Meet Seema & Ramkali, Proud Owners Of A Food Truck In Indore Serving Mouthwatering Street Food

Taking advantage of the Govt NLRM Scheme, Seema and Ramkali set up their food truck in Indore, a city of culinary delights.

In every Indian household, from the morning breakfast to the evening dinner, the unique flavour and taste present in every dish make it impossible to find a similar experience anywhere else in the world. Anyone who visits India and tastes the local cuisine even once cannot forget it, as the meals here come with a special ingredient – love and affection.

Whether it’s the taste of a mother’s cooking or the unique flavour from the hands of grandmothers, our minds are captivated because it includes their care and boundless love for us. And it’s not limited to a few women; you’d be surprised to know that every Indian woman has a distinct taste and richness in her cooking.

Indore, the city of street foods

One city that is renowned for its food in India is Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Known as a paradise for food lovers, this city boasts diverse markets where you can find a wide variety of culinary delights that will make your mouth water.

The entire city is a bustling marketplace where you will encounter so many varieties of food and drinks that witnessing them might leave you salivating.

Started their own food truck in the city of Indore by taking a loan

In this very city, to spread the taste of their own hands, Ramkali and Seema from the Kalaria village in the district of Indore, associated with the Kalaria village’s Sai Self-Help Group, had decided to start their own food truck. They had made up their minds, but the question remained about where they would get the money to initiate this venture.

Though there were concerns, there was also a belief that something would work out. Both of them were part of a self-help group, and they knew the benefits of being associated with it. They realized that if they wanted, they could obtain the necessary funds through this group. They were confident about securing a loan.

Got a food truck from SRLM loan

These women discovered that in Indore, under the DAY (Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana) state Rural Livelihood Mission, a project called ‘Ajeevika Mission Swad Sangam Food Truck’ had been initiated. Once they learned about this opportunity, they decided that they would not let it slip away under any circumstances. Officials from the government also extended their complete support to these women.

An event was organised in Indore where these women were honoured with the key to their food truck in the bustling marketplace. During the Republic Day celebrations on January 26th, they were also given the opportunity to launch their livelihood Swad Sangam Food Truck. This was a significant opportunity for these women associated with the Self Help Group.

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Selling in some of the busiest streets of Indore

A woman from the group, Ramkali, expressed, “I am happy that our group got this opportunity, and both of us received the food truck. We will serve customers delicious and clean food. Our effort is to cater to the preferences of students and everyone else. It brings us great joy to share that on the very first day, we earned Rs. 2000.”

These women have been provided with the opportunity to establish a new identity along with becoming self-reliant. The government is consistently encouraging these women. Members of this group have received training from the Indian Institute of Hotel Management in Bhopal, ensuring they face no shortcomings in their work. These women have also taken a loan to enhance and expedite their business.

This is not the first time that women have resolved to progress in their work in this manner. Today’s woman is awake and determined to improve her life in any way possible, regardless of the challenges she may face.

Ravivar Vichar has made a commitment to bring forth the stories of every such woman and make us aware of their lives.

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