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For Young Women
News & views of specific interest to, or created by young women in India
Why Do Parents Lovingly Raise Daughters Only To Say They’re Not Family Anymore After Marriage?

The once happy, driven and confident Rushali became a subservient, docile and low-spirited bahu in less than two months of her marriage.

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What If You Were Not Afraid? Imagine Who You Could Be And What You Could Achieve!

I was so startled by the wisdom in her answer. The realization was at once liberating and also heart breaking.

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How Our Ideas Of Indian Beauty Changed From Yesteryear To Today’s Uniform ‘Fair & Size Zero’

It is undeniably true that society's beauty and body standards have an adverse effect on people. For years now, the 'perfect Indian woman' has been portrayed by the media as fair-skinned with Eurocentric features.

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The 90s Kids Will Understand…Those Truly Were The Golden Days!
the 90s

The 90s childhood was joyous-playing till late, 7 kids balancing on a cycle & falling down, collecting caterpillars & building bridges for frogs.

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Only In India Can Random Car Salesmen Dare To Tell Me That A Daughter Is A Daughter Only Till She Gets Married

How many times do we need to remind people that daughters are not liabilities? That the girl child isn’t some object for which the 'burden' shifts on to another person after she acquires the married tag?

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When I Wanted To Cut My Hair Short, My Family Said That No Boy Would Ever Want Me. I Did It Anyway!
cut my hair short

When I first told my mom I would cut my hair short, I was grounded for a month. But I took my decision when I went to college. My family went crazy, shaking their heads, saying that I looked 'handsome' & no boy would ever want me.

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