Ex-Boyfriend Or Former Job – Why Would You Want To Go Back To The Devil?

Wanting to go back to a former job or partner may seem like a good idea when you feel distressed. But, ask yourself these questions before taking the step

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Why Are Several Husbands Still Scared Of Having Ambitious Wives?

Relationships are more about independence than controlling your partner and respecting their choice. Why, then, are love and control made synonymous? 

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What I Finally Understood This Durga Puja In My 30s; To Love, And To Let Go When It Is Time

We welcome the Goddess when she comes on Durga Soshti, full of glory and love, but we also let her go on Dashami when it is time. This, the author says, defines the circle of our lives.

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My Story Of How I Rose Up From The Depths Of Depression After A Bad Break-Up

Depression after a bad breakup can be literally killing, but how can this be dealt with? A personal experience.

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How Loss & Grief Has Taught Me To Be Grateful, And To Live Life More Fully

The pain of grief, the inevitability of death - these have to have a purpose, right? Maybe they teach you more about how to live your life?

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Are You Ready For A Divorce? 10 Ways To Know If You Are!

Your marriage has been on the rocks, you are contemplating a divorce but don't know if it's the right move? Here's 10 pointers to help you take that step

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