When Love Was My Silver Lining Among The Dark And ‘Ugly’ Clouds

Calling a person ugly only hurts them. They lose their self-worth and start questioning themselves. Here's a beautiful story of healing with love.

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8 Thoughtful And Unusual Rakhi Gifts Your Sister Will Love!

Traditionally, a gift is given to a sister on Raksha Bandhan. But instead of the usual, why not go out for something very different?

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7 Sacred Commandments for The MIL, From The Heart Of Every DIL

We all wish to have a life full of light, love and laughter. For the majority of us, all of that is dependent to quite an extent on the proverbial 'dreaded' and sometimes true-to-form 'dreadful' MIL!

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Why Is The Average Indian Married Man A Model Son But An Inconsiderate Husband?

How does an average Indian man who shows the utmost respect for a mother treat a wife in such a disastrous manner? What makes this man tock in this particular way?

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Dear Society! Stop Taking So Much Interest in the Lives of Others

Most people are more interested in the lives of others rather than their own. Is it time to consider that we should just let people be?

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Sisters-In-Law By Chance, Friends By Choice; 5 Women Share Their Sisterhood Stories

In a society like ours, women often draw their power from perpetuating patriarchy further, and the husband's sister could well be an adversary. But some women are bucking this trend.

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