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Taking potshots at the restrictive gender roles, outdated traditions and sexism that the modern Indian women faces in her everyday life.
Sima Aunty — Why Is Internet's Favourite Aunt So Alluring?
Sima Aunty — Why Is Internet’s Favourite Aunt So Alluring?

Who is Sima Aunty really? Sima Aunty of Indian Matchmaking, is a household name and now the Internet's favourite aunty. Here are the things that make her so alluring to viewers!

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Before Buying That Pair Of Heels, Ask — Does It Make Me Feel Good Or Look Good?
Before Buying That Pair Of Heels, Ask — Does It Make Me Feel Good Or Look Good?

All hell will break loose if a matching necklace and a pair of danglers goes missing. Their critical eyes will look at you and gauge the amount of your mascara, lip lines, lip shades, lipsticks, eyeliners… or the lack of them.

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If You Are Not A Diamond, Then Are You Really My friend?
Friendship Day

Are diamonds super personified, probably due to their exorbitant, astonishing value with an ever luminescent sparkle and being a source of pleasure alongside being equally resilient for enduring pressure?

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I Think It’s Finally Time To Make Peace With My Annoying Uninvited Guest!

My silver strands...you're such a high maintenance guest. You expect oil massages, healthy food, expensive products! Despite this, you give me headaches! Enough is enough.

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From Breaking The Karwa Chauth Fast Without Seeing The Moon To Recovering From India’s Loss In the Cricket Match…What A Day!

On Sunday, two events took me on an emotional roller-coaster. I had to break my Karwa Chauth fast without seeing the moon. And India's defeat in the T20 World Cup.

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I Was Always Proud Of My Bladder Control, But On This Work Trip I Had To Pray For A Toilet!
bladder control

I was proud that my bladder was always under my control, but on a work trip where I was the only woman, I had to pray and hope for a toilet!  

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