On International Women’s Day. it’s time to ask if we’ve really taken enough steps ahead. Read some thought-provoking pieces here!
women at work
Oxfam report
Women Have Lost More Income To COVID Than 98 Countries Put Together!

The recent Oxfam Report on women at work world over gives data for the losses women as a collective have suffered due to the year of pandemic, and continue suffering.

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My Domestic Help Has Taught Her 13yo Son To Cook, Just In Case Of COVID…

She tells me about the money she has saved for medical emergencies that might crop up, and to keep her salary on hold. She has also prepared her 13-year old boy, taught him to cook, just in case.

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The Myth Of ‘Hardy’ Domestic Helpers & Labourers Who ‘Have Good Immunity’
myth of the healthy poor

This whole idea that the 'poor are healthy' is nothing but a privileged myth. It is a convenient excuse to keep them deprived and breaking their backs to suit our needs.

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“Can Domestic Help Work During Lockdown?” Let Me Answer Your Question

When someone on my housing complex WhatsApp group asked if domestic helps are allowed to come work between 6am-10am which is when shops are open for essentials, I had to call out their entitlement.

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Pavithra Krishnaswamy: A Woman-Led Organisation Won’t Accept Discrimination Even In Jokes’
Pavithra Krishnaswamy

In the women led organisation where she works, Pavithra Krishnaswamy speaks of a new, evolved perception of work-life harmony, built on workplace safety and employee wellness.

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Menopausal Women Go Through Hell Without Being Shamed For ‘Taking Too Many Breaks At Work’

"Now I am 46. My body and mind are both going through an upheaval. My hormones are wreaking havoc. There are times I need to pause for a breather. Is it wrong to pause?" she hollered.

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