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Coming Back For The Miracle Of Life

"You do what makes you happy, not what others expect of you, Jomol. And parents will be parents. It’s their job to be worried. Ultimately, the decision will be yours.”

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The Flight Back Home

'Come back to? Do you really mean what I think you do?' Amma was old but her mind was still alert enough to catch the unexplained words.

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Juhi Sharma & Her Volunteers Are Changing How Underprivileged Delhi Kids Handle Emotions
Juhi Sharma

Juhi Sharma of Light Up, Emotions Matter Foundation, along with her young volunteers, addresses the feelings of Delhi street kids, to nip bullying and other negative behaviour in the bud.

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Black Mambas… The World’s 1st All-Women Anti-Poaching Commando Squad
Black Mambas

Meet the Black Mambas. An all-women commando squad from Africa, who work to crack down on animal poaching in the wild. 

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Was I A Failure At That Job, Or Did My Boss Who Disliked Me, Sabotage Me?

The author writes about the really hard time her boss gave her at one of her early jobs, and wonders about the continuum between failure and sabotage - where does one end and the other begin?

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Speaking Up About The Sexism I Encountered At Work As A Woman Government Officer
sexism in government offices

The author speaks of the all pervading sexism in Indian government offices, that is often taken for granted as 'normal office culture', and which needs to be addressed.

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