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7 Things That Helped Me See Some Hope In These Dark, Bleak Times

The lockdown and spread of the coronavirus is getting people's spirits low. However, here are 7 things that showed me a silver lining in the dark clouds. 

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People, Stop Holding Grudges, It’ll Only Harm You!

Holding grudges is something all of us has done at some point in time. But what good does it do to you, except making you a grumpy, angry person?

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Do Your Little Bit Towards The Environment And Start Using Mud Vessels For Cooking

Since ancient times, mud vessels are used for cooking and are one of the healthiest ways to cook. Here's why you can use them and how to take care of them.

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Isolation In The Times Of COVID-19: What You Can Do To Keep Yourself Sane

Social distancing is helping us prevent the rise of COVID-19 right now. Yet with so many of us away from families, how do we deal with the feeling isolated?

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16 Things I Want In A Women’s Magazine As An Ordinary Indian Woman; Not That Useless Fancy Stuff

"I want to read about ordinary womanhood," says the author, "I am sick of seeing these hot models with their zero figure, crop-top and no-food-only-gym routine."

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Padmavathy Bandopadhyay The First Woman Air Marshal Of The IAF Shows Us That No Dream Is Too Small!

Padmavathy Bandopadhyay the first woman Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force is an inspiration to all of us. This is why we salute her!

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