What It Is To Be A Woman Driver In India!

Women drivers in India never have it easy. What it is to be a woman driver in India, this writer talks about it.

Women drivers in India never have it easy. What it is to be a woman driver in India, this writer talks about it.

Driving was never an interest or a passion with me. I learnt how to drive last year because as a working mom, I needed some convenience in life. Simple! Well, not so simple! As soon as I took the leap to get on the wheel, I realized that not only do we “transport” (pun intended!) our society and beliefs on the road, we also take the liberty to “decide” that a woman driver is always the reason of any traffic pile-ups.  Amazing! I decided to dig a little deeper and here’s what I found:

Women drivers lead to traffic pile-ups

Traffic moving slowly? Is there a mess on a four-way? NO. Is it a woman driver not being able to force her car into that mess? YES.

Women drivers drive slow

Driving seems to be a gift which men have learnt from their wombs (not to forget that those wombs were women’s to start with). They can swerve through the road in full speed (overtake from left, right and wherever there is space) and blame a woman driver for following lane discipline and blocking their way.

Women drivers are confused

Women are so “fuzzed up” in the head that they don’t know which direction to go! Forget the cabbies and autowallahs who shamelessly stand on the left-most side of the road when they actually want to take right!

Women drivers have no sense of direction

This has been discussed/mentioned to death. Don’t ask a woman for directions – they don’t know nothin’! My question is when I’m a GPS-enabled driver, then what’s the harm in following a map and not knowing the exact route to my destination! Technology is meant for us too! Really!!!

Women driver overtook me? How Dare She? 

This has happened to me so many times that I’ve now lost count. By any chance, if I have overtaken another car – driven by a fellow male driver, I’m shown my place and how! The egos aren’t satisfied till the “case is settled”. I’ve just learnt to laugh it off now!

I just feel that, as drivers, we need to keep our calm and get to wherever we need to go – safe. Some of us are too “cool” to follow rules and that is the real reason for traffic jams and pile-ups. Blaming it on a gender (yet again!), well, is another example of chauvinism.

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So, the next time you say, “Is this a women driver?”, think about this.

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