Leave Me Alone; I Refuse To Be Your Agony Aunt

A relationship should be based on mutual give and take. It becomes toxic when it is a one way street, with one person bearing all the emotional labour for both.

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End Your Decade On A Happier Note With These 10 Gratitude Quotes

With the decade about to end, there must be something everyone is grateful for. In case you need inspiration, here are ten quotes to express gratitude.

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“One Day At A Time”: How My Bestie Brought Me Out Of A Possible Depression

Going through a challenging transition, my best friend reminded me - that living one day at a time helps us deeply experience the present - and prepare for the future. 

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5 Truly Heartwarming, Positive And Inspiring Stories Published On Women’s Web In 2019
heartwarming posts in 2019

We need positive stories to keep up our belief in the human condition. Here are 5 of the many positive stories we shared with you, our readers, in 2019.

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Why Are We So Stingy In The Gratitude We Need To Show Our Teachers?

Teachers, more often than not, are the people we spend most of our times with. However, a lot of us don't respect them as much as we should. The author explores why.

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How To Get Over A Heartbreak? 8 Things I Did That Absolutely Worked For Me
how to get over a heartbreak

How to get over a heartbreak, instead of giving way to hopelessness and despair? We dig deep to find for the good things that life still has to offer.

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