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Posted: June 7, 2010

pree2.jpgI am not even sure if the editor of this magazine is going to publish this post of mine. Since you are reading this now, she probably did 😉 I once saw her facebook status which said, “Honking will not help your vehicle fly. Please stop honking." And that’s the topic of this post. Considering the aggressive overtones this post is going to take, I have my doubts whether it is in her good tastes, you see!

So, I have been driving for two years in Bangalore, and whether you agree or not, I consider that a personal achievement.

My first lesson in driving in Bangalore from veteran drivers was to understand the behaviour of people on road. So, basically, I needed to know that there are Bus Drivers, Lorry Drivers, Cab drivers, Van Drivers, L Board Drivers, New/Expensive car drivers. Bikers… how can I forget bikers? And most of all, they said, I need to be aware of how they would see me – as a woman driver.


Preethi is currently pursuing her Graduate Studies in Sociology in Purdue University in the US.

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  1. Even Men go through these phases, albeit a little faster. One observation of mine that’s relevant here:
    Whenever I am driving (in phase 4) and there is some slow driver in phase 2, my wife invariably comments “Must be an Aunty!”
    A lot of our assessment of drivers in phases 1 & 2 is based on our tenure as a front-seat passenger.

  2. hey, not sure, whether men or women go through the phases faster or slower…:)
    but i totally agree on the tendency to think that the “confused” or “slow” driver is a woman. but now, if an expensive car is slow, we perceive it gender neutral 🙂

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