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Surekha Yadav woman train driver
Surekha Yadav Is The Small Town Girl Who Became Asia’s 1st Female Train Driver In The ’80s

Meet Surekha Yadav, who became a certified locomotive driver in the Indian Railways in 1989, and is the driver of the 1st Ladies Special in Mumbai. 

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Supreme Court Rules Against Centre: Women Can Now Hold Command Posts In Indian Army
women in command

Indian women officers in the army can now be given permanent commission and hold command posts, says a recent SC ruling, which overturns a sexist directive by the Centre.

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Boy’s Painting Showing Women’s Invisible Work Shines On Kerala’s Gender Budget
Kerala boy viral painting

Anujath lost his mother soon after his painting won the prestigious Shankar's award for art, but the Kerala govt putting it on their 2020-21 budget manual has made it, and his message about mothers' invisible labour, go viral.

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Are Women Really Unsuitable For Command Posts, Or Is The Army Scared Of Losing Its All–Male Bastion?

The Centre made a shocking, regressive statement to the Supreme Court, that women could not be accepted in commanding roles in the Army. This is not acceptable.

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4 Simple But Brilliant Options For Women In Tech Who Want Restart Their Career

Women who take a break and want to go back to work, the job market is quite often difficult. However, here are a few options for you if you want to restart your career!

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Mayuri Purkayastha Built A Library In A Govt School In Maharashtra By Crowdsourcing Books
Mayuri Purkayastha

Government schools in India lack many educational facilities like a good library. Mayuri Purkayastha speaks of one such she built in Bhosari, through crowdsourcing.

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