Love Aaj Kal – How Valentine’s Day Celebrations Have Changed Over The Years

Remember the 80s and 90s when you'd sneak out to meet you boyfriend? Now think of today, when couples are much more open about their love. How times change!

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This Valentine’s Day, Now That We Are Parents…

Does Valentine's Day change in fundamental ways, whether in the first flush of love, through the days and years of courtship, as newlyweds, or after becoming parents?

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If This Is Love, You Don’t Deserve It At All
is it love

Is the love you swear by really love, or something else? If you feel controlled, abused, or doubt yourself in your relationship, it might not be.

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Get Married Only When You’re Ready, Not When Your Parents Are

Whether a love marriage or an arranged one, these relationships take efforts and commitment. Here's why you need to be ready before taking the leap.

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Dia Mirza Draws On Her Own Bad Relationship To Advise: ‘Find The Courage; This Too Shall Pass’
Dia Mirza

Dealing with her own parents’ separation as a four year old gave her the strength to move on from her own separation, says Dia Mirza, advising others in similar situations to have courage.

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She Didn’t Settle For An Unhappy Marriage, Instead, She Chose To Fly

Though marriages are said to be made in heaven, sometimes they are straight out of hell. But you have a choice to leave and still have love in your heart.

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