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Career Growth
Career growth tips for Indian women - working women in India still face challenges moving up the ladder; get advice and practical tips on making it.
most common freelancing questions
For Female Freelancers: 14 Most Common Freelancing Questions

Here are 14 most common freelancing questions that you should check, epically if you are an Indian woman starting your career as a freelancer.

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8 Must Dos To Take Your Career To The Next Level
career growth

Career growth for any individual can be challenging, especially in a field that's unfamiliar. Here are 8 things you should be focusing on to have a healthy career.

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Marie Curie Fellowship Winner Dr Jaishree Subramaniam Did It Despite Systemic Harassment At University
Jaishree Subramaniam

Dr Jaishree Subramaniam's father didn't want her to do Botany, and later her colleagues and mentor harassed her as an Indian woman and refused to publish her PhD thesis - yet she persevered.

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How To Build A Career In Media Literacy And Journalism

Write for blogs and websites that are open to public submissions. You can pitch it to student-run magazines and college-run publications. You can also self-publish.

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3 High Demand Freelancing Opportunities You Shouldn’t Miss In 2023
3 High Demand Freelancing Opportunities You Shouldn\'t Miss in 2023

Are you curious about the boundless potential of freelancing, all while savoring the perks of working from home?

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My PhD Journey As A New Mom Was Really Tough But Not Impossible To Achieve!
Shilpee Prasad

PhD demands immense dedication, perseverance, and support. For women, the challenges amplify, especially when they are balancing familial responsibilities alongside rigorous research.

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