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You Can’t Change People & 5 Other Things I’ve Learnt Moving Into My 30s

As you move from your 20s to your 30s, are there things you've learnt about life? Here are 6 things Anushree Dash learnt about relationships, being a people-pleaser and grabbing opportunities.

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3 Important Things I Learnt In My Late 20s About Ensuring My Own Happiness
investing in happiness

As we grow older, we think of investing in finances, relationships, education... but why is investing in our own happiness not considered important?

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The Modern Day Draupadi… And The One In Our Epics. Not Too Different?

There was the Draupadi of the Mahabharata, whose voice wasn't heard, but she took revenge. There are thousands of them now, every day, in every home. Only a few speak up; how do they avenge themselves?

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Letter To My Younger Self: Do Not Give In, You Are Made To Stand Out

For a young woman who feels 'different' from everyone else around her, life can be difficult. Here is a warm hug of a letter from your older self.

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Not Fitting Into That Dress You Wore In College? Big Deal!

So you've gained some weight over the years, and don't fit into that favourite dress. Are you fit and able to be all that you are? Then why do you bother with the naysayers?

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Letter To A Girl Who May Not Read It: You Will Heal

"You’ll have moments of weakness, emotions running amok, potpourri of tears, frustrations, anger, but in your heart you’ll know each time that this is a process, that you’ll heal."

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