Aqhila Bakery On Wheels Continues Her Father’s Legacy Of Doing Business With Minimum Investment

Meet Bangalore-based Aqhila Begum, an entrepreneur who transformed her limited resources into a thriving bakery on wheels, a local sensation. 

A bustling street with school children playing, office workers rushing by, and freshly baked goodies wafting through the air – that’s where you’ll find 48-year-old Aqhila, the mastermind behind the unique and delightful ‘Bakery on Wheels’. Her initially meagre means did deter her passion for making people smile through her baked treats. Armed with determination and a some financial push, Aqhila set out to create a bakery experience unlike any other.

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Speaking about her journey, Aqhila says, “My trusty sidekick in this adventure is none other than my scooter. It may not be the fanciest mode of transportation, but it has been my loyal companion, carrying my savouries to every nook and cranny of our neighbourhood. And let me tell you, it has been quite a ride for the last eight years.”

Selling to schools in the locality

Despite not being a baker herself, Aqhila found a way to sell delicious treats to her customers. Every morning, she ventures to a nearby bakery, collecting an array of goodies – readymade cakes, biscuits, buns – you name it. With her inventory carefully stowed away, she zooms through the streets of RT Nagar in Bangalore, seeking the perfect spots to park her mobile shop.

The local schools have become her primary playground. As the recess bell rings, a swarm of excited children flock to her Bakery on Wheels. Their eyes widen with anticipation as they browse the assortment of treats to find their favourites.

“It’s not just kids who find themselves irresistibly drawn to my bakery delights; even adults can’t resist their allure,” shares Aqhila. “Picture tired office workers stepping out for a brief respite, longing for a savoury treat to accompany their afternoon tea. That’s when my Bakery on Wheels comes to their rescue, offering the perfect solution: our signature khara biscuits. Crispy, mildly sweetened, and a real crowd favourite, perfectly blending with their cutting chai.”

A need for a loan

As the business grew, her husband joined her in this endeavour. Together, they cater to the ever-increasing demand. He takes the reins when the orders pour in, and she happily assists him, ensuring that every customer is served promptly and with a smile.

As time passed, the vehicle began to show signs of wear and tear, signalling the need for repairs. Furthermore, Aqhila wanted to purchase larger quantities of cookies, acquire bigger jars to store, and improve packaging. “I was determined to expand my business and keep it thriving, so I began searching for financial aid,” Aqhila stated with a glint of determination.

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A stroke of fortune led Aqhila to Mahila Money Loan, a fintech platform providing women entrepreneurs with capital solutions. With all her paperwork in place, she applied for a loan of 15,000 rupees, which got approved without any hassles. “With the loan, I could fix my scooter, which was in dire need of repair,” Aqhila explained. “Additionally, I invested in buying a variety of biscuits, and jars to make my packaging more appealing.”

New look, fresh packaging attracting more customers

With the introduction of fresh and vibrant packaging, Aqhila’s delectable treats, especially the Khara biscuits, have been selling amazingly. “Customers were drawn to the attractive packaging and couldn’t resist trying the savouries,” Aqhila joyfully recounted. “The demand for my products increased significantly. Also, we began selling biscuits in packs of 10 from earlier packs of 5 priced at Rs. 20 per packet.”

With the rise in demand, Aqhila’s income experienced a substantial surge. Previously earning around 30,000 rupees monthly, she now proudly boasts a revenue of approximately 45,000 rupees per month.

“The loan has truly transformed my business,” Aqhila exclaimed, gratitude filling her voice. “I can now support my family better and provide a brighter future for my children.”

Aqhila’s entrepreneurial spirit has inspired and influenced her eldest daughter, a successful sales executive in a reputed company. “My children have been my support pillars,” Aqhila fondly expressed. “They assist me on weekends, helping with packaging, deliveries, and business management.”

Aquila’s inspiration comes from her father

Aqhila also credits her Abbu for inspiring her to start her unique business and says, “As a kid, I accompanied my father on his baked goods selling trips. He would spend his days baking near the firewood, working tirelessly, and selling his goods the following day. This experience instilled a passion for hard work and entrepreneurship, and I am grateful to my father for it.”

With her success, Aqhila has set her sights on a grander vision for her bakery business. She aspires to open a shop and sell her delectable savouries in larger quantities. Furthermore, she dreams of someday honing her baking skills and creating her brand, taking her Abbu’s legacy ahead.

“I want to continue growing my business and bring joy to more people through my delicious bakery items,” Aqhila shared, her eyes gleaming with ambition. “I hope my story can inspire other women to pursue their dreams and realize their entrepreneurial potential.”

With Mahila Money Loan’s assistance, Aqhila improved her income and paved the way for a brighter future, inspiring countless other women to follow in her footsteps and create their own #JiyoApneDumPe success stories.

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