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10 Real Life Tricky Questions During Interviews For You To Learn From

From navigating questions around your break to impressing the interviewer to hire you for a position that does not exist, here are 14 women talking about their interview questions and answers.

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Japan’s Ruling Party Reveals New Plan: More Women In Meetings; But They Shouldn’t Speak
Japan women at work

If this wasn't in legit newspapers, it would be unbelievable - that 1st world country Japan shows such regressive views about women in governance. Women at meetings for show?

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The Ultimate Guide To Beating That Imposter Syndrome In 10 Easy Tips

Do you suffer from an imposter syndrome? Do you feel all your achievements might not be truly deserved, or second guess yourself all the time?

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Writing Your First Resume? Here Are 5 Tips To Make It Perfect!

Stressed about writing your first resume? Not to fear for here are 5 tried and tested tips that will make your resume outshine others!

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With Twice The Burden, What Happens To The Female Workforce In The Pandemic?

Even in these harsh and extraordinary circumstances, the Indian woman’s status remains as banal, ordinary, unchanged & unchallenged as ever.

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Ignored As The Only Woman At A Workshop, I Finally Stood On My Chair To Be Seen And Heard

I was the only woman along with 27 men at a 2-day life skills workshop, and was completely ignored all day including by faculty, until I did something unusual and in-your-face.

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