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women at work
Koel’s Song

Koel shuddered. Till now she had ignored all his lecherous looks, suffered his uninvited touches, and pretended not to understand the double entendres full of sexual undertones.

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Menopause And The Indian Workplace – Break The Screeching Silence On This Phase In Women’s Lives

Menopause and the woman at work - though it clearly affects the woman's mental and physical health and interaction with society, workplaces have refused to address this reality of women's lives.

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Sudha Murthy Chats With Twinkle Khanna: Being A Good Human Being With Empathy Essential, Whether Or Not One Is An Achiever

On the 2nd anniversary of her digital platform Tweak India, Twinkle Khanna chats with Sudha Murthy on her life and choices.

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Bras Are Back (Sigh!), And 9 Other Tips For Surviving The Return Journey From The ‘New Normal’ To The ‘Old Normal’!

As the pandemic is (hopefully) receding, and we take baby steps outside, remember that the world changed while we were all inside, smiling, laughing, weeping, grieving or holding on.

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Indra Nooyi: “We, As A Society, Haven’t Built Robust, Contemporary Systems” To Truly Support A Good Work-Life Balance
Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi's autobiography My Life In Full: Work, Family, And Our Future is worth reading as the journey of a woman who made it to the very top – especially when female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are so rare.

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6 Startling Reasons Why Women In Sales Are Better Than How They Are Perceived
women in sales

Here's some education for the men who think women aren't suitable for sales. The only reason women actually might not be doing better is the bias taught by patriarchy.

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