Preethi is currently pursuing her Graduate Studies in Sociology in Purdue University in the US. She believes that her two years at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, where she did her post-graduation have been a major influence in her life, both as a woman and as a professional. She credits her set of 'free thinking' friends for making the course 'complete'. At work, she strives hard to sustain within herself, the idealistic student whose core belief is that people are essentially good.

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‘Rising’ with Karate – Interview with Amrita Mohan

Amrita Mohan, a young woman who dared to take on street harassment in Kerala using her Karate and Kalari skills

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domestic workers in India
The Invisible ‘Home’maker: How We Ignore Domestic Workers Rights In India

Most of us employ domestic workers at our homes. Are we aware of domestic workers' rights and our responsibilities as employers of domestic workers?

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The Curious Case of Choice

Is it sexual harassment if a relationship between a man in power and a female subordinate is based on obligation or fear?

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A Civil Debate

Can Women's Web continue to be a civil space where women have the freedom to discuss their feminism as it evolves?

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Madam Justice, Here’s My Character Certificate

Blaming child sexual abuse and rape victims for the crime reveals the patriarchal mindset of society even today

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Women, It’s Time To Be Less Humble

Prithviraj, the Malayalam film actor has often been criticized for being too arrogant. I hear stories about “nice” managers who are humble inspite of their holding high positions in the company. For a long time, humility was a quality that I cherished and tried to inculcate. I would ensure that every email of mine, which […]

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Of ‘boring’ women and our interests

As women who write on issues that matter to us, we have talked about relationships, glass ceiling in the workplace, expectations at home that make it difficult for women to perform equal to men and the evident absence of equal participation of women in politics and men in household activities. In many spaces, the issues […]

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Never! I don’t want his money!

“I dont want to get anything that has got to do with him. I certainly don’t want his money.” Ever heard women say this at the time of their divorces? I am working, make enough to live and live well and I certainly don’t need his money when we are separating. The question of alimony has […]

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Female Lens – An Alternate Point Of View

Thanks to a friend, I landed up at Conversations with History where distinguished men and women from all over the world  talked about their life and work. When I searched for women in this group, I came across Ruth Rosen, a historian who has written this book, The World Split Open; How the Modern Women s […]

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To TISS, With Love

I went to three institutions of learning. I studied in a school for fourteen years, then an engineering college for 4 years, both of them in Kerala. Then I went to TISS in Mumbai. I am forever in the mode of evolution, whenever I think about feminism. I have to admit, I have not yet […]

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Katrina in Rajneeti
Rajneeti Is Not Mahabharat

Women in cinema: I am even fine with irrelevant characters, but can't understand showing female characters as even weaker than they are.

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Woman on the Road

I am not even sure if the editor of this magazine is going to publish this post of mine. Since you are reading this now, she probably did 😉 I once saw her facebook status which said, “Honking will not help your vehicle fly. Please stop honking." And that’s the topic of this post. Considering […]

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Sports and Glass Ceiling
Sports & The Glass Ceiling

Can encouraging girls to play sports give them some of the qualities needed to be successful and break the glass ceiling?

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