7 Reasons To Protect Your Independence After Marriage And 8 Ways You Can Do This

It is easy to give in to patriarchal expectations from a married woman and lose your self in a marriage, but the path to happiness is in keeping your independence.

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Why Is Appreciation For Women So Often Neither Expected Nor Given?!

A ‘thank you’ makes a lot of difference in the way any woman in your life sees herself in your eyes. It might even mean the world to her.

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Over The Years, Intense Passion Of Early Days Has Matured Into Profound Love…

Trust, understanding, and companionship thrived between us as we grew older while the initial intensity felt more stable and comforting kind of love

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Dear Ex, A Quiet Thank You For Who You Were, For The Moments We Shared…

Though we walk different paths, know that a part of me will always hold a special place for the memories we shared.

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Today I Can Thank You For Breaking Up With Me Before Things Got Out Of Hand…

No, I wasn’t in love. The day you chose was the killer move. Unprepared that all the gifts and chocolates and movie date was set up to end our little secret soiree by you.

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5 Things I Learnt About Long Distance Relationships From My Mother, An Army Wife
# FridayFuel - Love that Distance Strengthens

We often hear of relationships doomed by distances, of love wearing off when physical proximity ceases, and of growing apart. Most of my life I grew up witnessing the opposite of this. Thus, my belief in growing together whether distant or near stands tall. When I think back today, I owe a lot of my […]

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