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What's life like for working women in India? Here we discuss our challenges, learn tips to combat common challenges faced by women (including working mothers) and find out where the best jobs for women are opening up.
Will 2020-2029 Be The Magic Decade For Women At Work In India? Senior Industry Leaders Respond

While the last decade saw a rise in employers working to hire and retain more women at work, we need 2020-2029 to actually show us the results.

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Why Are Women Afraid To Speak Up On ‘Sensitive’ Issues At The Workplace?

We have become comfortable speaking about work-life balance, but still hesitate to speak about more 'troublesome' issues like harassment at work. Why is this?

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10 Features Of The Maternity Benefits Act Every Working Woman Should Know

In this era of feminism, a number of companies still don't have enough facilities for new mothers. Here is all you need to know about the Maternity Benefits Act.

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The Rise Of Women In The Judiciary & Police Will Empower Women – And Everyone Else

We need to dramatically increase the representation of women in the judiciary, police, prisons and legal aid system. Here's why.

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2019 McKinsey Report: ‘Broken Rung’ In Corporate Ladder Leading To Too Few Women At The Top

According to the fifth report on Women In the Workplace by McKinsey & Company and, female representation at entry level positions is not encouraging enough

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6 Things Happening At Work That Are Harassment, And Not Your Fault…!

Women who are repeatedly harassed by men start thinking that maybe something is wrong with them. To those women, I say: it is not your fault!

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