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For Young Women
News & views of specific interest to, or created by young women in India
A woman smiling against a hilly background
To All The Broken And Unbroken Women, I See Your Scars, They’re Beautiful!

This comeback post by a former Women's Web writer celebrates the strength and resilience of women while documenting her own journey.

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From Screech To Scratch: The Epic Misadventure Of Learning Driving In India

A humorous account of learning to drive on Indian roads. From traffic rules violation to stray cows, this story will make you laugh and nod.

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Don’t Listen To Society, Your Marital Status Doesn’t Define Your Worth!

Indian society forces young women to prioritise marriage. But women can be proud of so many other things and not let marriage define them.

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Society Thinks I Need My Family’s Permission To Cut My Own Hair Short!

When I wanted to cut my hair, everyone, starting from my hairdresser to my dad, asked whether I'd taken my husband and in-laws' permission.

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5 Surefire Ways Women Can Break Free From The Overprotective Great Indian Enmeshed Family
enmeshed family

Indian parents don't understand boundaries, and every other Indian family is an enmeshed family. How do you protect your mental health and live your own life?

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When Some Elite High School Girls In Bangalore Had A Street Fight Over A Boy…!

I imagine what Savitri bai and Fatima Shaikh would be thinking watching this future they sacrificed their lives over, watching young women fight over inconsequential things, and fritter away the precious opportunity of an education.

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