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What's life like for working women in India? Here we discuss our challenges, learn tips to combat common challenges faced by women (including working mothers) and find out where the best jobs for women are opening up.
India Inc Is Doing More To Be Inclusive, But We Need To Push Ourselves A Lot More!

What does true inclusion at the workplace look like? And why does it matter in the larger world around us?

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What Is The Real Reason Women Don’t Get Equal Recognition Of Their Work?

An unasked question you see in many eyes. A loud question many choose to ignore. Why don’t women get equal recognition? A conversation with a colleague on gender bias is what led to this thought. “I have completed the projects assigned, brought new ideas to the table, and have client appreciation too. Yet, internally there […]

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NASA’s Cancelled All-Female Spacewalk Is 1 More Example Of Women Facing More Obstacles At Work
all female spacewalk

While the cancelled spacewalk is not a case of blatant sexism, it does put a spotlight on how organizations must change to become more female-friendly spaces.

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The Right to Disconnect: Will India Ever Allow Employees To Embrace Work-Life Balance?

The Right to Disconnect bill proposes to give employees the power to NOT attend to work after office-hours. If such a bill comes to pass, it would indeed be a tremendous turnaround in workaholic India. 

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Women Returning To Work After A Break Deserve Your Complete Support – Here’s Why

Women returning to work after a break need (and deserve) complete support and understanding from both families and organisations. Here's why such support is our right to demand!

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China Stops Employers From Asking Women, “So When Are You Getting Married?”

Most Indian women face questions at interviews about marriage and children; questions that have nothing to do with their abilities. Perhaps we can look at the latest measure from China instead.

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