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Career growth tips for Indian women - working women in India still face challenges moving up the ladder; get advice and practical tips on making it.
To Women Who Break The Glass Ceiling: Pave The Way For Others After You

Do women who get past the glass ceiling pave the way for other women after them? Or do they simply internalise the existing patriarchal structures?

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My Journey From Being A Woman On A Dependent Visa To Something More…

Being a 'dependent visa wife' can be challenging for women who want to follow their dreams. But, if you are driven, you can still find opportunities and make a mark.

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To Mentor Is To Touch A Life Forever, And To Learn Yourself Too

Years after mentoring a younger colleague at work, the author hears back on his successful journey and reflects on the joys of being a mentor. 

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Zomato’s Impressive New Parental Leave Policy Is A Welcome Step Towards Being Inclusive
Zomato parental leave policy

Zomato has recently announced a new, more inclusive parental leave policy, taking into account not only dads, but also surrogate, adoptive, and same sex parents.

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Was It Really A ‘Happy’ Mother’s Day For Moms & Soon-To-Be Moms Employed At Indian Workplaces?

It was Mother’s Day yesterday, when we all celebrated mothers, mostly in their roles as caregivers and nurturers. But do we give a thought to mothers and soon-to-be mothers in Indian workplaces?

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9 Tips For Indian Bloggers On How To Make Money Through Blogging
make money blogging

Some of us bloggers would like to make money blogging, and while it does take some hard work, it is completely possible. Here are some tips on how that works.

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