Read our prestigious winners at the 10th Laadli Media Awards, on India’s Low Divorce Rate and The Sexual Violence of Flashing.
Time May Fix Everything But It Doesn’t Fill The Space Left By Your Best Friends Moving On

After finding my best friends at work, I thought we would stay the same for life. But, I was mistaken and 4 years later, I still miss them.

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Dear Daughter, All I Wish Is To Be Able To Talk And Laugh With You, Without Offending You!

Every time I try to talk to my teenaged daughter, we end up fighting, so here's a letter I wrote to her in hopes of unburdening myself.

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The Poem On Richard Cory Taught Me To Believe That Grass Is Green On My Side Too!

Edwin Arlington Robinson's poem Richard Cory teaches us a few lessons on how we judge people and their lives and also our own mental health.

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Like Mine, An Arranged Marriage Without Ever Being In Love Can Be Hazardous

Our youth should learn to navigate love before they 'settle down', as a 'vaccine' against heartbreak in an impossible, skewed marital relationship more difficult to get out of.

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Dear In-Laws, I Respect Your Traditions But It’ll Be Happier For Everyone To Live Our Lives Our Way!

Letter from a daughter in law: Let’s not argue, fight, and show off who is better. Let’s be supportive in our respective new roles instead, and enjoy our life.

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Understanding Loneliness In Marriage Is Real And Other Lessons That May Help You Find Nirvana In Marriage

Marriage is often a blessing, it comes with its own set of issues. But to find nirvana in your marriage, here are some issues with solutions.

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