Read our prestigious winners at the 10th Laadli Media Awards, on India’s Low Divorce Rate and The Sexual Violence of Flashing.
The Alternate, Truly Empowering End I Would Have Liked To Ratna & Ashwin’s Story

After the kiss, it remains upto Ratna to keep her feet on the ground, while Ashwin goes into easy rants about not caring for the world, because the world does not impact him as it does her...

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An Open Letter To My In-laws: You’re The Reason There’s NO Connection Between My Husband And Me!

Our relationship is hanging by a thread, because of a million misunderstandings between us, that can be cleared, only if you give us the chance to speak in private.

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Our Unusual 1st Valentine’s Day; And We’re Celebrating Our 12th This Year!

"Well, you see it's so tough getting a seat reservation on a Valentine's day. And I absolutely hate to stand in line for a meal. That's why I planned on bringing you here," he boasted proudly.

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Stop Behaving Like Couples Choosing Not To Have Kids Are Committing A Sin!

Couples choosing the DINK (Double income no kids) life is quite popular now. It's time we accepted parenting isn't the all that couples seek!

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How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Boo While Living With Parents!
lockdown valentine's

A lockdown Valentine's Day while staying with your parents sounds risky, doesn't it? But I have some solutions for you right here!

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Not All Stepmoms Are Wicked; My Step Daadi Was An Extraordinary Woman!

The author recalls her grandmother who wasn't related to her by blood - her father's stepmother - but who was an extraordinary and loving woman.

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