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Words have always played a vital role in my life. Short stories, poetry, humorous pieces or full-length novels... I love them all! Having been an Army brat and later wife, as well as a teacher, I was immensely lucky to have travelled across our country. My first book was titled 'Arms and the Woman' and took a light-eyed dekko into my life in the Army. A book of poems followed, and finally, I waded into the likes of a psychological thriller that I called 'Shadow in the Mirror'. And yes, words still fascinate me!

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Hari sri school
How I Became The Director At Hari Sri School Founded By My Mother And Late Father!

Suddenly, a whole new world opened before me, and before I knew it, there I was, ensconced as her assistant at Hari Sri school, sitting by her, learning the ropes all over again.

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Today's Resolution Is Tomorrow's Nightmare: Just Ask My Husband!
Today’s Resolution Is Tomorrow’s Nightmare: Just Ask My Husband!

Resolutions are always top priority on New Year’s Day. However, there is one resolution that gets my husband’s goat is when I vow to— Clean, the entire house, and he begins to have nightmares of his important papers going missing!

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‘Where Have You Been, Nisha? Don’t You Know My Parents Are Coming For Dinner?’

Rohan glanced at her moodily. “That was Dad. He read your interview. He wanted me to tell you not to get carried away. He reiterated that real men do not cook and clean.”

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Was This Love Or Toxic Possessiveness?

“What you call love is actually possessiveness. You made all my decisions for me. I would probably be happier without you in my life,” Revant screamed!

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The Double Game… And A Twist I Did Not See Coming

Where did my ideas spring from? From the double life I led. I would wear low cut dresses and mini leather skirts and go out in the evenings to the nightclubs where all the action took place.

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Celebrating The Bond Between Dad And Me, Now Kept Alive Through His Memories

A father daughter bond that was disrupted when the author's father passed away at a young age of 42, but has endured through memories that are cherished.

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‘Stay At Home! Quarantine!’ What Part Of This Do These People Find Difficult To Understand?

Despite so much effort being put into detecting cases of Coronavirus infection and containing it, there are irresponsible people who are putting us all in danger.

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Asha Devi
2,590 Days Post The Horrific Nirbhaya Incident, Can We Expect Justice?

Mercy petitions by the rapists of means the hanging has been now pushed to 1st February. What will happen?

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boy beaten to death Kerala
7 y.o. Boy Beaten To Death In Kerala… When Will We Have A Safer World For Children?

"When will the world become a safer place for children?" asks Deepti Menon, writing about the boy in Kerala who was beaten to death by his mother's live-in partner.

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The Mother Of All New Year Resolutions Is Here

In this hilarious piece, Deepti Menon tells us of her two new year resolutions that she is resolute about making...the keeping of them is a whole different matter!

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Big Names Have Tumbled Out, But Can We Expect Any Real Change To Mindsets Of Abusers?

"Why do the immoral survive?" asks the author, adding, "It is time to rally around and bring decency back into society, come hell or high water."

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Karni Sena
Karni Sena, You Have Done Bhansali a Huge Favour Instead Of ‘Protecting Honour’!

By creating such a violent uproar about Padmaavat, the Karni Sena actually did Bhansali a favour, instead of protecting anyone's 'honour'! 

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“Soldiers Will Die Every Day: Words That Wound More Than Sabres!

A soldier may be paid to fight as part of an army, but does that mean his death can be brushed aside so callously?

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Padmavati Must Be Turning in Her Grave [That Is, If She Ever Existed!]

Patriarchy strikes once again, with the self-styled custodians of our country’s 'honour' "questioning" Director Bhansali over Padmavati.

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Whose Story Is It Anyway? Erasing The Taj Mahal & Other Parts Of History

The desire to erase the Taj Mahal and other parts of our history seen by some as 'alien' points to a giant ego that wants to rubbish 'other people'.

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Without Consent [#ShortStory]

“Isn’t this what you want; isn’t this why you’ve been dressing up so provocatively for me? Those earrings drive me crazy... and your perfume!”

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embarrassing questions
Our Real National Sport? The Throwing And Fielding Of Embarrassing Questions Like These!

Indians can make a career out of asking embarrassing questions and making remarks that make you feel like throttling the offender!

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