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Speaking Up About The Sexism I Encountered At Work As A Woman Government Officer

The author speaks of the all pervading sexism in Indian government offices, that is often taken for granted as 'normal office culture', and which needs to be addressed.

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“I Write Because I Cannot Help It”, Saya Radha Sawana, Author Of The Month, September 2018

Radha Sawana believes that all problems reside within us, and their solutions too. Her writing is mostly about her day-to-day experience, that's exactly what connects well with the readers. 

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How 20 Rural Women From Barabazar Demolished Local Patriarchal Notions, Brick By Brick

Women from Barabazar block of West Bengal, enabled by the women-led Sabuj Sathi Nari Sakthi Sangha, are creating waves by challenging patriarchal norms, dressed in shirts and trousers and working as masons. Despite seventy-one years of our independence, Indian women are still struggling to claim their legitimate space in Indian society. Development for women clubbed […]

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She Couldn’t Do This Anymore; How Could It Remain Just A Job?

The make-up hid the bags under her eyes, but it couldn’t hide her lack of enthusiasm. She was tired of pretending that the work she was doing wasn’t affecting her.

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7 Sure-Fire Tips I Follow As A Work-At-Home Mom, To Remain Productive And Sane

The pressures on a work-at-home mom are unique, and there are a few things that always work, while keeping yourself sane in the inevitable chaos.

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5 Things To Do In Your Early 20s To Set Yourself Up For Success

Starting early and starting right can get you a head start in life, and nothing like doing it in your 20s when you do not yet have major responsibilities. Here are 5 things you can do.

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