‘I Want To Make My Mother Proud’ Says Sakeela Who Grew A Successful Custom Saree Embroidery Business

Sakeela has grown her mother's hand embroidery and tailoring store to cater to a pan-India and some international clientele.

For 18 years, Andhra-based Sakeela lovingly nurtured her treasured tailoring shop, embracing the legacy passed down by her mother. Fond memories of her mother and their bond, only ignited her passion for the craft.

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“My mother began this journey with her hand-embroidered sarees, and now, I am proud to carry her legacy forward by infusing a personalised touch into an even wider range of garments,” Sakeela passionately shares. 

Sarees, blouses, pattus and ladies’ suit sets grace the racks; each piece transformed into a unique work of art through Sakeela’s hand embroidery and stone work expertise. Her creativity knows no bounds as she customises each garment to perfectly match her customers’ desires and requirements.

Sakeela’s business now has an online presence

In addition to her physical shop, Sakeela has embraced the digital world, finding a virtual home for her exquisite embroidery creations on popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. Recognising the need to adapt to the evolving landscape, she initiated her online presence and now owns two thriving Instagram pages. One page showcases her hand-embroidery collection, while the other is solely dedicated to the gorgeous collection of sarees she offers.

Sakeela shares, “I realised I needed to adjust to the evolving world by transitioning to the online space. Promoting my work on different social media platforms has drastically improved my success. My Instagram pages, in particular, have become the primary source of maximum online orders.”

Sakeela’s clientele primarily comprises customers from southern India, focusing on Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. However, her expertise extends beyond national borders, as she also offers courier services to international destinations such as Switzerland, Canada, and the United States. With a steady stream of orders pouring in, both online and offline, Sakeela’s artistry has found its way into the hearts of many. “When it comes to daily orders, I receive around 20 to 30 online orders. At the same time, my shop caters to an average of 30 to 40 walk-in customers per day”, shares Sakeela.

A strong business sense propelled her towards a loan

A strong business sense meant Sakeela proactively pursued a strategic solution by seeking a business loan in 2022. She wanted to evolve her offerings and secure additional inventory in response to the surging demand and anticipation of festive seasons. Having discovered Mahila Money online, she promptly initiated the loan application process for INR 1 Lakh, diligently submitting all the requisite documentation. Impressively, within a week, the requested funds were seamlessly transferred to her account, enabling her to procure essential materials for her shop.

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Sakeela’s commendable commitment to timely loan repayments did not go unnoticed by Mahila Money, leading to a significant milestone in her financial journey. During the 2022 Diwali Top-Up loan offer, Sakeela was offered a top-up loan of INR 50K. This financial infusion acted as a catalyst, leading her tailoring business to brim with orders during the Diwali festivities, amplifying her profits and moving her toward a trajectory of growth.

Reflecting on the pivotal role that Mahila Money played in fortifying her business and augmenting her sales, Sakeela expressed her gratitude, stating, “Mahila Money’s support has been crucial in boosting my business and driving higher sales. This partnership has given me the confidence to run my business efficiently and create beautiful masterpieces.”

Hand embroidered and customised for the client

Venturing beyond the realms of selling Mangalgiri, Gadwal, and Dharmavaram sarees, Sakeela is currently in her element, crafting personalised and exquisite sarees that resonate with her client’s unique preferences. Post the loan, her business profits have surged significantly, escalating from INR 1.18 lacs to an impressive monthly total of INR 2 lacs. Demonstrating her commitment to responsible business practices, Sakeela consistently prioritises her loan repayments, reflecting her profound appreciation towards her steadfast financial partner.

Sakeela envisions a future where her business caters to pan-India and more international locations, distributing her craft far and wide. Her dreams extend to transforming her shop into a one-stop destination for all ladies’ garment requirements.

As she gazes at the legacy she inherited from her mother, Sakeela’s heart swells with pride and determination. “I want to make my mother proud,” she confided. “To continue what she started and to take it to even greater heights is a dream I hold dear to my heart.”

Sakeela is about to apply for her third loan with Mahila Money to expand her stocks for the upcoming festive seasons.  Her story inspires women in her town to #JiyoApneDumPe.  She shows that with passion, resilience, and the right support, even a neighbourhood tailoring shop can dream of expanding into a successful embroidery business.

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