11 Quick Tips On How To Face An Interview

Are you sure you are prepared for your interview? While specifics may differ, here are a few universal tips that will help.

Interviews are what everyone has to face in life if you want a career, whatever field you choose. The question that arises in the mind is, “How the hell should I prepare myself?”

Here are a few tips:

Suitable attire

Wear something that’s appropriate for the job profile you are looking for and that which makes you feel confident.

Keep any make-up light and business-like

Too much of make-up is a strict “No!”, unless you are aspiring for a career in modelling or acting or in some such field. Otherwise, a light make-up is fine.

Make sure the job fits your skills

The interviewer is looking at the prospective candidates more for what they know. So, your skills matter a lot. Target the kind of job you desire and gather as much knowledge as possible.

Take all appreciation certificates with you

If you have some appreciation certificates, do remember to take them and mention about them gently during the conversation.

Be confident

Appear confident. Answer confidently. You have to take care of your fear. The interviewees are not demons and they mostly make you feel good. They wish to know how you fit the needs of the job they wish to assign.

Don’t compare with other candidates

Don’t be affected by the other candidates who try to tell how good they are or show-off. Ultimately, it will be your talent that will matter.

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Don’t bluff if you don’t know something

You may not know everything. During such times, rather than bluffing, it’s better to admit that you don’t know. Steer the conversation to the subject you know well or have expertise in.

Familiarise yourself with the lingo at the organisation

Try to be more familiar with the language the organisation mostly uses as a part of routine. It certainly helps.

Negotiate for the best salary

If the salary is negotiable, try to understand what is the range in other similar organisations in similar region. Don’t settle for something less. Do put your points regarding why you deserve that salary firmly, yet gently. Also, Google if someone has already written about non-payment of salary by the organisation, not respecting women etc.

Work hours should always suit you

Do talk clearly about the working hours and understand if that suits you.

Be clear on how you will contribute

Have the plans for how you will contribute towards the betterment of the organisation ready. Go through the company profile several times.

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