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Career growth tips for Indian women - working women in India still face challenges moving up the ladder; get advice and practical tips on making it.
Was It Really A ‘Happy’ Mother’s Day For Moms & Soon-To-Be Moms Employed At Indian Workplaces?

It was Mother’s Day yesterday, when we all celebrated mothers, mostly in their roles as caregivers and nurturers. But do we give a thought to mothers and soon-to-be mothers in Indian workplaces?

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9 Tips For Indian Bloggers On How To Make Money Through Blogging
make money blogging

Some of us bloggers would like to make money blogging, and while it does take some hard work, it is completely possible. Here are some tips on how that works.

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Why I Chose To Move So far From Home To Teach At An Unknown Indian Village School
village school

"I know I can make a positive change in the lives of these children," says Piyusha Vir, "which demanded that I move so far away from home and do the work I needed to do, a calling, if you will."

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How Do You Become That Writer Whose Words Go Viral, And Books Become Bestsellers?
how to become a writer

Most of the consistent readers I know either already possess a natural inclination to express their thoughts in written words, or involuntarily develop it over the years. So what is it that holds them back?

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Finally! Women In The Indian Army Can Get A Permanent Commission

In a ground breaking new step, Permanent Commission will now be granted to women in the Indian Army across 10 branches of the Indian army including signals, engineering, army aviation, army air defense, electronics and mechanical engineers.

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10 Exceptional Working Women Share Why Work Adds Such Meaning To Their Lives
getting to equal

Having a career and the financial independence it means creates an identity for women beyond their traditional roles in homes. Which is why workplace equality should be a given.

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