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After All, I Am Her Daughter-In-Law, An Outsider…

A daughter-in-law is never considered equal to the daughter...there are so many instances when my in laws treated me like an outsider; secrets were kept from me.

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I Saw My Mom Fading Away With Each Passing Moment…

I still don’t know how to write this. How do I begin? The pain and grief isn't settling. Its been just few months since I lost my mum to COVID-19...

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Rebuilding Life After A Scarred Childhood

Traumatic experiences from childhood can have lifelong impact in trusting and creating new relationships. The search for someone to rely upon is a never-ending journey.

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Short Film For Raksha Bandhan ‘Siblings’ Aims To Empower But Leaves A Sour Taste Behind

Short film Siblings on YouTube on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan seems to move with the times, showing the sister as the 'protector', but still panders to a ton of stereotypes that makes one cringe. 

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Dear Mother-In-Law, Motherhood Is Not About Controlling Your Son!
mother in law

After my love marriage, my mother-in-law controlled every aspect of our lives. Why do Indian MILs manipulate their sons? My husband had to make a choice!

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My Mom Lost Her Maayka After Her Parents Passed Away; Would I Too Once Married?

The new daughters-in-law didn't like us, many felt that my uncles and aunts had preferred us over their own grandchildren, and my mom decided that we shouldn't trouble them.

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