‘It’s All Because My Clients Believed In Me’ Says Jahnabi Phukan Of The Salon Business She Grew!

Jahnabi Phukan, a Guwahati-based entrepreneur and mother, turned her passion for beauty into a thriving business, with some financial support to overcome challenges.

Meet Jahnabi, a former theatre artist who has transitioned from captivating audiences on stage to compelling clients with her beauty and wellness expertise. She has transformed her passion for beauty, wellness, and makeup into two successful salons. Jahnabi soon however faced the hurdle of capital constraints, but financial support at the right time transformed her budding enterprise into a flourishing reality, culminating in an impressive annual turnover, close to 24 lakhs.

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Crafting beauty and dreams at the heart of Guwahati

Located on Zoo Road in Guwahati, Jahnabi Phukan’s Abloom Spa & Beauty Salon,  is more than just a beauty salon. It’s a canvas where she paints confidence and self-assurance for every client who walks through her doors.

Engaged in animated conversations, Jahnabi caters to her clients, her expertise flowing seamlessly from discussing makeup techniques to delving into the latest movies and musings. “My clients are like my extended family, a constant source of encouragement and trust. Thanks to their support, I now proudly own not just one but two thriving beauty salons in the city’s heart,” reveals Jahnabi with a glint of pride in her eyes.

The foundation of Jahnabi’s remarkable journey was laid during her formative years, sparked by a fascination with beauty and makeup, ignited by her elder sister’s nurturing guidance. “My baido (elder sister) not only introduced me to skincare and haircare routines but also experimented with makeup on me. Through these playful endeavours, I took my first steps into the world of beauty. Little did I fathom that this early exposure would shape my life,” muses Jahnabi, her voice infused with nostalgia and realisation.

It was a lot of hard work, but she persevered

Jahnabi’s journey to entrepreneurship took much work. She explored dance, theatre, and even cinema. However, life took her in unexpected directions, moving to different towns after getting married before returning to her hometown of Guwahati in 2018. It was here that her entrepreneurial journey began. “I started selling beauty products and worked under different makeup brands until 2021. Little did I know that this was the foundation of my beauty journey,” reflects Jahnabi, tracing the steps that led her toward her entrepreneurial leap.

Jahnabi set out on a path of continuous learning and growth, using determination as her guide. She immersed herself in the beauty business, selling products and mastering various healing massages. The pandemic tested her resilience, but it also became a preparation period. “I was preparing myself for my shop someday, probably a beauty salon,” she confides. “The pandemic was a period of introspection and readiness,” confesses Jahnabi.

As she embarked on her journey, a chorus of support and inspiration echoed around her. “It’s all because of my clients who believed in me and yearned for me to have my salon,” she chuckles. Their faith became a beacon, lighting the way to her dreams. As the world unlocked its doors in 2021, Jahnabi seized the moment, stepping into a parlour as an employee to get firsthand insights. With her savings, skills, and growing clientele, she inched closer to her dream.

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Financial constraints that led Jahnabi to look for a partner support

She worked in the salon till 2021 and was at the same time looking to lease a suitable place and transform the same into a beauty haven. It was in Nov 2021 that Jahnabi finally made her dream come true and leased a place in Guwahati. “I used most of my savings to procure this place and customise the same to my customer’s needs. Although I was inching closer to my dream, I soon realised I needed more capital. The final push came from Mahila Money, a name suggested by a friend. The process was straightforward, and Jahnabi accessed a loan of 60K, utilising it to procure essential beauty products. “After attending Mahila Money’s loan sessions and understanding the process, I knew this was my instant solution,” affirms Jahnabi.

Watching the dream come true

January 2022 witnessed the realisation of Jahnabi’s dreams as her salon opened its doors. With her loan funds, she transformed her vision into reality, offering various beauty services that mirrored her passion. “My salon finally started, and it was the happiest day for me,” exclaims Jahnabi. She used the loan to purchase a hair spa machine and beauty products, and pay rent. She was now ready to welcome more clients and serve them better.

Paving the path for others

Jahnabi’s salon elevated her financial status and created employment opportunities for eight individuals. Her salon thrived and paved the way for a second establishment.” I just inaugurated my 2nd salon last month, and I am growing. My income has doubled, from earning 1.18 lacs, I am now making close to 2 Lacs,” she quotes happily. “The impact of the Mahila Money business loan has been immense. I have been paying all my EMIs on time and plan to apply for my 2nd loan soon,” reveals Jahnabi.

A glimpse into the future, unveiling grand visions

Jahnabi envisions a grand complex encompassing diverse beauty services, massage cabins, tattoo stations, dresses, and accessories to compliment their client’s looks. Her dream project stands as a testament to her ambition and serves as an inspiration for other women. When asked about advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, she says, “Trust your instinct, have confidence, and keep working hard.”.

Jahnabi Phukan’s story demonstrates the power of seizing opportunities and boundless possibilities that lie ahead when one harnesses their potential.

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