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Not Having A Job Is Not The End Of The Road, It Is The Beginning

Quitting or losing a job is not the end of the road. There might be better opportunities waiting for you once you decide to leave the same old terrain and follow your dreams.

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These Daughters Of Legacy Are Rewriting Rules Of A Male-Dominated Business World
Daughters of Legacy

Meet some women achievers who might have been sidelined by their illustrious fathers if not for their tenacity and grit and proving themselves to be worthy Daughters of Legacy. 

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Small Businesses Too Are Breaking Barriers, When Are You Starting Yours?

Is small really beautiful? Where do I get my capital from? How do I market my product?... Hundreds of such thoughts keep pestering new business women. Many such questions were answered by experienced women in business at our Breaking Barriers event.

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And Their Resentment Was Immersed Too, With The Goddess!

I know nothing about the outside world. I do not have money to invest. I know my mother in law will object. I have so many constrains. All I know is I love to cook and feed people.

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Successful Women Are Breaking Barriers By Setting Their Priorities. What About You?
Breaking Barriers

"How do you ensure work-life balance?” is question that certainly gets asked to every successful woman out there. Women entrepreneurs at our Breaking Barriers event series had some good answers to that.

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Meet Anita Dongre, The Designer Who Gave Us 5 Brands Of Sustainable Fashion
Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre has designed clothes for many celebrities, including some high profile women in the world, yet her designs are also accessible to the ordinary woman, and sustainable.

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