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Smita Das Jain

Smita Das Jain is the author of the bestselling short story collection, 'A Slice Of Life: Every Person Has A Story,' available worldwide on Amazon. Her E-book 'The Lost Identity' is available on Amazon. She loves writing contemporary stories with a twist and her works have appeared on StoryMirror, Penmancy, WordWeavers and Auroras & Blossoms Anthology. She is a writer by passion and writes every day. Samples of her writing are visible in the surroundings around her- her home office, her sunny terrace garden, her husband’s car, and the kitchen napkins. In another world, when she is not writing, Smita is a Personal Empowerment and Executive Life Coach enabling people to create careers they love, find time to do what they like and live the life they choose. She is also a strategy professional with more than fourteen years of experience working in leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies. She is an IIM Indore and SRCC alumna. Smita lives with her rockstar husband and her adorable eleven-year-old daughter in Gurugram, India.

Voice of Smita Das Jain

She Wanted To Stand Apart In Her Career; Not Stand Alone In Life!

“A woman has to work harder than a man in the same job to prove her worth. Having a career doesn’t make me a bad wife and mother.”

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Dear Mom, Your Own Happiness Matters Most, Not What Your Relatives Or Even Your Children Think!

Distraught at the birth of yet another girl child, her father abandoned them soon after Kankana was born. Her mother had worked two shifts and yet not let her children feel the absence of a father.

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She Thought She Had Managed To Break The Bias Against Working Women…Then She Became A Mother

Rashmi was aware that the path ahead would be formidable; but she was determined to #breakthebias against herself as a working mom.

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You May Be My Husband, But You Can’t Enter And Exit My Life At Your Convenience!

It was Kiran’s turn to be quiet. She had never imagined a situation where her husband would ask her to help him out. Her mind drifted to that awful day three years ago.

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I Need My Space, And I Will Create It If Needed

“Your primary responsibility is to our family, Priya. Anyway, this is a temporary situation and will become redundant when work from office resumes. Until then, learn to adjust."

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What Free Time Are You Talking About?! Taking Care Of Home Is A Full Time Job!

“You are not serious, right? You are about to graduate from one of the most prestigious colleges in the country and say you don’t want to work. Ridiculous. I mean, why study in the first place?”

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I Refuse To Take The Responsibility For Your Actions And Be Blamed For How You Think!

“We sleep in each other’s arms every night and spend quality time during the weekends. Why is it necessary for me to be free and with you, every time that you are?”

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This Is Our Chance To Define Our Relationship In Our Own Way

“We all have our own ways of grieving,” Namrata said in a firm voice. “Sandhya was always close to her father. She does not need to justify her actions to outsiders.”

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Remember, It Is Not Your Fault; It Is NEVER Your Fault

Shivani’s trickle of tears turned into a flood as she buried her face in her mother’s bosom. For a few minutes, the silence in the room was punctuated with Shivani’s sobs.

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What’s In A Relationship If We Don’t Share Our Ups And Downs?

Prerna had not called me once in the last nine months. I had called her once three months earlier. She was polite and aloof, as one would be with a stranger.

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