During this difficult time of Corona virus outbreak, how can we as women cope better and support each other? Check our special feed and learn more!
Know Your Self-Worth & Stay In A Relationship Only If You’re Loved The Way You Deserve!

Learn to give up when it's time. In any relationship, it's exhausting to keep giving while receiving nothing. Don't you think you deserve to be loved right?

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Ever Since I Was A Child, I’ve Wondered If A Woman’s Life Is All About Compromises And Conflicts

Is there some rule about a wife always listening as the husband does all the talking? And why is a woman's life all about making compromises all the time?

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The Sour Taste Of Father’s Day Some Daughters Experience Each Year

Not everyone grows up with the supportive love of our fathers. There are many daughters who battle the 'man of the house' for everyday survival. 

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Contrary To Popular Belief, A Woman And A Man Can Just Be Friends Without Being In Love!

"I wouldn't want to disturb your life. I love you, you know that, but love does not always accomplish by acquiring someone. Love coexists with friendship."

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There Have Been Mothers Whose Choices May Have Scarred Their Kids, But They Are Mothers too

Not all mothers are perfect. Some may even have let their children down badly. Can we find it in us to forgive them?

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Celebrating The Bond Between Dad And Me, Now Kept Alive Through His Memories

A father daughter bond that was disrupted when the author's father passed away at a young age of 42, but has endured through memories that are cherished.

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