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When Will Everyone Understand That Sanitary Pads Are A Non-Negotiable Essential?

Sanitary supplies are still considered a 'luxury' by most men who do not understand why they are critical, a result of the silence around periods.

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What Would I Say To My Younger Self? What Would You?

Today if I were to meet my younger self, how would I feel? What would I say to her? Rather, would I have something to say to her?

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To Be Completely Safe And Free From Society’s Bounds, We Need To Break The Chains And Evolve!

Women, often, have no choice but to surrender, follow norms of society, and believe in the universe to guide her forward no matter what the journey entails.

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Why Is It Vital For All Women To Know The Basics Of Tech In The Current Scenario?

Women as a part of the tech sector is still almost an unheard of concept. But with the current global situation, it's vital all women learn its importance.

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Something Certainly Needs To Change, But It Isn’t Your Weight Young Woman!

Body shaming young people for their weight or looks is just not ok, especially when done by those close to them. 

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‘Love Yourself First’ And 4 Other Lessons These Kickass Women From Bollywood Movies Taught Me

Bollywood finally has some female characters who aren't mere eye candy, each one with her own message. Here are 5 lessons I learnt from these badass women!

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