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Ambani wedding
6 Cheap-Ass Ways To Have A Wedding Like The Ambanis

The Ambani wedding is all that everyone is talking about these days. Now you want one like that. How can you manage to do so despite your poorer means? 

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I Chose Some Battles, But Some Battles Chose Me…

We ostensibly have choices, but what kind of choice is it really for women, where the conditioning and patriarchal ideas of how a woman should be take the upper hand?

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Why Are You Living? Or Breathing? Stop!

Women's bodies, minds, lives, souls... are not their own. They are expected to live, exist, just BE only for those who think they own them.

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“A Woman Ahead Of Her Time” – What Does That Even Mean In Real Life Terms?

Women who have lived 'unconventional' lives, are often called 'crazy'. But the more of them that we have, the more they're going to be understood. 

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Living On Your Own Can Be A Bitch, And Not All Fun And Hanging Out With Friends!

"I relied excessively on Facebook and WhatsApp for emotional support," says the author while recounting her days off living alone as a young working woman.

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7 Highly Recommended, Cool Safety Devices For Women In Public Spaces
devices for security of women

Women need to step out at all hours but crime against them is also increasing. This calls for safety devices for women that can be easily carried and used.

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