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You Need To Stop Listening To Your Daughter And Wife, Else She Will Never Get Married!

You need to stop listening to your daughter and your wife, or else your daughter will never get married. These women don’t know about the society or how it works

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This Is How University Campuses Nurture Female Friendships
Happy Women

University campuses don't just teach theories, they also help build female friendships and solidarity among women.

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Since My Marriage 4 Years Ago, My Life Only Seems To Have Changed For The Worse!

Right from the food I eat to the people I talk to, my life has changed drastically since I got married. And most of it, not for good...

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How Shaming Young Women For Their Sexual Choices Can Put Them In Very Real Danger

In a society that calls relationships by the name 'affairs', the stigma could be too much for a woman who'd rather face the violence, putting her at danger.

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How I Made Peace With Never Ending Household Chores During The Pandemic

I had never done household chores till the pandemic forced me to, this is how I made the best out of my situation!

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Let Women Decide If They Want To Have Kids As It Isn’t Their Only Goal In Life!

No matter how educated or accomplished a woman is, her life goal, according to society is to have a baby. Can't she choose not to be a mom?

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