Measure Of Your Intelligence

In India, proficiency in English is often considered a sign of intelligence; however, it is just a useful skill, like any other skill needed at work.

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How Organisations Are Adapting To The ‘New Normal’ Through Effective Work From Home Policies

From revised policy schedules to meditation sessions to virtual lunches, employers are doing the best they can for consistent productivity and mental well being of employees. 

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It’s Time For Women To Be Heard Loud & Clear At Work

For centuries, women have been considered bodily objects to be enjoyed; rarely have their minds received as much respect, or even attention.

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Haryana IAS Officer Rani Nagar Resigns Due To Workplace Harassment And Safety Concerns
IAS officer Rani Nagaer

Harassed by her seniors in ways that could have become dangerous had she not been alert, IAS officer Rani Nagar resigns, publicly posting about her ordeal.

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